Your Best Options To Take for Neck Pain, Pinched Nerve & Disc Herniations / Dr Mandell

Suffering with neck pain, pinched nerves, or disc problems will make your life miserable physically and emotionally. I will discuss the best options you can take to help your body heal and repair as fast as possible.



  • Zain ul abideen

    Thank you Dr.Mandell for uploading such an informative Videos for us, you are doing great for mankind.
    This is Zain From Pakistan and I am suffering from C5-C6 disc bulge about 8 Months and after the treatment of one month in december 2016 the symtoms were reduced but in May 2017 the pain in my left arm started again and the condition is becoming worse day by day, Currently I am having physiotherapy.
    I need your valuable opinion regarding my current sitiuation.
    Thanks and Regards..

    • Zain ul abideen

      Thank You Dr.Mandell for quick response, I got your point and will update you soon..
      Thanks & Regards.

    • motivationaldoc

      Sounds like Nerve irritation although it can be coming within the spine or outside the spine. Watch forward head posture. You might want to consider an over the door traction unit.

  • Ambar de Mejia

    Can correcting posture with therapy correct the lack of the natural curve in the neck? Thank you.

  • Renee Ladner

    Your videos have saved me lots of money I would have spent in PT.  Thank you!!

  • Jaymee Vee

    I am currently dealing with upper trap burning and neck pain. I have headaches everyday. I have shoulder pain and scapular pain. I have done physical therapy, acupuncture. Im trying to correct my posture while I sit at my desk. I try not to sleep on my stomach … but sometimes it is the only position I can sleep in due to my shoulder pain. I had an EMG and they did it from my neck/shoulder to my hand. only thing that came up was severe carpal tunnel syndrome. I have not been given any reason why neck still hurts or how to alleviate the pain. I cannot sit for long before my neck hurts and the stabbing pains sets in. I am working with restrictions of 10 min rest every hour. I still have yet to feel relief!!! Please help, I don’t sleep well and I don’t want to continue taking medication. THANK YOU!!!

    • motivationaldoc

      That’s very thoughtful. Hope you get this straightened out. Continue to move forward and persevere. Good luck

    • Jaymee Vee

      motivationaldoc .. Thank you for responding. I do have a lumbar support. I also get up and walk around and I take 1p min breaks every hour. I will try and speak to the massage therapist that works in my office. I want you to know that out of all the videos I have seen on youtube, you have been the one to have explained everything in the best way possible. You are amazing. Thank God for your knowledge and will to want to help others. A true blessing. ?

    • motivationaldoc

      Must have a lumbar support pillow behind your back while sitting. Need to get up more often to change positions. Most likely you have forward head translation putting excessive strain on the posterior neck and interscapular muscles causing lots of myofascial changes. Practice postural exercises and consider seeing a massage therapist who knows myofascial release.

  • Onita Solomon

    can you please help me

  • Hani Alhebshi

    All your videos are so helpful and informative. Great thanks to you.

  • Marcy Carson

    To stop debilitating Migraines, I had a nerve block.  It ruined my life.  Via catheter from the center of my back to the skull.. every disc was herniated and with so much damage that it destroyed nerve roots.  I should have had no pain for several hours, but within 30 minutes of leaving the hospital after the outpatient procedure I was in so much pain I couldn’t talk and I was screaming in my head.  If I had not practiced TM for 25 years my blood pressure would have.. popped and my heart rate would have exploded my heart. 

    When the Dr. found out I was in horrific pain he fired me as his patient, then no Dr. would help me.  Long story short, TM saved my life, I thought there was hope.  Then I found out there was no hope, I was stuck that way.  Although the discs have healed, the nerve damage is done.  It took 3 years for my discs to heal by themselves.  I’m stuck in pain.  Although, I have found, along with fentanyl patches and TM meditation, I used an electrical devise that provides different types of ‘shocks’.  With it turned up as high as it would go with the most severe current,  on a constant basis, after about 3 months, the pain level came down enough for me to sleep for several hours at a time.  I continued doing this several times a week for about 6 months and now I can sleep for 8 hours at a time and the pain level has dropped considerably.  The Dr’s at the Mayo Clinic said that I rerouted the damaged nerves and my brain transformed the pain into a lesser form.  I know without TM and the electrical devise, I’d not have lived this long. 

    It’s been 8 years.  My life is ruined.  It’s as if I died that day.  I actually thought for a while in the beginning that I had died and had somehow gone to hell, because that is what it felt like, every day, for over 3 years. 

    I am doing much better now, though, life as I knew it can never be possible again.  You learn a lot about yourself and about humans when you go through something as long and as severe as this.

    • Marcy Carson

      Yes, I’ve use everything I can.  What has helped me the most is a device similar to the Tens unit, at the highest setting for hours and hours, and TM.  I’ve practiced TM for over 30 years and when this happened to me I stayed in Transcendental Meditation as much as possible.   One of it’s effects is that it lowers heart rate and blood pressure.  I would have died on the drive home from the hospital, when the pain hit, if I hadn’t immediately gone into this meditation. 

    • chpalmtree

      Marcy Carson So sorry to hear of your pain. Are you using a TENS unit? Also, have you looked at lllt (low level laser)?

  • Robert Gobert

    hi doctor Allen,I have a degenerative lumbar and my option is surgery ,I did the injections and it didn’t work well for me , they’ve consider surgery, but I’m skeptical about that and the benefits of the surgery, trying to find a way to do this naturally if I can without surgery

  • Onita Solomon

    Hi doctor I have a pinch nerve in my upper back neck and hand to much pain doctors say it is a spinal muscles spasm and a pinched nerve

  • Feriel Rachi

    thank you so much Doc this video helped me understand more about my pain. I´m currently following a treatment to elief ly neck shoulder and arm pain THANK YOU

  • ethos79

    Doc, Is it possible to get the natural curve in my neck back? would my x-ray straight neck become curved again?

  • Kristin Labauve

    I had c5-6 fusion a year ago. And I still suffer from pain, will it ever go away. I can’t lift my right arm past my waste.

  • Dan Pellegrino

    cheers Doc

  • zee k

    Your thing you is so true . thank you sir ???

  • Coskun Toktamis

    wonderful advice.

  • Ra Mar

    Thank you again Dr. Alan for these wonderful videos on understanding our body. You do such a great service in giving back. God bless!

  • Appy Michael

    I have been suffering from this neck since last 15 years. Watchig your videos Im feeling better following the guidelines and Exercises shown.Ithank you very much Dr..God bless you

  • juvy smith

    Thank you Doctor.i keep your lectures so I can follow later. You’re very kind and good Doctors mandell.

  • zee k

    He is talking about my life story . I been dealing with this for years . love this doc . thank you so much ???

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