What Coffee Does to the Heart, Brain, & Body – Dr. Alan Mandell D.C.

For a long time coffee was not considered a healthy drink. It has a history of being blamed for many diseases. Recent studies indicate that coffee may not be so bad after all. So which is it – good or bad for your health?



  • Sam

    I usually drink a pot a day (12 cups) just black Folgers Columbian. Done this since I was 15. I have asthma and haven’t used an inhaler or any other steroids since I started I’m 23 now. Sometimes I’ll drink 2 pots. Btw I’m 6’1 160 lbs I don’t think it’s stunted my growth haha.

    • Sam

      Something important to add. I went to the eye Dr about 2 years ago and he said I had more cholesterol in my eyes than he’s ever seen in someone my age. If anyone has any thoughts please share. Just wanted to add my experience with coffee.

  • Lucy Markey

    Oh good, I was worried you where going to tell me it wasn’t good for me, it’s the about the only vice I got left lol

  • Daniel Halley

    After my morning coffee, I drink a couple glasses of water to rehydrate. Organic only!

  • david drake

    I hate to be stimulated so I drink decaffeinated coffee. Is that considered the same?

    • Sacred Geometry

      It’s what works for me because I’m more acidic and have an inflamed gut . I have less inflammation and nerve burning when I’m alkaline and the whole fat is good for your brain and blood sugar’

    • david drake

      motivationaldoc I drink the highest rated decaffeinated. Not sure about their manufacturing process. The company is Eight o’clock coffee

    • motivationaldoc

      Depends on the type and quantity. Also the filtration/ chemicals.

    • Marilyn! Spin Dizzy! -

      I read that Decaffeinated coffee is actually bad for you. What they use in the chemical process to rid coffee of caffeine is not healthy for the body at all. Thoughts?

    • david drake

      Sacred Geometry I put Irish grass-fed butter coconut oil a Sprinkle of cinnamon and just a little heavy whipping cream in 8 oz of decaffeinated coffee. I don’t drink this everyday. When I intermediate fast I definitely don’t consume what I call keto coffee. I see here people keep using the term acidic. Are you too strongly promoting a more alkaline pH system? From my understanding the best way to do that is to drink magnesium infused water to create 15% based hydrogen infused water.

  • gil bkk

    decaf, uses dangerous chemicals to remove the caffeine …

    Given numerous health scares connected to early efforts in decaffeination (the hit list of toxic solvents includes: benzene, trichloroethylene (TCE), dichloromethane and even chloroform) the solvents of choice have become methylene chloride and ethyl acetate.

    the best way, would be NOT drinking it, but too many people are hooked or could even care less of the consequences of their lifestyle…they want to enjoy and problems are for later…

    it is a stimulant, an addictive drug, marketed as healthy …

    does increase cortisol, norepi, makes you anxious & cause insomnia

    ASK YOUR DOCTOR IF THIS … blabla… you know the drill

    • J Y

      Hana Hana if u have liver issues better stay away from coffee, coke – seek the advice of a natural remedy expert who’d be best able to tell u what/what not to use based on your body’s condition.

    • Hana Hana

      J Y is that good coffee for liver pleass?

    • Binta Beyond comment Musa Abubakar

      Hmm,All my family coffee lovers but deracinated.i take it light.Before I drink more than 5* a day,but because of liver cirrhosis disorganized I take once coke completely stopped.Before 6 bottles of Coke no water but now zero coke.plenty water,cup of light decaf.Thanks Dr.

    • J Y

      gil bkk Agreed. The immediate “benefit” is outweighed by the longerlasting wear on the body.

  • bloop blooper

    Well, I put cinnamon and coconut in, with a bit of green stevia and I enjoy.
    Research suggests older people are healthier with coffee, good for teeth.
    Now I’m talking real coffee, not instant, which is another story.


    I drink coffee within an hour of bed sometimes but I sleep like a baby.

    • David White

      Your body regulates. So no problem.

    • Michael Brown

      BLACKCROW WALKING Me too ,I sleep fine if I drink coffee at night before bed. ..

    • peacefulheart

      BLACKCROW WALKING. Funny because coffee calms my nerves and gives me natural feeling energy. I also go right to sleep as coffee relaxes me. But I have non gmo coffee on occasion, like 1-2x a week. To feel the benefits of coffee, you must not be accustomed to drinking it.

  • Sally Desfosses

    My Dad, a combat veteran, now age 70, began taking a 200mg tablet of caffeine four times daily, night and day. He still does because he has PTSD. The caffeine was short acting but it did help by temporarily masking the grief he felt. His 50 year experience with caffeine shows that it can be used intelligently as medicine.

  • edenrestored4all

    It seems there are more cons than pros. There are lots of herbs that can do the same good things that coffee does without any of the cons you mentioned.

  • ThumperOne

    Coffee makes anxiety worse. Enough said.


      Timeless Vick yeah that happened to me a FEW TIMES. once where I had to call the ambulance to intervene because I thought I was having a “YOU KNOW WHAT” LOL ,but I wasn’t for the 4th time lol I just needed to drink a lot of water FAST and it works ACTUALLY. thanks for your interesting, Point of view man feels good to know I’m not the only one who has those horrible panic attacks

    • arnela bih

      peacefulheart guys with me it is the opposite helped me cure my migran in past

    • peacefulheart

      And it can give you a huge headache if its too strong or if you drink too much. Personally I don’t really drink coffee, except once in a while. When I am stressed or anxious it can relax me, but I only drink half a cup with almond milk and sugar.

    • AMATALLAAH 2020

      peacefulheart good for u..

  • Sarah Quaid

    LOVE your videos. Lovely to have such a good reference available from you. So I thank you for that. I’m just wondering, I have been told that decaf is not the way to go because of the processes they use to decaffeinate the beans? What’s your opinion about this please?

    • Paula's Life

      Sarah Quaid yes I was told it’s more harmful. You may as well drink really good coffee but cut down but hard if your an addict like me??

  • edenrestored4all

    Anything that leads to addiction should not be taken into the body. They are dangerous.

  • Clive Barnett

    I drink coffee and I will never stop I know too many people who live a very long life and the claim the secret is Black Coffee


    This man is a quack.Telling people to drink 4 cups of coffee a day is this is dangerous information and pure quackery. Coffee is toxic for the body if consumed through the mouth. Everything you are saying here was commissioned by the coffee industry. Coffee is horrible for the adrenal glands, creates cortisol which in turns creates belly fat. The only thing coffee is good for is an enema.


      CT LOCKE you’re totally wrong. Many village natives all over the world enjoy their coffee everyday for many many years. My great grandparents are both 98 and 99 years old. And they are very healthy. They both have been drinking 3: cups of strong coffee a day for 90!! Years!!

  • Hayden Philbert

    Cortez Doaty I don’t make coffee, but one thing I can tell you is lots of my European friends drink about three cups a day and they are just fine.

  • Cortez Doaty

    Hayden Philbert How do you make your coffee

  • Clayton Doan

    I use local honey in my coffee.

  • Sassafrass Tree

    I have one double a week. Always with a 1/2 of a scone so the acid doesn’t get to my tummy. I have before my 2 hour intense classical ballet class. We all have vices. We are human after all. Who wants to like forever? Not me. Enjoy moments.

  • Dm Ber


  • John Casas

    Thanks… I’m a 5 day a week 1 large cup coffee drinker. I use the French press method… I switched over to green tea twice over the last 15 years.. but after developing kidney stones my doc advised me to go back to coffee because green tea, at least in my system was a contributor to the stones. Switched back to coffee and been stone free for the past 5 years (knock on wood) any thoughts?

  • Randee Mayo

    I like coffee at night and sleep like a baby….sometimes I need a cup to go to sleep

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