Graham’s Introduction to Your Back

Hello and welcome.

I guess you are feeling very uncomfortable with pain. You can’t sit, bend, lie down, lift. Walking is sore.

The pain is deep centred in your body’s core, maybe radiating down your legs, across your shoulders and down your arms. Sharp twinges!

Your body is twisted. Hips may be pushed out one way with your torso in an S bend. You feel lousy and tired, your head hurts, and you can’t do anything without a struggle.

Those around you are anxious seeing you in such discomfort and feel helpless.

My name is Graham. I live in Brisbane, Australia but hail from New Zealand. I know how you feel because I have felt the agony of injury to my back. I have made this website to help you understand your back pain and how to get relief.

I take pleasure in helping others, particularly you.

I am not a medical practitioner, physiotherapist, or clinician of any sort. I am a businessman, but I am a Lay Expert.

I have had lower back pain for over 40 years, plus two crushed vertebrae, scoliosis, and six broken ribs. I have seen doctors, spinal surgeons, physiotherapists, endocrinologists, haematologists, and radiologists and have been in and out of hospitals. I’ve had expert back manipulation, acupuncture, x-rays, CT scans, MRI’s and plenty of pain relief.

I refused surgery because the surgeon was just chasing the dollar. I let the crushed vertebrae heal naturally, and I am glad I did. That’s another story.
So, I think all that qualifies me as a Lay Expert. What do you reckon?

Now, if you think I must be a complete wreck, I am physically active, with plenty of walking with my wife and our Labrador dog, doing the jobs around the house. I enjoy the activities of three adult married sons, their families, five grandchildren and pet dogs. I’m active in my businesses with international travel (dodging around COVID – of course), competed in ocean yacht races and am just getting on with life, dealing with its challenges and excitements. Contributing where I can.

People who don’t know my story have no idea of my back issues. I only tell on a need-to-know basis.

I have plenty of stories of my back injuries. I will share those with you as we go on, but I want to hear about your difficulties. A problem shared is a problem halved.

I have created a membership area that I encourage you to join. We can chat about your discomfort and share our stories in a more private setting only amongst committed members on the blog in our membership area. In that area, I will introduce clinical experts from time to time, and there will be plenty of expert material for you to work through.

My aim is to get you relief from your agony.

Please tell me about your suffering – I shall see you inside.

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