Unblock Ears and Eustachian Tubes Naturally (Clogged Ears, Tinnitis, Hearing Problems) – Dr Mandell

Everyone will experience colds, viruses, or bacteria in the throat, nasal, or sinuses throughout their lives. This commonly can affect the eustachian tubes from the back of the nasal region to the middle ear. Pathogens commonly make their way into the eustachian tubes causing inflammation and excessive mucous. This video is designed to help you unclog the eustachian tubes, so proper healing can be expedited.

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  • Hamad Khodr

    dear dr. mandell , I am 52 years old , actually I have tinnitus in right ear since two months , I made ear test and the result that my right ear some weakness heard , actually I am not convinced since there is a lot of people with weakness heard but with tinnitus , can you please advise how can I search for the right reason behind this tinnitus , specially that I have forward head and neck disk problem

    • Hamad Khodr

      Dear doctor , i am actually leaving in saudi arabia and there is no chiropratic , is there any video or instruction can i follow , or if you can send me your email in order to send you some medical test i have done

    • motivationaldoc

      There is a link between forward head posture and tinnitus. This is on a more deeper neurological level where doctors cannot pinpoint. Although if there is nerve root compression irritation by reducing that through chiropractic adjustments that can be helpful for you.

  • ricbhar

    Sir, please tell me if MRI or CT can detect these kind of blockage? What could be the reason for blockage?

  • Rohaan Ali

    hi..Dr can water go into ears during drinking

  • Kyla Johnston

    I’ve had tubes put in as a kid now i have hearing loss and have constant fullness in ears and headaches everyday

  • jodelboy

    Also works the other way around. Close mouth and pinch nose shut with fingers, then swallow.
    Makes like a vacuum instead of overpressure. Sometimes that is needed to get your ears back to normal.

  • Tom Shippam

    im suffering from popped ears but really bad dizziness anyone else the same ?

  • Joe Renshaw

    I came here with blocked ears, couldn’t hear the technique because I have blocked ears

  • Ricky Farlon

    Dr i had the cold or flu 2 weeks ago. But i noticed my ear were plugged 1week ago. The Dr i saw said my ear weren’t infected but gave me some antibiotic to avoid any future infection. Just wanted to know how long should the eustachian tube take to be back to normal? I also heard that fish oil omega pills can help reduce sinus inflamation thus restore the eustachian tube to normal. is it true?

  • Ryan King

    I’m able to do this, but it kind of hurts a little bit if I try to pop my ears completely, I might do this more often and see if I get more used to it. 🙂

  • Cat Nip

    Finally something that worked! I no lunges have clogged ears.

  • Lynne Leman

    Videos sound great, going to put them into practice, especially the tinnitus ones

  • Moon Shine

    Hi Dr Mandell sir,
    Thanks for the helpful vids and Ideas- I am 55 years old male and I have been doing more than this video in order to solve my problem – but my problem remain the same,(Long story cut in short) initially my problem start with otitis media-had gormmets surgery -after one year removed gormmets- had otisis externa infection – and had another tympanoplasty surgery and changed my ear drum but – again had problem with cholesteatoma had to do second ear drum grafting surgery -was okay for five years – but now I have Otitis media problem again .If possible I don’t want 3rd operation -had enough ,

    Main confusion is- my eustachian tube is not completely 100% blocked, my eardrum hardly pops up whenever I blow it up.But how come fluid or glue is still trapped in the middle ear!?!? it doesn’t go away. which make me so uncomfortable -irritated and wake me up in the middle of the night. I am so sad -Please help me Dr, ? or any body else please?

  • Broken Helmet

    Hey Doc, I may have went swimming and got some water in my eustachian tube. I’ve been in discomfort and have been laying on the side where it hurts. Every now and then I hear the tube open, is that good? Should I continue the tips suggested?

  • trueblue28

    The breathing technique seemed to have loosened it up and when I blew a little harder, it opened right up. Thanks for the advice.

  • Djunica Rado

    Doctor my baby has fluid at the back of her ear drum doctor recommended blowing balloon. But the position of sleeping also need to be corrected or not.

  • barbara mckay

    I have hayfever.your video explained a lot. I have been using a. Nasal spray. Low chemicals. Some herbal content.bought from chemist. Now think,blocking my nose etc. Thankyou for the advice

  • capcon6

    I’ve had tinnitus since I was 25. I’m 55 now. The techniques that I have been trying doesn’t alleviate the tinnitus but it does clear my ears and sinus’ some what. Thank u.

  • kushkrazie

    Thank you so much.

  • priyanka Upadhyay

    Hello doctor..I m suffering from hearing problem in my right year from about 8 month’s…few days ago i visited ENT doctor he said there is no any congestion in my ear and did audiometry test he said i m having moderate sensorineural hearing loss and gave some steroids pils also said i have to take these medicines long duration…i m very frustrated whenever i move my head up and down i notice sensation in my right ear…i tried this exercise pinching my nose and blown pressure but i Donn feel any pop sound in right one..plz help me doctor what to do…??

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