Treating Pinched Nerves and Neck Pain / Neck Stretches Exercise / Dr. Mandell

Pinched nerves means irritation on a nerve which is supplying the energy to the muscles. A muscle contracts and shortens when it's not receiving its adequate nerve supply energy. Tight muscles lead to pain and decrease function and movement. In this video I teach some important exercises everyone can do at home to combat the pain and discomfort you're experiencing. I hope this video helps you. Dr. Mandell



  • JillyDee

    hello..Ive been sleeping on 2 pillows with my head pushed up for i have the pinched nerve with arm pain and frozen chiro showed me exercise for frozen shoulder and motion is slowly coming..does that take awhile? and how should i sleep? thx!!

  • Michael Michaelzino

    I had an MRI years ago and they said I had a herniated disc in my neck (C4). I often have a pinched nerve in my neck after doing sports (wrestling) that takes a while to go back to normal, or when I lay on my back with a pillow under my neck and sometimes in other positions wake up with my fingers and palms numb all the way down to my pinky and ring finger. Since I am young, healthy, and athletic is it possible to correct a herniated disc through good stretching and strengthening or is it permanently damaged?

    • Michael Michaelzino

      Thanks a lot Doc! Your videos have been life changing for me and I just started watching them 2 days ago. I’ve had this problem for years, and I do believe a big part if not all of it has to do with posture. I’ve always wanted to do the stretching you showed in this video, but been afraid it would grind the disc and wear it down more. I started doing these stretches 2 days ago and almost right away I could feel my neck popping “in a good way” and feeling relief from the pinched nerve in my neck. I have been doing the exercises a lot since and following to treat the muscles like meat that need to be stretched like I would anywhere else in the body, and keeping my ears above the shoulders, and I already feel a major difference! The more I have done the exercises I can feel them stretching and after loosening all of the problem areas, some even leading to the center of my back. Thanks again. God Bless You.

    • motivationaldoc

      Can be a postural condition. Should get evaluated.

  • motivationaldoc

    You can do them 2x’s daily Qadri.  

  • motivationaldoc

    Usually the dizziness comes from a nerve higher up in the neck from the Occipital, Atlas or Axis (base of skull, 1rst and 2nd vertebrae).  Yes the muscles can contract and pull causing imbalance and discomfort.  If you’re getting radiation using ice 15 min. a few times a day can be helpful.  You can find a good therapist / massage who might do the trick for you.  If problems persist I would recommend a good chiropractor.  Good Luck!  Doc Alan

  • motivationaldoc

    Hi Dan, happen to get your question.  Generally there is no one thing that will cause high blood pressure, medical science knows only so much as there is a lot of genetic factors too.  By having nerve interference with the nervous system there is possibility of having any kind of disease or dysfunction within the body.  The nervous system is the MASTER SYSTEM and does control all the systems of the body.  I have had many patients over the years have good results by getting spinal adjustments in the upper cervical/neck region and correcting nerve root irritation/subluxations.  Do make sure you get into some exercise and clean up your nutrition.  Good luck.  Doc Alan

  • motivationaldoc

    Hi Shams, sorry about delay was out of the country.  Turmeric, Quercetin, Boswellia, and Bromelain are all natural anti-inflammatories and have been know to help a lot of inflammation and pain.  Using Ice packs over area is a great natural anti-inflammatory and pain agent too.  Make sure you put a paper towel between the ice pack and skin so you don’t burn the skin.  15 mins is enough per application and can be use several times daily. 

  • Máté Boa

    Dear Dr. Mandell,
    Which muscle stretch is at 2:40?
    Because when i stretching that muscle (or muscle groups) i feel the nerve what causing my headache about 2 years releasing.
    I hear a bit noizy “release” sound everytime when i release this muscle part after the exercise.

    Thanks for your answer!

    • Máté Boa

      This pain what i feel is because that muscle is in spasm and it is cause of my headache.

      Thanks for the answer!

    • motivationaldoc

      You going to be stretching a portion of the trap along with the levator scapulae. The levator scapulae muscle attaches from the top of the scapula to the upper cervical spine region. Although certain stretches may aggravate certain conditions depending upon the underlying pathology. If there’s ever pain or any symptoms from a stretch you should not be doing that exercise.

  • Rajat Sharma

    hey doc… i have been doing neck stretches and exercises to heal pinched nerve… but it makes it worse everytime i do it.. its been four months i am having this radiculopathy. And after how much time will i able to workout again?

  • Qadri Amin

    How many time we should have to do per day doctor

  • QGThe EletricGawd

    HI good morning. I’m having pain from my neck to shoulder down my arm can you please help me.

  • firezstarter

    Hi Dr, can you do this with a neck bulge at C6-C7?

  • resdjs

    These stretches really helped. Thank you sir for sharing .

  • Danny VanHoose

    Can pinched nerve cause high blood pressure

  • John McDonough

    Wow. Thank you thank you thank you. This is exactly what I needed it.

  • Chris Whitmer

    Thank you, very helpful!!

  • zura iashvili

    I have been to 6 doctors, including ENT and neurologists with similar symptoms: Tension and discomfort all the way from top of my head to my fingertips, my thumbs are really numb. Doctors have given me lots of strange medications that don’t do anything, nobody seems to understand what i have, but from this video i can see what i have. To get this problem fixed, what kind of doctor should i ask for at hospital? is it neurologist or something else?

  • Linda Davis

    Thank you!  When I did the exercise my neck popped two pops!  Wow!  I have had a crick for two days!  It’s still sore in the area,  but I can move freely!

  • coolsean482

    Thank you!!!!

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