Top 5 Medically Proven Exercises for Herniated Discs, Pinched Nerve, Sciatica – Dr Mandell

Sciatica is a major epidemic worldwide. The sciatic nerve is the largest and fattest nerve in the body. This nerve originates from several nerves the comes from the lumbar region. It exits out into the buttocks and down both legs. These medically proven exercises have been used with great success on thousands of patients.



  • Bobbe Seitz

    I’ve had meniscus surgery in both knees, and still have severe pain in the left knee. I have a lot of difficulty with the pigeon stretch as well as the figure 4 stretch. Any suggestions for alternative sciatica stretches?

  • marwa said

    i don’t know why i can’t find any exercise that help me
    i made the first exercise in the video and it made me worse 🙁

  • HeartlandTuber

    Excellent explanation of a key point in dealing with this. I just had to have epidurals to get the pain from herniated disc under control, and am embarking on learning the right exercises to deal with this herniated disc. Thanks.

  • Jagadeesh Chandran

    Doctor can you share me your Email Address , i already had a surgery for this , my actual problem was Severe Neurogenic Claudication Secondary to Lumbar Canal Stenosis at L3-4 and L4-5 levels , i was suffering lower back pain radiating to both legs for 9 years , after my surgery i was okay just but , now a days i am retaining the same issue that i had before , besides i am a heavy person with over tummy , weighing around 140 kgs , height 188cms , is these exercises helpful to me to recover what i am suffering right now ?

  • Gustav Schillig

    Great exercises. My concern is just when I can get back to playing tennis and golf! I’ve never been out of action for more than a week and after my Gym injury I’d been without these sporting activities for nearly 16 weeks! It’s been very difficult for me. The Dr wanted to operate on my back, but many people advised my otherwise. My MRI-scan looks good with good spacing between the vertebrae – just a small narrowing between Lumber 3 and L 4. I started these rehabilitating exercises this week so would it be ok to play golf this coming Saturday (4 days away)?

  • Ram Saroop

    how much time is required to recover from
    disc bulge??

  • bidet5

    If your sciatica come from a piriformis syndrom, yes it will help you, if it comes only from a herniated disc which is irritating the L5 and/or S1 nerves, I really don’t see how it could improve your condition!?
    It even could make your pain worse during the exercise because of the flexion of the spine you have to do in many of them…
    I really would like to know from where come the the “medically proven”…….

  • Tausif Siddiqui

    Very nice stretches sir….God bless you!

  • Jagadeesh Chandran

    Thank you doctor , very good demonstration

  • DrMilan Kumar

    Im already feeling well.. grt video thanks..

  • Michael Whinery

    best video on the topic I have found. thanks.

  • Eze Ebiringa

    Really works these exercises has done wanders for my nerve pain.

  • Antonio Jáquez

    jus want to say thank you very much for these exercises all of them are very good.

  • Aida Omanovic

    I am 17 and have herniated disc…I truly hope your exercises will help me soon since the pain is awful ?
    Thank you

  • talwarknockkout

    Thanks a lot….these exercises made my life normal again… thank youuuu

  • Hector Conde

    i think you just fixed me side of the nerve actually popped and it just releived so so so so much pressure

  • Amber Rodriguez

    I just had my baby and got an epidural and blood patch and i recently went to the ER for pain and they told me i got siatica. will these stretches help me?

  • Adeeb Qureshi

    is this to avoid surgery or temperary relief

  • Koucher Akter

    Love you doctor.

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