The Reason Why You Always Feel You Have to Crack Your Neck – Dr Mandell

Cracking your own neck is more than just a habit. The brain is responding to the physiological changes you are creating.



  • ceri orchid

    um problem being that i live in an area that has no genuine doctors they are locums handing out paracetamols and ibuprofen .. i mean i have to do the research for my doctor because they have no clue what to do… why because yes we are still considered as irrelevant low class citizens but listen i asked for vitamin b1 thiamine for my child because of the crinkling amongst other things on her fingers my locum said to me that they only gave thiamine to alcoholics ( despite me saying but only if that alcoholism has caused brain harm though right) to show that i am fully aware of why i needed thiamine he smirked and suggested anti depressants… so THAT IS MY REALITY NOW PLEASE EXPLAIN WHAT I CAN DO IF I HAVE NO MONEY AND NEED TO BE SEEN BY A PROFFESSIONAL THAT I CANT SEE UNLESS REFERRED TO BY MY DOCTOR… WHAT DOES A MOTHER LIKE ME WHO KNOWS WHAT IS WRONG DO WHEN THE DOCTORS IN MY TOWN WILL NOT HELP BECAUSE THEY ARE STILL SO INCREDIBLY BIASED ABOUT ME BEING AN IRRELEVANT MEMBER OF SOCIETY… im not asking u to change the world just to give me some advice OTHER THAN YOU ARE NOT A PROFESSIONAL SO DONT TRY TO STOP THAT POPPING NOISE I FEEL WHEN PRESSING ON THE AREAS UNDER THE OCCIPITAL DOWNWARDS IT DOES NOT FEEL RIGHT NOR DOES IT RELIEVE ME I NEED A GENUINE PERSPECTIVE AND UNDERSTANDING HERE ABOUT WHAT I CAN DO NOT WANT I CANT

    • motivationaldoc

      Hi, see my suboccipital and trap stretches on my channel. I have many of them. You can use ice underneath the back of the occiput that should help you as well

  • Noah Vasquez

    I don’t crack my neck with my hands, I just crack my neck by simply turning my head sideways.

  • Afterburner

    It’s kind of like jacking off, hey that felt good. I need to do it again. The next thing you know, you’re addicted!

  • Zeztox I C

    If you start cracking your own neck, then this guy wont make money. So you should stop cracking open your neck, and let this man do it. Because, youre not the expert. Now remember, youre not the expert.
    I am now 26 years old, i have been cracking my neck and back, along with my all my fingers and wrists, since i was 14 years. And i have been sitting on my computer, for more then 8 hours a day since then. And i have not experienced any forms of neck pains, or any other joint related pains or weakening of the joints. So according to this guy, i should have gotten into trouble atleast once, because im cracking my own joints. But in 12 years… nothing negative happend. Not even a headache…12 years… Is it a magic age that i recive all these troubles? Or maybe when the joint fairy comes? Maybe im a miracle person…

    • Thomas Wayne

      It’s funny how you told the other guy that his sarcasm was childish and unbecoming and then you start being sarcastic to theunderdog102. And yes I know this comment section has been over 6 months

    • Scott Forsyth

      To everyone reading the comment above, for me cracking my neck has caused a great amount of pain in my neck, but it has most likely also contributed to my headaches, cracking your neck in my opinion is simply not worth the risk.

    • Chris Wedemann

      +theunderdog102 I’m certainly no scholar, but I am also no dull brigand. Leaving insult on a 9 week old ended conversation? Brilliance. Bravo, I applaud the absolute genius you have displayed this day! The bards will sing of your prowess and mastery for eons! I can see the stars moving into your likeness! Even the gods bow to your absolution, your creation and oblivion! Brava! Brava, amicii!

    • Chris Wedemann

      Damn. Well, that’s why we look at the names of the people we message, huh?

  • Fahrenheit38

    You are the Lebron James of posture dude, how do you do it?

  • ANGRYmuffin9000

    I crack my neck because if I don’t it hurts.

  • FennessyMusic

    Started cracking my neck by using one hand and slowly pulling and wiggling to get the release. Was good for a while but now every so often get a very sharp pain that runs from the back of the neck to the top of my head. No more neck cracking for me ?

  • Diego Barretto

    ayy lmao

  • Cagri Coco

    I need to stop cracking

  • Portland Explored

    So what happens if you simply don’t crack it? Will it get worse?

  • Isaac Yocky

    bro u just overthinging it it just cuz it feel good no big deal

  • iHEX

    I crack my neck by simply turning my neck to the left and right. No vicious movement or grabbing my head and chin.

  • Allison Taylor

    1st video will be the toxic waste challenge

  • MrOverCritical1989

    I’m too broke to contact a professional, aspirin and neck cracking for me!

  • Allison Taylor

    I will be setting up a YouTube channel soon with my daughters on they will be hoping for 10 subscribers please help them reach that goal like if you subscribed

  • Roberto Wootton

    thank you doc your alot of help and knowledgeable

  • Rizi Baby

    Can he speak unscientifically please? I only know a couple of those words: Ligament, Brain, Vertebrae, and thats all I remember????

  • Costadis Servis

    I’m trained to crack my whole spine to keep everything mobile

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