The Main Reason Why You’re Having Mid and Upper Back Pain / Dr Mandell

Mid back pain is affected from incorrect posture and anterior/forward head translation.



  • swav100

    what about burning in mid back around shoulder blades

    • mykasiurka

      There are several suggestions for ways to treat sciatica :
      Consider using Chiropractor Spinal Adjustments.
      Consider using Yoga and Stretching.
      Consider using Acupuncture or Massage Therapy.
      Don’t site for Long Periods, keep Moving!
      Try Heat Pads.
      (I discovered these and the reasons they work on Zavrins Back Guide website )

    • SR

      Followed by numbness?

    • Saubhagya Das

      Yea like between the spines and shoulder blades

  • Teodor Christensen

    is it the muscles or the discs that hurt or both?

    • Simeon Stefanov

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    • kuneeya kanna

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  • Robert Torres

    Thank you, this makes so much sense.

  • Marcia Lawson

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  • Sanjoy Samanta

    upper back pain while sleeping. when I goto bed my back feels fine but after sleeping for about 3-4 hours I get this pain that … Please help me.

    • Merwyn Yap

      i have the same problem. when i sleep my back dosnt hurt but after sleeping my back hurts and radiates to my chest. it worsen at bedtime

    • lefter tiberiu vlad

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    • Venkat Katragadda

      Same problem, Any solution that you found ???

    • mohamad sedighi


  • James Briggs

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  • ammoglitch 03

    For about 5 weeks I’ve been having constant back pain in between my shoulder blades like in the upper area and middle area of the back

    If u want to know the muscles that hurt for me try this: push your head down all the way and put hands on head and push your head down almost as if you are trying to touch your chin in between your 2 nipples/pectorals.

    Those muscles hurt so bad only during school and I don’t know why… if it’s stress
    Than what can I do…
    And if it’s my back pack being heavy pls explain in detail and if it’s just bad posture pls explain Becuz last year I started practicing good posture and ever since then my back pain has slightly been starting

    Also it’s only during certain classes such as Orchestra, Human geography AP(history), English AP, and a little bit during auto tech.
    Like that’s usually when the pain hurts so here’s the periods that my back usually hurts: 3,6,7,8
    I don’t know y but it makes it so hard to concentrate in class I am not taking medication for the pain Becuz
    Gettting addicted to painkillers is not healthy of course… and becuase I want to be fine without medicine
    The pain makes it so bad that I don’t even want to talk to my friends becuase I constantly just want to stretch my back
    I’m starting to grow a habit of stretching my back/ neck.
    Pls give an estimated answer
    Thank u

    • Daniel

      I have pain in the same area. Mine usually gets worse around 6th period. I feel very tight in between my shoulder blades and I also find it hard to breathe cause of it. Also when I inhale my spine cracks lol. It sucks. I have been slowly improving by seeing a chiropractor, exercising, and trying to fix my posture. I’m assuming you’re young since you’re in school and usually we associate back pain with older people, but I feel like it can still affect students and people at desks at any age. So from a fellow back pain sufferer I recommend seeing a chiropractor, starting yoga and different forms of exercise including strengthening, aerobics, and flexibility along with improving posture and watching his videos. Also I found this really cool invention called a yoga wheel. It’s like a foam roller but it’s better at fitting between the shoulder blades. I’m still learning how to use it but it does relieve some tightness. . I bought a yoga wheel similar to this one and I think they describe the benefits quite well on this website. I feel like English AP may have worsened it too for me from looking down and writing all those damn essays. You’re not alone and let’s keep fighting to reverse this!

    • Skyline Squad

      Did you find out what it was ?

    • ammoglitch 03

      Skyline Squad I started taking vitamins (daily men’s ) like 2 weeks after the old message and it went away

      I think I was just vitamin Deficient
      Becuase I’m an active person and my parents don’t make enough to buy my healthy foods so….
      If your having this problem
      I recommend One’s Daily men’s Multivitamin
      Make sure you ask the pharmacist first to see if your old enough
      It helped me like one week after and the pain hasn’t come back

    • Jasmine Wright

      Mid back

    • Fly on the Wall

      ammoglitch 03 its your book bag. Refuse to wear one

  • ahmed Farid

    Sir i am a 21 one yr old boy with midback pain thst started about three yrs a go and it is stressing me out.i have tried physiotherapy but it didnt help .please help me

  • Tonia Parker

    I just simply love your hoodie!! Tomorrow I go for physical therapy & I’m so glad. I have gone through severe lower & upper back pain!! They wanted me to get shots in my back however, after doing my research I’m not going to take that chance!! One time my pain was so bad I could barely walk..smh I also work out as well but, had to cut back on the weights. Praying this physical therapy helps!!!

  • Leo Ochoa

    Um i need help i was pulling my legs up to my head and more then i heard a crack i was trying to talk and i could not talk for a few seconds i don’t know what happen to my back but when i look up and tilt my head back in the same time it hurts please if you know what to do to fix it please tell me

  • Team Awesome

    Can we do back hyperextensions if we have middle back pain/stiffnes??

    • Jasleen Kaur

      Team Awesome yes even I wanted to know…. please tell appropriate back workout for someone with middle back stiffness

  • Phoenix Olivia

    That’s it? You’re not gonna tell us how to fix bad posture?


    I been having upper back paint for 6 weeks could it be because am a truck driver and I drive more than 8 hours sitting down also I just change my position of how I drive for 4 month should I go back how I was driving before?

  • Aisha Nassuna

    Hi, Question.
    I was rear-ended by a tow truck, and now I suffer from upper back pain that radiates through my right hand and toward my pinky. results from open MRI came back normal aside from straightening and reversal of the spine. What could it be?

  • Aadam Hussain

    What a ? explanation

  • Florence Wilkinson

    This back pain guide known as “fonon fetching site” (Google it) has cured by back problems. That`s really a good deal to my opinion since I have worked with many, many guidelines and my back still very painful right after each a different one. I had been impressed my back was better. This may be just the ultimate answer to my trouble!.

  • Jordan Dubie

    Very helpful. Combining this knowledge with new shoes and insoles I feel will help me. New bed wouldn’t hurt though. Literally.

  • GalaxyTraveler

    I have one central area directly over my spine, between shoulder blades which is tender to touch and emits very sharp pain like a knife when i arch my back in that area while extending my arms forward, or when i do the the opposite and squeeze my shoulder blades together.. it also causes surrounding muscles to be soar and spasm. Had it for about 2 months and it is not subsiding, despite correcting posture and doing light exercise. This is horrible.

    • closuz1

      GalaxyTraveler I have exactly what you’ve described for about a month now…sometimes after I eat or smoke it triggers it off…like literally a piercing knife at one point through the top mid back…I honestly thought at the start I got stung or bitten and would ask ppl 2 look..good luck if/when you find a diagnosis.

    • GalaxyTraveler

      closuz1  interesting.. eating or smoking doesn’t trigger it for me, but lying down will pretty much relieve the pain completely. I saw a doctor and it seems muscular, but i need physiotherapy. Funny, i used to lift weights religiously, never had problems like this then.
      Good luck to you too, and go see a doctor for advise!

  • Robert Long

    OVERWORKED That CANNOT BE REPAIRED???? That’s not Encouraging 🙁

  • mohamad sedighi

    Wow it actually worked

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