The Best Mattress Bed to Buy for Neck & Back Pain, Pinched Nerve, Herniated Disc Sufferers

It is very important to make sure you are using the right type of mattress for your spinal health. If you're not getting the proper sleep, your problems will only linger on and never repair.



  • Susie O'Mahoney

    I have always slept on cheap divans until 2014 when my my mattress wore so bad I could not sleep beyond 4am with severe back pain. I got a memory foam topper and for a few months it was great then the pain returned. I thought the topper had gotten soft so I decided to buy a full orthopedic mem foam mattress…big mistake. Have been in pain for a year. I am ok till around 4 am then my mid back aches & is so sore until i get up & then i am pain free all day. I have recently been on a computerised comfort zone in a bed shop and was shocked to see that my pressure points were bad on a firm (5) & (4) but eased up on a soft (1) & (2) I have decided to go for a pillow sprung with mem foam topping on a (2) & hoping this helps…thoughts appreciated…thanks

    • moonrice555

      +Susie O’Mahoney Thanks.

    • Susie O'Mahoney

      that’s often the way. Hope you can manage the pain and get a decent nights sleep

    • moonrice555

      +Susie O’Mahoney Hi. Thanks. I actually did find a good mattress—only to find out my aches were related to something else.

    • Susie O'Mahoney

      Hi moonrice. I ended up going to Bensons for beds & trying out their comfort station adaptor which highlights your pressure points on their computer. I was surprised that my back faired better on a soft mattress. they are graded 1 – 5 with 5 being the firmest. I ended up choosing a 2. I do have better nights on my new mattress but it’s hit and miss. If I have a restless night my back aches but if I sleep well & I suppose move less I can wake up quite comfortable. I’ve had a back injury since I last posted and my neck and head always hurt so i think even if i slept on a cloud I’d be stiff in the mornings lol If your side is killing i think you’ve picked one that’s too firm. For a long time I couldn’t sleep on my side and had to lay flat out but now I’m sleeping on my side again (which is my preferred choice) try a mem foam topper on your new mattress and see how that goes. if not you may need a softer mattress. Firm isn’t always best. Good luck

    • moonrice555

      +Susie O’Mahoney  Was reading your post and completely sympathize. I ordered a bed online and I’ve been in hell for the past week. My side is killing me. Going to have to try something else. Was wondering how your mattress turned out for you.

  • Sarah Hajian

    Doctor Mandela, i have 2 question for you.
    I have serious neck pain about a year, 1–when i am sleeping on the floor at night the pain goes away or at least i feel better the following day, thou you mentioned the “firm” mattress might not be beneficial as Medium Firm. do you still think medium firm is the best mattress for me?
    2–How to choose the mattress jut by lay on it for couple of minutes? what is the trick to know if its the right one for me?

  • epi demic

    thanks doctor mandel!

  • gregory ray

    I’ve come to the conclusion I’m just not going to sleep anymore. Looking at new mattresses now and it’s such a crap shoot.

    • gregory ray

      +Susie O’Mahoney now that’s an idea that may work. 😉

    • Susie O'Mahoney

      Hope it continues to feel great. I may have to relocate to the Maldives and purchase a hammock…only for my back of course LOL

    • gregory ray

      +Susie O’Mahoney I wound up getting the Sealy posturpedic plus “Hearst”. Interesting mattress. It’s sold through sears. it’s a firm mattress but soft on top. Feels great for me so far but I’m not very curvy. Big difference from my old open coil trampoline bed.

    • Susie O'Mahoney

      are you going for firm? I always thought firmer the better for bad backs but have found, in my case, it’s not best. I got an orthopedic mem foam (very firm) and my back was in agony for a year. I now sleep on a softer pocket sprung mem foam top mattress & my sleep is much improved but i do have back/neck problems so think I’ll always be uncomfortable to some degree

  • Jonny Q

    What do you think about body pillows? I don’t sleep on them I just hug them I’m a side, and back sleeper.

  • 2Awesome

    Medium-firm is too firm for me though (mattress doesn’t touch my lower back) top layer has to be soft =(

  • Gordon

    his jaw is flapping and nothing is coming out

  • love love

    this is amazing I wish I could get a new mattresses me and my 4 years old son sleep in the mattresses that is full of mold we cough every night that we come to the room because of the mold of the mattresses some people wish gold and diamonds me and my son we just wishing a new mattresses


      love love – contact one of your public social services such as the salvation army, to see if they can assist you in obtaining some new mattresses. the other thing you can do in the meantime, is get some good quality allergy mattress covers that envelope the entire mattress and zips up around it. that should help reduce your mold exposure. Walmart is one place I’ve seen them.

    • love love

      we live in a mobile home and I cannot afford one even been working as a waitress as full time but all the expenses babysitter and all the bills paid myself I can’t not make it

  • Clare C

    Really love this back pain guidebook, “fetching loni” (Google it)! I find it too good to be true at the beginning however when I used it yesterday evening, I find myself with a relieved back next thing in the morning. Because I am very happy with the results, I also delivered the guidebook to my mom and dad. I was told that they can`t just imagine how fine was it. The most beneficial remedy for back pain..

  • tonya lopez

    thank you for the video. my friend is a veteran and has has surgery on his neck. he has a air bed. I’m shopping for him to get a new bed. he lives in a motor home. it gets hot. we live in northern Ca. the air bed has popped up into one big bubble on one corner and I find it hard to sleep with two persons on it. would loft, pocket maybe 8″ or height or more, I was going with gel latex. before I buy, what’s your opinion on a height, style and sweat dust resistant mattress. until I seen your video we were looking for a firm bed.

    • motivationaldoc

      That’s really a difficult question for me to answer. In all fairness that best thing you can do is get on the bed and try it out. Every mattress is going to be different for each individual. I would feel horrible making a recommendation if it doesn’t suit your needs.

  • vijion2020

    You answered nothing

  • MIke DeVIta

    What about Sleep Number?

  • Steve C

    this was a waste of 4:12 of my life

  • Lois R. Medina

    I have battled with back pain for years until I stumbled upon an efficient natural treatment and at last cured it within 17 minutes. It made my doctor startled!

  • Fernandes Reis

    Dr mandes i am with hernia cervical between c5- c6   , i am my memories is losing, what is happening, what is the cure?

    • motivationaldoc

      Hi make sure you’re stretching the packs and strengthen the rhomboids. Be aware of forward head posture. Use ice in there periodically.

    • motivationaldoc

      Hi, you have to focus on good posture making sure you’re not keeping the head into a forward position. Make sure you’re stretching the pecs and strengthening the rhomboids. I would not be overly concerned with your herniated disc as long as you’re not compressing the cord or having any other kind of weakness, muscle atrophy, or loss of reflexes. You need to be patient. You can use ice over the posterior neck area.

  • Wes Tesfaye

    Dr. Mandell ~ I don’t have a enough word to thank you. My dearest/kind brother been struggled with a neck pain/pinched nurve ~ by watching your life saver video. I bought for him a pillow and all the great exercises. God bless!!!

  • Linn Bing

    Thx for the video. Do you think memory foam or springs are better to release lower back pressure?

  • Shaun Bryce

    I’m looking for a new mattress that’s gonna be great for years starting to feel the Springs in my mattress now I don’t really have any pain anywhere but I do wake up a lot and toss & turn I feel a little more firm of. Mattress please help

  • Sari Al

    I have been looking for you for the past three years!! Trapezius/neck/shoulder pain has been controlling my life for three years. Three doctors, MRIs, xrays.. physical therapy etc to no avail. I’ve been doing some yoga on my own, will start to look for a mattress very soon and do some of your exercise suggestions. Thanks for the videos!

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