The #1 Treatment to Help Heal Pinched Nerves and Neck Pain / Dr. Mandell

Pinched nerves effect millions of people worldwide. Many of these conditions are related to poor posture and accidents. The body has the ability to heal itself if proper management is given in the majority these cases. In this video I will explain the importance of a simple treatment you can be doing at home to help accelerate the healing process. Dr. Mandell



  • motivationaldoc

    Hi Marion, the weight of the arm can cause tugging on the brachial plexus / group of nerves exiting out of the neck causing nerve irritation and giving you those symptoms. Wearing a shoulder sling for a short period of time will help the tugging of the arm on the brachial plexus.  Ice is always better for inflammation than heat, heat can make inflammation worse.  You might want to find a good massage therapist who knows neuromuscular techniques, that would be helpful to address the soft tissue. 

    • Cheng Ong

      Doctor Alan please tell me if someone got pinch of nerves, he should rest more or exercise. Thanks

    • Cheng Ong

      Thanks doctor

    • motivationaldoc

      There are different degrees of involvement when it comes to pinch nerves. Depends upon how much degeneration, effects of the disc, orthopedic and neurological findings as well as many others.

    • Cheng Ong

      Doctor Alan I been to chiropractic twice and they told me it gonna takes 4-6 weeks to recover. But one treatment is expensive. I can’t afford it. Doctor Alan can you tell me how long to take my pinch of nerves to recover. Because I need to work. Without work I’m without money. I will appreciate your reply. God bless you Doctor Alan

    • Cheng Ong

      Daily how many times?

  • Ravi Shankar

    Hi, I have a disc degenerating between 5 & 6 and the MRI shows discs between 3 & 4 and 4 & 5 are also bulged a bit (about 6 weeks now). I’m going through decompression therapy for about 4 weeks (alternate days) and I still have stiffness (mornings & evenings) and pain. I use a heat pad under my neck while I’m in bed and other handheld massagers to massage my neck. Is it taking way longer to heal or is this normal? Anything I should change? Anything I should or should not be doing? Thank you, Ravi

  • Paul Guerrero

    Thanks doc you the greatest

  • lee west

    Thank you for the tip. Are we too avoid heat treatment as well

  • kindness always

    the whole video is about using an ice pack?

  • K3MU3L

    Doc I have a problem. I am experiencing numbness in my last 2 fingers of my left arm and have difficulty holding things. My friend says it’s my ulnar nerve being affected, what should I do? I’m legit panicking…

    • K3MU3L

      motivationaldoc so what should I do? I am an active fitness person in the gym, always lifting weights. How can I address this issue without undergoing surgery?

    • motivationaldoc

      That’s CA nerve root most likely can’t be coming from around it forward shoulders back in the neurovascular bundle where the nerves come out of the neck region. This can also stem an elbow issue as well.

  • Vijay Kumar

    hi Dr.I’m in living india my wife nack pain in middle nack and pain going to head he not standing or siting in chair ask me what I do

  • Maikel Shamoun

    Good information

  • Karla Naranjo

    hi Doctor I need your help I got upper back injury at work I was pulling two boxes over my head and suddenly they got stock and my head went back, shoulder etc etc this happen almost 5 months and I’m not getting better I had physical therapy and X-ray and MRI and I don’t have anything but my pain it’s insane

  • Peter Parker

    the one is a critical hit 20/20

  • Carl "The Truth" Williams

    THIS WORKED FOR ME. I had pain under the left shoulder blade for 2 weeks. I saw this vid his other vids and they are quite remarkable. Don’t use drugs. Ever.

  • Ra Mar

    Luv you Doc! Learning a lot to help my pain. I am also having traction treatments which are great. I love you are a drug free, soul sound doctor.

  • Jessie Jr Guarino

    pls help me
    i dont know whats bothering me but when i tilt my head on the right my nereve or muscle hurts on my right neck side
    pls answer

  • cajunski1

    I have numbness in both hands. If lay on my left side when I wake my whole arm is numb and same with right side. It gets better as Imove around during the day. But if I hold anything for a while in either hand my fingers tingle and fall asleep. I have tried sleeping on my back but still both hands fall to sleep when doing anything . They are tingling now as I type ,Im a slow typer. Please help me if you can. thankyou

  • mahesh rohilla

    Hie dr . My wife is having this cervical pain on neck area and up to arms. Headache also upto eye on left side of shoulder . She used neck traction exercise and vibration under therapy , but its not getting full relaxed , it’s last long till 4 months . Help me out

  • joshuakathriel magno

    Dr. , I have a stucked nerve in my neck, is there a way to treat this?

  • jiten nath

    Hi..sir I am jiten, sir I have heavy problem of left side neck from masul pain since three month, but I treatment many doctors and could not found relief till now, dr. check my body x-ray, MRI . now sir I have heavy pain neck and left hand. so I request u pse. help me…

  • Ganesh Devadiga

    Please help me sir #
    c5-c6 level-Disc desiccation with diffuse disc bulge indenting anterior thecal sac causing mild narrowing of left neural foramen without any nerve root compression C6-c7 level-Disc desiccation with diffuse dise bulge indenting anterior thecal sac without any nerve root compression.

  • Dionne Pitts

    hi Dr. Mandel. I’m experiencing numbness across the mid thoracic back radiating to the chest or lower rib area, it occurs mostly when I’m lying down for a long time. generally I feel it most in the mornings upon wakening. the second problem is the Burning Sensations I felt today in the head neck shoulders and upper back today was the first day I felt it in my head periodically I do feel these burning in the other areas..please help!!!
    please respond, thanks on advance

  • zohaib mughal

    i have neck pain from
    2 years
    and i got Mri test and test showed
    para spinal muscle spasm
    sir please help me what is it
    or is it problem of pinched nerve
    and what should i do?

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