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Learn How to Breathe Correctly / Dr. Mandell

Most people do not breathe correctly. When you breathe properly, your diaphragm, stomach and ribcage should expand harmoniously. Every cell in our body requires oxygen to survive. Proper breathing increases stamina, mental clarity, better moods, and helps the body detoxify more efficiently.

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Invisible Souls of the Philippines Part 1 / Documentary / Doc Alan

This documentary is one of a kind and I'm sure you will appreciate life so much more after viewing it. I've prepared for several years along with many medical missions in the Philippines/Asia helping the squattered children with love, food and postural education as I searched the best ways to present this documentary to the world. I have taken many risks in dangerous regions, but I knew deep in my heart that I was doing the right thing for humanity. My goal is to get followers behind […]

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