STOP Doing This! #1 Reason for Neck Pain, Pinched Nerve, Low Back Pain / Dr Mandell

Chronic everyday poor habits of sitting, cellphones, computer, and bad posture is weakening supporting muscles leading to inflammation and weakness of the musculo-skeletal system. Becoming aware early of your bodies response will help prevent and control your pain and suffering.



  • Mark Hirsch

    I waiting for the PBS special.  Great job Dr. Mandell !!!

  • Kevin Martin

    bsolutely superb. thanks

  • Liliana Betetta

    Great piece of advice for me and my family 🙂


    Hi Dr Mandell, i think the effort you have put into all these video’s is brilliant, i have recently start doing the one from this video plus another that i got recommended by a friend who is a Physio.

    just so you have a little history, i have a C5-C6 Herniation (asymptomatic) and a C7-T1 Herniation which is symptomatic, i have had this for about 8 months and hasn’t healed much in that time, at first a lost a bit of strength but i have regained about 80% back since, i still get a lot of tingerling along the palm of my right hand and little finger, i also get a lot of aches / pains in my right shoulder / elbow and what feels like the muscles at the top of my right arm. these usually all come on more when i am sitting and working.

    I have also started getting a lot of clicking in my neck recently when looking down wards which i didnt seem to have as much prior.

    I told the physio that the current exercises which i had been given by the NHS here in the UK and she said they wouldn’t really achieve anything and are pretty pointless, they were to turn my head slowly left to right and also push my head back as if i was making a double chin (which is similar to the one in this vid) although they didn’t say to use a towel or hands to push on the back of the head as a bit of resistance.

    her advice was to sit on the floor with my back against the wall, put my head against the wall and tuck my chin in while opening my mouth wide while keeping my tongue to the roof of my mouth. this does give a stretching feeling within the neck muscles when i do it.

    I am not sure if you have heard of this, i was wondering if you think it would do more harm than good or would help?

    she said this technique disables all the big muscles in the neck area and should ease any pain.

    I would really appreciate you advice as i feel this is gone on for much longer than it should have, or can this take a year or more to repair?



    • motivationaldoc

      Hi thank you for the nice kind words. Pertaining to your little finger that would be a C8 nerve root involvement. Although the best thing you can do is focus on strengthening the rhomboids stretch the pecs/chest area. Strengthen core that will make a big difference in your neck region. Planks are exceptionally good. Try not to engage the upper trap muscles while exercising that will usually seem to exacerbate your condition. Try not to dwell so much I what’s going on inside try to focus more in good ergonomics and posture. Give your body time to heal and I think you’ll do fine. Using moist heat is good for the muscles in circulation as well as tumeric and ginger is good for inflammation.

  • Malek Laila

    hi Dr mandell , great infos from u, im an athlete , since i was in my teenage i had a weak grip even after years of training i still feeling it , when i shake hands i feel my grip is weak , according to my kind of training my grip should be incredible but its in the opposite , maybe its due to my life style or anything else , im a designer so i sit alot behind my computer and since i was a kid i sit alot behind the computer and i have too much stress in my life , i used to get too angry to the time that i cant move my hands ! ,from stress , i hope that u can help in an advice or training or anything i feel too weak !!! and unfortunatly here no one knows abt these kind of issues , another thing , im a 23 years old now ! and thank u

    • motivationaldoc

      To grip strength exercises.

    • Malek Laila

      +motivationaldoc sir im afraid that if i did more grip strengthen it will get worse , will i dont do directly strength training for the grip but my workouts usually consists allot of pull upa and weighted pulls

    • motivationaldoc

      There are only two possibilities. One is either coming from the median nerve which travels through the wrist, or the other is coming from the neck. Possibly can be nerve interference or pinching. If you have a history of neck problems an over the door traction unit may be helpful for you. You can see over the door traction on my channel. A good clinician needs to diagnose your condition.

    • Malek Laila

      Thank u sir much appreciate it , nd yeah i have neck pain nd feeling uncomfortable in the back of the neck , today i did some of the stretches u recommended i really felt better , actually i felt good feeling i have never felt before , nd even could breath better , thank in advance

  • Online Earn Savvy

    Hi Dr. Mandell, do you have any recommendations for sleeping comfortably? I saw your video for the laying straight on the back with knees up and supported as well as the side sleeping. Unfortunately, I have a lot of pain/soreness/tenderness on my upper right side from a pinched nerve (C6) and one specific area of my upper outer thigh is sensitive to the touch with a pins and needles feeling. When I sleep I struggle to find a position that’s comfortable for both ailments. Also do you have any recommendations for arm/shoulder pain that I experience when using the computer? I cannot currently discontinue or limit my interactions online b/c of my two jobs that are online as well as a full-time class schedule. I stretch constantly morning, night, at work, after work, before work, basically every hour or so. I also have PT which is helping, but I’m just so uncomfortable in my own body. I can’t find rest b/c sleeping is painful. Any recommendations/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • Online Earn Savvy

      +Online Earn Savvy *if I find a position comfortable for my upper body then it’s discomforting for my leg and vice versa. I feel like I can’t win. Also the thigh tingling sensation was rather onset and I have no idea how it occured. I’m waiting to hear back from my PT and my doctor.

      *Also do you know what would reduce pain from sneezing? Whenever I sneeze it’s extremely painful for my arm/shoulder/neck. I have allergies and so it’s getting pretty bad.

    • motivationaldoc

      Having the right ergonomic chair would be helpful for you. Forward head posture as well as rotated anterior shoulders would exacerbate your problems. A lumbar support pillow behind your back would be helpful. Strengthening the rhomboids and stretching the chest muscles is important. I have attached A video on sleeping.

  • Cade Friesen

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    • Cade Friesen

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  • Donna Taliercio

    i have four herniated discs in my neck on spinal cord it is hell. i have a partially torn rotator cuff and a seperated acroniom and clavicale . the other shoulder burns. my lowe back has two herniated and two tears. i am misseravle. help someone.

    • arzoo deep kaur

      Donna Taliercio hope you are okay now
      How did you end up in this condition?

    • vampytz1

      Cervical /lombar back mobilization and spinal decompresion . I have pinched nerv and a herinated disc . It is a procces to recover. I hope u are ok

  • Riffat Arif

    hi doctor.I have pain in my back…legs..back of the neck and sometimes in right shoulder..I think its because I used to sit in W position..for so long for almost about 18 years of my life..I dont anymore but I sleep on my stomach with my legs up in w position.Can you please about it?

  • Aminah A

    Great video dr ????????

  • nutella tasty

    thanks Doctor .. please, i m in my way to be pregnent.. i have herniated disc C6 C7.. how can pregnany affects my spin? thanks a lot

  • Gabi Cseke

    Very educational videos! I have a toddler that I carry around on my hips a lot and a baby to nurse. I’m wondering what your suggestions would be for avoidind/relasing neck and shoulder pain in this case. Thank you!

  • Marcia Lawson

    My aunt has been enduring lower back pain when she gets up in the morning. Since I have provided this back pain guide, “fetching loni” (Google it) to my auntie, her ordeal is gone. She is very thankful that she has acquired the guide..

  • Mark J

    When i adjust people they think it is fixed…but he adjustment is just a mere foundation to build up a healthy life style upon it….thank you so much for your shared knowledge // videos// that I gained from tremendously.

  • D Myrick

    damn I hope theres nothing seriously wrong with my neck..i don’t want a smart phone anymore…FML…it could be worse I guess..hope my doc has good news

  • Theron Humphrey

    My back has been much better since I used this back pain guide, “fetching loni” (Google it). That`s truly a big deal to me because I have attempted many, many guides and my back still painful after each a different one. I was surprised my back was better. I`m wishing this alleviation will last!.

  • Shlomit Kliger

    Dr. Mandel, you are so RIGHT ! Thank you !

  • james samudre

    Hi dr …… Nice 2 here u always.sir m hvn right side neck pain ….What shud i do ..Plz guide me

  • Jeffrey Wright

    Dr. Mandell-thanks for the great video. You’re a great communicator. The way you explain concepts and strategies are awesome! This one video, literally, has done wonders to help my elderly father. Thank you again!

  • Glenna Silva

    My aunt is battling aback pain, usually early in the morning. I suggested her to follow this particular low back pain guide known as “fonon fetching site” (Google it) and in the next day, she`s got observed good developments. She`s really pleased with the guide…

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