Spinal Decompression Made Super Easy With Amazing Results – Dr Alan Mandell, DC

Here is one the the simplest and most effective way to reduce back pain. This simple exercise can be done as often as necessary to take pressure off the nerve and take away your pain.

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  • Susan Taylor

    So many of us appreciate all your helpful health videos. Thanks very much… ☺️

    • Naveen Yadav

      Susan Taylor yes really good and health tips

    • juntao11

      Susan Taylor did it work!?? ?

    • karthik krishna

      More Dr support like this not only helps us to feel better and sharing knowledge. You are saving peoples medical expense . You may think what i am thinking but its worth every second of your video for the people. It may even help some from wrong guidance from local doctors. Thank you.

    • alex433

      Great Video! Excuse me for butting in, I would love your thoughts. Have you heard the talk about – Proutklarton Enjoy Playing Plan (erm, check it on google should be there)? It is a great one off product for relieving back pain in just 16 minutes minus the headache. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my old buddy Taylor at last got amazing results with it.

    • Nsndjd Kdjdj

      Susan Taylsoor

  • Jeff Ochoa

    Terrific stretch Doctor, thank you for caring!!

  • Janus Darraign

    I like how informational and short your videos are.

  • Susan Samsel

    Thanx so much for all your helpful strategies to fight back against our pain:) God bless??

    • Susan Samsel

      Bilal Khan yes I did 🙂 I just need to remember to do these stretches …

    • Susan Samsel

      God did not do the damage to my back.
      True,I should pray to God more, praise God more:) I believe that God wants us to do what we can (self help) He is the Ultimate Physician , Healer, ..that does not mean we can’t use the tools & doctors, chiropractors here. Peace out

    • L-Train 45

      Can I enlist everyone’s help in reporting Bradley Bergsma and his terrible comment on my original post about listening to your body?

    • Bilal Khan

      Susan Samsel I hope I may meet you some day

  • S M


    • TheSlimmshadyy

      +Daytona Says What?! yeah it was a joke.

    • wilfredo Martinez

      Guess when you have lived with the pain for more than 25 years and counting, this kind of stretching advice is greatly appreciated and is not found just ánywhere believe me.

    • Daytona Says What?!

      +wilfredo Martinez That’s a pretty basic backstretch. I learned it in grade 6 physical education. Any basic Google search of back stretches this will come up pretty easily.


      If it’s taken you 25 years to figure out basic stretching is helpful, that’s a shame.

    • jerry sherlye

      +Daytona Says What?!no all exercise is suitable, don’t be arrogant who are u compare to the Dr. I tell u u are nothing just a keyboard warrior

    • Daytona Says What?!

      +jerry sherlye and you are a keyboard Washerwoman. While the big boys go out and commit keyboard Warfare, you stay home with the children and watch the figurative fingertips of the typist as he commits modern-day Warfare. Go home little girl.

  • Gerad Vindicating

    This what my dog does and I didn’t even realize how helpful it actually is?? thanks doc

  • Sandra Bentley

    Very timely video. Up at 2.45 am with bad sciatic nerve pain. Just tried this & instant relief. 2 questions. How long do I hold the stretch? How often should I do this during the day? By the way I did not feel this in my abs, should I hold the abs in when doing this? Thank you again Dr. You’re a life saver.

    • Notorious Tito

      Still waiting on a reply lol

    • Sandra Bentley

      Notorious Tito . Yes I noticed. But I’ve been doing this stretch at least twice a day for about 20 seconds each time. I found this exercise on another old you tube video, his emphasis was on the pushing into the wall, the tail out of course & bent knees, head low between arms. I also do the sphinx or cobra two or three times a day, plus when I’m standing I lean backwards from the hips, head going back. All these help me a lot for my particular sciatic nerve compression from DDD.

    • Guy Paddock

      Sandra Bentley stretch and stay stretched traction this will allow space for disc to heal eight weeks crutches to get around

    • Will Ford

      Very great question! Interested in his reply.

  • L-Train 45

    Just Be careful when taking any generalized advice over the internet. There’s nobody with you to make sure you do the exercises correctly. Always listen to your body, especially when stretching the lower back and neck.

    • L-Train 45

      Bradley Bergsma Actually your comments are the negative ones. I implore Emily to report you like I am and encourage everyone who wants peaceful happiness to do so as well. Doc, please block this user.

    • Bradley Bergsma

      L-Train 45 oh god dont report me…then the internet police will show up at my house and arrest me..
      Okay you are right tho..although i still stand behind my original opinion of its just stretching..
      I could’ve gone without the last part.. it was mean, and very negative.. im sorry emily, and any other user that stumble upon my inappropriate comments..

    • CSRT4 Ever

      Yet to got butt-hurt over another’s comment to you on said internet?
      OMG the internet police! Report me too LMAO

    • Ellen

      There was a day we didnt have trainers and we got through life just fine…some trainers are idiots as well..I like this doc he has good advice..you can get hurt blowing your nose too but you cant control that either…

  • Badnewzbear85

    I have two impinging discs in my bottom two vertebrae, I just did this stretch and it has help release the pain. No physiotherapist or chiropractor has shown me this stretch before. Thanks

  • flowerseva

    Thank you! More like this please!

  • Vintage Elementz Online

    You’re under arrest Doc….lol.

  • Des o

    Thanks for the video. Would be good if we had a full on side view, show the legs and feet as well. Also how long do we hold that position ? Cheers 🙂

  • Francis Ng

    where are your legs?…. camera angle could have been better.

  • Dot Calm x

    I wish his leg positioning was visible

  • Niki Lauda DK

    Don’t do this in prison !

  • Coinology

    I do not comment often at all. I feel the people that are looking for ANYTHING to help their pain need to know this worked for me. I have suffered for 6 days now of extreme pain. I have viewed many videos and this is the first one I have found that worked for my situation. And more importantly, it worked immediately! I’m going to continue this stretch so it doesnt return. Thank you sincerely Doctor! Subscribed and shared.

  • Paul D

    I have a bulged disk in my L5 S1 area that’s causing pain, and muscle weakness in my thigh muscles. As a result, I can’t walk very far, or stand for any length of time. I’m under chiropractic care and the pain is more manageable, but the muscle weakness hasn’t changed. Will the muscle weakness ever get better, and how can I help to get the weakness to go away?

  • Chris Summers

    The guy assisting him, looks sleepy and/or dead on the inside.

  • Nico'TF92i

    I will always trust a muscled old doctor

  • berryfairy68

    Like always, thank you for the wonderful information you give us ?

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