Sleeping on Floor is Better than Mattress (Back Pain, Sciatica, Pinched Nerve) – Dr Mandell

We spend 1/3 of our life sleeping. Unfortunately most people are sleeping incorrectly damaging the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and discs of the spine.



  • anshul goyal

    Sir sciatica is killing me from last 2 years if it don’t cure now i am gona sucide ?????

  • Ryan

    Does this guy sleep upside down? Dudes neck is literally 3 feet long

  • Christine S e l i g e r

    Good Day Dr. Mandell, thank you for your informative videos. Because I snore, my family got me trained to sleep on my stomach, so I was quieter. As a result I frequently have neck and hip pain upon waking. I want to sleep on my back. I was tested for sleep Apnea many years ago and told I don’t have it, but have heard that back sleeping,Β is be dangerous for those who snore; stop breathing etc.. Any thoughts on this? Best Regards.

  • Matthew Wiederhold

    What about when you bring a girl home

  • Jachob Atlas

    Can we talk about how long this guys neck is?

  • Noah Stone

    Homeless people must have great posture!

  • Bo Kwon

    Hello! I have a question. Do you think memory foam is bad for you? I’m wanting to try sleeping on the floor again but I’m wondering if memory foam topper would be not good for me to use on the floor. Please let me know! Thank you πŸ™‚

  • Josh Bodnar

    I sleep on the floor every single night, plus I’m a vegan. Everywhere I look I see sick people, but really its just a lack of education. I’m gifted.

  • Michael H

    Cool! This is such a neglected area of spinal health and more vital than ever these days.

  • Dan Bob

    What if I sleep on my belly ?

  • Nathan Enzor

    You get no support in the curves of your back when you’re on the floor.

  • YoshTG

    but i’d imagine for people who like to sleep on their side a soft mattress is better than a hard floor?

  • Firstimeshooter

    I’m 25 and I been sleeping on the floor sense I was 16. And first 2 months are tough but after that I been good. Plus I have more space in my room. More room in my room.

  • The BunBoy

    One question here: Im a 5.9 foot long male and have a quite big but compared to my body (ex football player here:Z). I have to put many pillows under my knees in order to make the arch in my back straighter, and the it feels quite comfortable after the knees are elevated around one feet above the ground. The problem is that my tailbone or coccyx is still in touch with the ground and after a few hours it hurts and I wake up to the pain and have to lie on my side. Do you have any conclusions? Should I begin using a matress again? Right now Im using a yoga mat on a carpet.

  • Walker Redd

    I have a yoga mat, I’m gonna try sleeping on that for a while. I’m also using a makeshift standing desk I made out of a wall mounted shelf (basically a piece of wood with mounting brackets) and a vesa mounted monitor.

    The next step is to train myself to squat instead of sitting and I’ll be hunting tigers with a spear in no time!

  • kickssass

    Hi maybe someone can can relate to my situation. I always sleep on my side on a mattress. I want to sleep like this but i just cant fall asleep on my back. Whether its kn the floor or on a mattress, i just cannot fall asleep on my back. Does anyone have had the same issue or any tips? Thx

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