Simple Solutions for Back Pain

There are a lot of causes why both men and women experience chronic back pain. In fact, almost all Americans experience back pains at one time or another. 

Most back pains are associated with lifting items incorrectly, though some causes can be surprising. At times, even the simplest wrong move can hurt your back. 

The pain that you’ll experience can travel beyond the point of injury. And there are back pains that can last days or even years. So you must take immediate action to address the pain. 

You’ll be surprised to know that solutions for back pain are not that complicated. Hence, you can solve back pain problems in conventional ways.  

Here are the 5 simple solutions for your back pain. 

5 Simple Back Pain Solutions

  1. Avoid being Sedentary. Your back pain can cause you the fear of moving. The trauma of hurting yourself can cause a sedentary lifestyle. However, studies show that lying down too much and excessive sitting can slow recovery and raise the pain. Aim to do simple activities like getting up every hour or walking short distances. 
  1. Check Your Posture. Pay attention to how you hold your back when you sit, stand, walk, sleep, or do day-to-day activities. Having good posture lets all the bones in your spine aligned correctly. So adjust your neck, shoulder, and back correctly to prevent further stress on your spine. Neglecting proper posture can leave your back stiff and tense that often leads to or worsen back pain. 
  1. Stretching. Stretching your back will improve the health of your muscles and joints. Stretching can even enhance the distribution of healing nutrients by keeping your blood circulation. It will also increase the flexibility of the spine. When you stretch, start slowly and only advance if you feel comfortable without pain. 
  1. Relaxation. While most back pains are caused by rigid activities, they can also be linked to non-physical problems like stress and anxiety. Mindful relaxation such as meditation can release feel-good chemicals (endorphins) in your brain that decrease anxiety and stress. With mindful practices, you can lift your mood, stretch your muscles and control the way your body perceives pain. 
  1. Avoid Sleep Deprivation. Having a good night’s sleep can ease the pain in your back. Sleeping well has healing benefits that’ll make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. A good night’s sleep is achievable through a good sleep position. Sleeping on your side or lying back is better compared to sleeping on your belly. Planking position or face down can lead to neck pain.

While serious injuries require intensive care, some can be fixed in just simple ways. But either of these is worth a try to relieve your back pain. 

It is still advisable to talk to your physical therapist about your concerns. Your physical therapist can advise you on the proper diet you should have. As well as your proper diagnosis. 

Consult your doctor if you experience back pain that doesn’t go away after 4-12 weeks. Get immediate medical attention as soon as possible if your back pain is associated with: leg tingling, numbness, and fatigue.

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