Simple Exercise to Reduce Nerve Pressure in Neck & Bursitis in Shoulder / Dr Mandell

Internally rotated shoulders restricts movement and limits space to the nerves in the brachial plexus and to the shoulder region. Becoming aware and maintaining correct posture will allow normal function of the body so healing may occur.



  • John Warden

    I’ve been experiencing tingling and tightness in my head. my neck locks up. my cognitive skills are very poor when these stroke like episodes occur. I’ve watched your videos on the C6 C7 and C8 and I feel like the fingers that close rotate?? sometimes my thumb and index are stuck together. sometimes it’s just my middle finger.. sometimes my whole hand. my hand wants to start closed. my neck is not always locked up, but when it does it’s sudden and instantly I’m confused and disoriented. hard to form words. I’ve had x Ray’s, CT scan, mri of the brain. I get tingling now in my left leg and a little tightness in my chest. I’ve gone to the ER, urgent Care. but all they do is check my vitals and send me home. this all happened after I went the a chiropractor on April 5. 28hrs later is when I had my first episode. got all those test done by Apr 12. I just transitioned to a new job so there was a one month Gap I didn’t have insurance. this was that month. I went and saw a nuerologist, but at the time my symptoms were ok. now is not the case. it’s uncomfortable to walk. I have an EMG schedules on June 23rd, but I can’t function properly. I’ve also been experiencing some eye wontons
    symptoms. there was a 4 day period where I couldn’t lift my left arm from my side. (the upper portion). all of this is very strange and I’m worried it’s going to cause me my job. please some advice.

    • motivationaldoc

      I’m sorry to hear that. Hang in there I’m sure everything will resolve within time.

    • John Warden

      But thank you for these videos. Any relief helps!

    • John Warden

      Either way I appreciate the quick response! I’ve been doing some of your exercises (started today) I seem to feel a little better. It just worries me when me neck locks up and it begins to affect my cognitive skills. I have an apt. For the 23rd for an EMG, and my doctor is recommending physical therapy. That chiropractor really did a number on me..

    • motivationaldoc

      Hi John, it’s best if you do follow the neurologist. The body can do strange things so don’t panic. Take one day at a time. I wish I can give you a conclusive answer although Without examinations it’s quite hard.

  • Steve Staehr

    Never knew that ..cheers

  • orella pascal leslie

    Yes been having these symptoms to my left shoulder….some days are worst than others…….use to get an anxiety attacks which left my body tense….going to try these hope it works

  • Anna Frazier

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  • Susan Rudolf

    Dear Dr. Mandell, this is one of the first movements I picked up by you and since I follow endless of your instructions and my shoulder injury and posture improves! Zillion thanks and please keep up with what you are doing!

  • madhvi raj

    your email add pls..

  • Mohd haseeb

    sir can summing help to relife paine

  • John

    Thanks I’ll try that.

  • madhvi raj

    is stress also a major reason?

  • Mikhal Boro

    I have balance problem. .

  • aalok chandran

    thank you doc…

  • madhvi raj

    you are awesome , so much concerned about the problem …wish to send my reports… your email add pls ???

  • Saif Mirza

    Hello doc I m having neck and shoulder pain since 2 years now there is tingling in hands and legs …..what is it ????i m just 22 can it b a pinch nerve ☹️

  • Keegan Dsouza

    Thanks a tonne doc . This excercise really helped. God Bless .

  • Teresa Vanmouwerik

    thank you so much for sharing this exercise, will be perfect tip for me, God bless you!

  • michaeltronic

    Always masterful.

  • Heather Woods

    Making use of it finally eliminates the awful feeling of sciatica pain and the stress it gives on my back. Search Google “fetching loni” to learn more about this back pain guide. This works good for side or back sleeping, for between or below the knees. Helps my hip pain and it`s relaxing.

  • Sagar Gosavi

    Thank you sir for all of your videos.I have numbness,tingling and and burning in my left shoulder and till the end of my hand and last two finger, kindly suggest me excessive.

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