Self-Help Technique to Remove Tinnitis (Ringing in Ears) – Dr Mandell

Tinnitus is a very frustrating condition that affects many peoples lives. Most doctors will prescribe medications, and unfortunately the side-effects can be dangerous. This self-help technique is safe and very effective and hopefully will help reduce the symptoms you've been experiencing.

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  • Snowfirel

    Niacin cure it for me! Took only one 1000 mg cap, got the red icthy flush, and tinnitus is all gone! Something that I’ve had for years, it’s gone! Nice and quiet now .

  • Patricia DELANY

    Omg! This worked! Thank you!

  • Talhah Mahomedy

    Made the ringing worse

  • Coper Nicus

    It is only psychological! don’t think of it and it goes away!

  • DS_themusickings '

    Thank you soo much you changed my life❤️❤️❤️???❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Diane Greiss

    I tried this with no immediate results but I’m gonna give it a few days. When the ringing has me so on edge, I turn on a fan (like the stove vent, bathroom vent, ie, a noisy fan). Then it changes from screaming/ringing to a Jimmy Hendrix/Black Sabbath jam session. Rather pleasant if you enjoy their music, lol! Not kidding. If nothing else, it will increase my finger strength & really helps those sagging arm muscles above the elbow. No matter what, there is a benefit. Whatever the results, thanks Doc for giving your time and effort to help us out 🙂

  • Surbiton Smith

    I tried this and now my tinnitus is now worse.  Don’t do it.

  • Anirudha Oke

    thank you sir, i will try this

  • Anuj Falcon

    Thanks for helping my mom.

  • John Arnold

    My hands get really tired fast and started cramping i ampted it up by using my electric razor..covered the blades and pressed it against the base of my skull for about 1min. And BINGO!!! cut it right down. Gonna keep doing it!!!

  • Lorraine Hornik

    I’ve had ringing in my ears for years. The right ear is much worse and I have learned to ignore it for the most part though night is worse so I run a fan for the white noise. However, this morning my right ear was rining like crazy. So loud that it was hard to concentrate while I was trying to watch TV. I found Dr Mandell on YouTube, tried his technique to minimize the ringing and it worked! Thank you Dr. Mandell! I plan to practice this exercise on a daily basis.

  • Eden Reynolds

    I stayed up really late one night doing an assignment, stressing out heaps and became so tired. I got a very high pitch ringing of the ear when i went to bed and it has persisted since???!!! HELP!

  • Moonlight Ari

    I did this and it stopped but when I lay down it starts again! What do I do? PLEASE REPLY

  • mitch onie

    there is no smart doctors that can cure tinnitus. or surgeons but on the other hand aliens can.

  • Rob Ludlow

    It worked for me right away

  • Somebody Anonymous

    I’ve had tinnitus for as long as I remember, and it has never really bothered me (as in drove me mad, or gave me depression, or anything) Maybe it’s cause I’m so used to it, I actually used to think that everyone had it and it was normal.

  • Ashton Gardner

    Must my hands press down on my ears in a way that blocks out external sound? Or can they be just over the ears with a gap between ears and hands so that external sound is still naturally audible?

  • Kutta Kyte

    didn’t work

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