Self-Ear Adjustment / Relief of Sinusitis, Congestion, Tinnitis, Vertigo, & Headaches – Dr Mandell

This simple technique has helped thousands of people naturally without drugs or invasive procedures.



  • Barkley 332009

    Thanks, It actually worked. I could feel stuff go down my throat from my ears.

  • Lydia Parker

    There are lots of different nerve areas in/on our ears; pulling gently yet firmly & speedily can help relieve many issues, i.e. stress, headaches, etc. However, some1 PLEASE tell me what CONSTANTLY itching ears means & what to do for it!

  • Marcel Magi

    Stop recommending doctors!!! If the doctor worked, I’d hardly be trolling YouTube for self-fixes.

  • motivationaldoc

    It’s very normal to hear a popping sound when doing it correctly. It’s the speed, not the force that opens the Eustachian tubes. ?

    • Joshua Connacher

      motivationaldoc how often should this be repeated

    • red7iris

      Ms Allana same here !

    • Ms Allana

      motivationaldoc I’m so grateful that I found this video. I have a post nasal drip that is extremely annoying and have just recently began having terrible ear aches and headaches. I tried this technique and as soon as I did I began to have that post nasal drip at the exact time that you said that I would?. Thank you so much it feels a little better. I’ll continue this until I can get in to see my ENT.

    • Ivan Espinoza

      Priscilla Msimuko Ngwira yes, how often? Pls dr respond. Thanks

    • BlueAster Styles

      Neurologists are sent patients of Internests (people’s regular doctors) probably without exception. Maybe nobody just goes to that specialist because they want to.
      Tumors while not impossible in any instance are not any where near as common as allergies both pollen & food, which bring on infections, ear wax, which can also cause problems. Ear damage from loud noise is common.
      For the record symptoms of brain tumors (cancerous) are brain inflammation which causes people to pass out cold while standing and seizures which causes people to “projectile” throw their heads backwards and their body follows and lands in a heap afterwards. They do not always remember what happened.

  • Susan Contreras

    I love your videos, Doc. Informative and very helpful and right to the point. Thanks!

  • Paul Eustice

    Please take this video down! Strangers keep coming up to me in the street and tugging my ears!

  • Rip Becky

    Anybody tried the Sinuzolax Miracle (just google it)? I have heard numerous awesome things about this popular sinus home remedy.

  • Lenore Baxter

    Thank you, I have just opened both sides and I suffer from Vertigo and I will be using this technique over meds

  • Zesty Zirlonia

    I suffer terribly from Tinnitus. An overload of rock music over the years??

    I felt a slight click in the inside of my ear (only once). Possibly had been a blockage in there (likely tatties)

    It felt real good doing that technique though. I had an itchy lug hole. ??

    I doubt very much my Tinnitus is cured though. I’m going ‘Mutton Jeff’ ??????

  • Yousef Barjakly

    Thanks for sharing , how often we should that everyday ?

  • Fish Creek Country Gal

    Excellent! I have terrible allergies, plus tinnitus has been driving me nuts the past month…and I was surprised that this technique worked instantly for me. Thank you ?

  • Charlotte Guerriero

    How many times a day should I try this?

  • Kathy McDevitt

    i really appreciate these videos. I am searching for silence.. anythingyou can post on tinnitus would be great.

  • Scott Huffman

    One thing is for sure….. It ain’t gonna hurt to give it a try…. So far my ears are still attached.

  • Alyssa Wilson

    Holy crap! I was congested and did my left ear as he was explaining how to do it and in 3 seconds, I felt the congestion drain out of my nose and it’s completely clear!

  • Luciano Studios

    Thankyou! This is so Cool!

  • Standing Man

    After finding out that we need 10 times more potassium than the FDA recommends I jumped my intake of the supplement. The next morning I awoke with a headache. This technique actually relieved me of this headache. Amazing.

  • Treasure Brown

    Wow, THANKS for the Advice ??, it actually works!!

  • Oum Moustafa

    This actually worked. My ear is makes a roaring sound ar night and feels muffled during the day. It is actually not muffled anymore. Lets see how we go tonight 🙂

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