Self Correcting Exercise for Torticollis (Neck Pain & Pinched Nerve) / Dr Mandell

Torticollis or Neck Spasm is a very painful condition and it is very difficult to move the neck primarily to one side. Here is a simple and effective medically proven exercise to help this condition.



  • Nelly Nasser

    my Gosh thanks Doctor ?

  • carina earl

    Amazing! My chiropractor is away on holiday. Glad to have something to get me through. More please!

  • Jonas Bellander

    Ok. Do you recommend cold or warm on the neck when torticollis?

  • Yukio K

    omfg this works. thank you Dr Mandell

  • Nagy Péter

    Simple but fantastic! Thank you very much!

  • Karen Perez

    I don’t know if it was just me but it actually made it hurt more..

  • Bhuwan Jain

    very very thanks for posting this video very helpful for me

  • Kps Jaura

    Thanks Doc. Really helped me a lot.

  • Amber S

    Thank you for posting this. I have torticollis from dystonia in my neck that got worse from accident in 2002. I was hit head on by drunk driver also got whip lash. It helps to stretch the neck. I also have a plastic band I use to help strengthen my arms. I get tremors in my hands. Would water aerobics or doing more tai chi help?

  • Samuel Douglas

    please reply : im getting headaches from the pain. how long does it take togo away??? and does it go away permanently? i felt thissuddenly after a set of heavy weights for bicep curls. i also do sleep on 3 pillows idk if that or the gym is the cause. please help

  • Victor Hogue

    Hi Dr. Mandell,
    I have a problem with being light headed…every day. There’s not a day I’m not. We can rule out BP, HR, meds, supplements.
    If I get a neck massage, I feel great and gone. But returns. When I work out, I feel great during and after, but it returns.
    I have a problem with having a stiff neck, with no pain, just stiffness in the morning. Once I start moving, it’s better.
    I look forward to your response.
    Thank you,

  • Alexandru Enache

    This really helped, thank you!

  • Shumirai

    I woke up with this pain and couldn’t move my neck to the left at all, I did the stretches and it worked! There is still pain but I have a wider range of motion! Thanks Doc ?

  • ZS Aik

    This works for me. I was thinking it’s levator scapula issue initially.

  • The gaming Dinosaur

    Does it hurt if I stretch

  • Steven D

    Thank you. I was about to lose my mind — 14 days of waking up not being able to lift my head out of bed (actually had to use my hand to lift my head). I was instinctively doing stretches — but they didn’t help till i saw your video about the 7 to 10 second resist… Saw an instant reduction of the spasm… Thank you again.

  • Chetan Chaudhary

    hello doctor, I started working in an industry where I have to operate CNC machines. All day I have one posture of my body and my neck, so 2-3 people have told me about a little tilt on the one side of my neck, plus as you said, the muscle from the right side of the back of the neck hurts if I move it too fast and also spasms. Would this help in that?

  • M.K Richards

    Awoke with torticollis (learn the name today from looking at this video) and this was the third video I looked at. I already did my first 3 sets, but had to pause to like and comment, because this has been the most helpful of the 3 that I have tried. Thank you for posting this.

  • Suz b

    Amazing!! Thank You SO Much Dr. Mandell for these short informational clips, they are so helpful!! I tried it and got relief!! Thank you, before finding you and your clip I was miserable in pain!

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