Sacroiliac, Low Back Pain, Pelvic Leg Length Imbalance (The Best Self-Help Correction Exercises)

All of these exercises are done in a seated position to isolate different muscles, helping to restore normal function and balance of the sacroiliac and lower back region.



  • DJCool72

    Hi Doc, would you know how to self-adjust back into position an atlas bone which has shifted to my left side..? It is clear on xrays as well as by feel (a prominent lump under my left ear whilst under my right ear there is a hollow). If I press really hard under my left ear onto the transverse process I can feel pain under my right ear in the direction that I would expect. Not a lot of pain, more like when you press a bruise..
    Many thanks for all you do..

  • VC Kamlesh Aiyer

    awesome doc. thanks a lot for sharing your valuable inputs

  • Eva Krölls

    Thousand thanks for these exercises. They are exactly what I needed. Greetings from Germany

  • Matthias Oscar

    I like your video, My own Chiro approves of them. This will help because I do a lot of driving getting in and out of my seat.

  • Steve Cunio

    This is a great video Doc. I myself do yoga. It’s great to find the seated versions of postures that have helped me. I can share these with my friends and family who find the unmodified yoga postures too much. These postures healed my sciatica. I do the leg crossed stretches each morning to keep on top of it. Highly recommended. Thank you.

  • Nolina Gauthier

    thank you great exercises

  • tarikaiesec

    very helpful exercises, thank you dr

  • Brian Byers

    Doc, thanks for these tips. They are a Godsend along with yoga. Keep up the good work!!!

  • DMgaga

    You have made such a difference in the quality of my life. Anytime I try your exercises I feel so much better. I can not thank you enough.

  • Myriam David

    Great video
    Easy stretching exercise
    Going to try them
    Always was with back pain since about 8 years old
    Everybody always poking me in the back telling me to stand straight
    I try it lasted 2 minutes and my body went back where it felt comfortable
    At 20 a chiropractor told me that I had one leg longer than the other one
    That is why I was in pain and was walking like that to compensate for my imbalance
    And my neurologist told me I have nerve damage in my lower back and nothing I can do for that
    Now I can’t sleep in a regular bed because I wake up with horrible pain in one buttock and one leg
    So I sleep in a recliner much better
    It would be nice to have been born in a perfect body
    Hoping the stretches make the constant pain go away
    Thanks again for helping

  • Deborah Bascombedeborah.bascombe

    This is great Doctor. I will try these exercises. Your explanation is very cleat. Thank you and God bless

  • Clare C

    Like this back pain guide, “fetching loni” (Google it)! I was a little suspicious but tried it yesterday and woke up with a more relaxed back. Sent this to my mom and dad. As expected, they`re also astonished and blown away of this guideline. The most reliable answer for back pain..

    • Mim Mim

      Clare C freaking troll, I’ve seen this copied and posted comment quite often, what do you people get of posting your crap everywhere? Like seriously, what exactly are you contributing to the planet and society? I’ll be waiting for a response.

  • Jean Grell

    I did these stretches and the stretches in the video on correcting pelvic imbalance. The next morning I awoke without sciatic pain for the first time in months

    • Amanda Peterson

      This is what I was worried about months ago when I first started these exercises and some of them did cause me some pain but I found out it was because I wasn’t doing them right. Reassess what you’re doing and try again. pigeon pose has been the best thing for me for sciatic pain alone. honestly I haven’t even watched this video yet I’m only a minute and 4 seconds in lol I’ll come back if I see anything significant that I’m missing according to this video. Good luck

    • LivingLifeNatural

      Always make sure you get your body fully checked before getting a life sentence from the doctor..

      I had chronoc pain for 2 years, i was in servere pain for every second of everyday i got diagnosed with fibromyalgia and the doctor told me i would be in pain my whole life,i went to doctor after doctor and they told me its all in my head nothings wrong.

      A Month ago i visited a highly educated chriopractor which found out i had lateral pelvic tilt and lots of pinched nerves and now all that pain is gone just in a month, still cant belive it.. doctors are dangerous and im still traumatized by it all.

    • Misael Cruz

      LivingLifeNatural what did you do to relieve the pain

  • Tom Coker

    WOW. I’m a 65 yr old male. Chronic lower back pain for the past 15 yrs. I was commuting about 1.5 hrs to work, 3 hrs a day sitting in a car. I was diagonised with degenerative disc. Some days almost could not stand up… These exercises have made me a new man. Thank you SO much

  • Fazeela Laher

    Hi dr Mandell thought I had pirifirmis n sciatica. But doing these exercises with u I realised it was my left SI jointThank you always

  • Anna Vogt

    Have hip imbalance issues that flare up in excruciating pain every few years. Now I know I need therapies to help prevent this. Hag MRI of left hip which showed no tears etc so dr. Wouldn’t do much. I have pain especially in high ham string area. Medical massage therapist says could be tears or micro tears causing much of the pain. Do I deal with these tears the same as the hip imbalance. My left side is the culprit.mxrays show minors hip level difference and spine good just slight scoliosis in lumbar spine. No one seems to be able to figure out my pain except massage therapist who has gotten rid of it before, nut I know I need PT. do all PT specialize in hip issues? What should I look for in a PT therapist?

  • yahwehsonren

    Thank you

  • Cano

    guys when ure doing that stretch at 9:40, try to move your pelvis while holding the stretch. my lower back/ si joint cracked once or twice

    • Amanda Peterson

      Not the best advice Budd. You have know idea if it’s a good thing or bad. Not everyone is the same or built the same sweetie. You can’t possibly know if it’s good for everyone. you could unintentionally hurt someone, just by telling them that you got a certain result from something. You literally told them to do it. This is the internet hun, people are willing to listen to anything. It can be a very dangerous place, let’s not add to the danger and misinformation. Alright? Alrighty then ? love from Dorr, Michigan ??

  • poodle dog

    Thank you soo much for your video. They are very beneficial for me and I’m sure for everybody else

  • Belinda O'Brien

    I have suffered all my life with back pain. I have scoliosis and recently was in a wreck that messed up my si joints and couldn’t walk on my own. I finally was able to excercise . God and doing these stretches I am now able to walk.

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