Remove Painful Calcium Deposits From Your Body (3 Best Home Remedies) – Dr Mandell

Much of our pain that we experience is from extra calcium deposits that form in the tissues of our body.



  • LizzieWhiz

    Apple Cider Vinigar (ACV) has some contraindications for Menopasual women it can develope osteoporosis of the bones. People with both types of diabetes, but especially type I need to watch ACV as it can impact and lower blood sugar. Blood sugar should be monitored far more closely and medications adjusted if taking ACV. Drugs such as Digoxin (Lanoxin), hlorothiazide (Diuril), chlorthalidone (Thalitone), furosemide (Lasix), hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ, HydroDiuril, Microzide) should be wary of the combination of the drugs and ACV. Magnesium I love it has saved me from terrible head aches better than any pain killers. chanca Piedra I havent heard about before so this is one for me to investigate…thanks for the videos…very informative. Could you do a video about D-Ribose which is brilliant for chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia and it can reverse heart disease….the jury is out on that one for the moment…..since taking it I don’t get the 4 o’clock slump where I want to sleep because I am exhausted.

    • MJ Ruiz

      Isabella Langridge kindergarten is one word….yes kindergarten class here??

    • becksta29

      tysm will get some d ribose

    • becksta29

      u may have hypoparathyroidism?just found out about it last week and it can cause osteoporosis

    • becksta29

      lizzie defo sounds like u have low parathyroid hormones too,i am hypothyroid too and may have hypoparathyroidism too as it’s part of the thyroid and ebv killed my glands including thyroid so I bet it’s stuffed too cos I have had the symptoms for years too

    • LizzieWhiz

      Yes.I do suffer from hypoparathyroidism which is why I take all the supplements mentioned. It has also been discovered that Vit-B12 is needed by the thyroid gland to function correctly. I take it with folate a natural form of folic acid. I take the calcium, magnesium and Vit-D3 with Vit-K2 so they go to the parts of my body where it is needed not the soft tissues.

  • Sandra Torrentes

    Thank you doctor for the time and effort you take to make your videos. I happen to be and avid reader and an amateur investigator myself and I’d like to share the following: please check Ana María Lajusticia’s videos, she’s an authority in magnesium information, according to her, the biggest source of Mg is dark chocolat, some 450-500 mgs in 100, followed by soy bean flour and nuts. She also explains the reason of the calcification of the soft tissues. Regarding the Phyllanthus niruri its fame is righteously earned among the Americas. Our elders take it to prevent and disolve stones of calcium deposits, it grows everywhere I would not be surprised if you find it in your garden. Thanks again for the great info, and greetings from Costa Rica. Pura vida

  • Mitch Larouche

    Great video but you failed to mention vitamin K2

  • Crunchy Emily

    Magnesium citrate can cause “constarrhea”. Back when I took this kind of magn, I had to run to the bathroom 5X/day (no exaggeration!) to go “number two.” And I COULD NOT hold it! Chelated magnesium does not have this effect, even in amounts over 100% DV, and angstrom magnesium is the BEST, IME. Best absorbed, therefore most economical. And no running with panic to the bathroom!

    • dominette

      Crunchy Emily take it at night on an empty stomach, and build up..You were obviously taking too much..

    • seapearltoo1

      “Transdermal” simply refers to being absorbed through the skin. It’s not a type of Magnesium, just a method of absorption. Magnesium “oil” is Magnesium Chloride. ANY TYPE of Magnesium can cause diarrhea if it is too much for the body to absorb.

    • Anita Reemul

      Johny Hansen

    • LBrobie

      Have you ever tried transdermal magnesium? As in magnesium oil? This is an excellent way to get your magnesium through the skin, and no um, unpleasant side effects like you experienced before. You can Google it for more info.

    • Johny Hansen

      Im taking magnesium citrate on and off for the last couple of years . 1 teaspoon in 8 ounces of hot water before bed. Never , not even once had any issue ..I suggest read the label on proper dosing .You might have some issues that you are not aware of..consult with an ND not MD…

  • Suraj Tripathi

    Spur in hip joint can it be removed

  • Ed DeBolt

    Baking soda is also descaling agent to remove deposits. If added to ACV it reduces the PH for ingestion that can harm the teeth or sometimes causes acid stomach issues when consuming ACV straight.

    • KatJaguar1122

      Ed DeBolt If you add baking soda to ACV you may decrease its effectiveness by neutralizing the acids in the ACV which are why it is beneficial. Don’t consume ACV straight. But holding some baking soda in your mouth after drinking it can help neutralize all acids for the teeth and gums.

  • Zesty Zirlonia

    I’ve asked my Doctor about vitamins and she doesn’t know ANYTHING about what’s good or bad about what to take with my Meds. She’s not an expert as far as she’s concerned, and believe me, this lady is a lovely person and a clever clever women. What she did say is, if they’re sold over the counter in a chemist/drugstore, then they should be ok. I mean, I’m Epileptic and on strong painkillers, anti-epileptics and whatnot.

    The thing is, if your Doc can’t tell you, then you’ll just have to rely on then information on the bottle, and OR what’s online

  • Trap1Dog

    Hi Doc. Firstly, your videos on shoulder exercises are very informative and beneficial so thank you so much for them. Like you, I suffer with calcific tendonitis of the shoulders. In this video you state ‘We KNOW what miracle things that ACV can do’ and go on to say ‘It’s a miracle type of thing’. Can I ask what evidence exists to back up your assertion ie what PROVEN medical benefits can be obtained from drinking ACV for the treatment of calcific tendonitis? What clinical trials if any have been undertaken? It seems from my admittedly minimal research the evidence is simply anecdotal. Don’t get me wrong I’m not knocking it, in fact I’ve just started taking ACV 3 times a day myself but I’d have been more confident of a beneficial effect had there been some specific clinical evidence to back up the ‘miracle’ cure all claims. Anyway keep up the good work Doc and thanks for the time you put into making these great videos.

    • Trap1Dog

      With respect Doc you’re a perfect example in a sample of how many people? How do you differentiate between the beneficial effects of ACV on your tendonitis and the naturally occuring resorption of calcium deposits by the body over time? I take your point about raising funds for clinical studies. Maybe Bragg should consider sponsoring clinical trials :0) Having had surgery to both my shoulders to remove calcium deposits many years ago these have returned in the last few years. The last thing I want to have to go through is more shoulder surgery (ESWT was too painful) so I hope to be able to come back to you in about 9 months time and say I’m also a perfect example, whether or not it’s down to the effects of the ACV lol! Anyway thanks again for sharing your knowledge on here.

    • motivationaldoc

      Hi, I’m a perfect example. Reduction of 70% of calcification in 9 months of my supraspinatus tendon. The biggest problem in nutrition is funds to raise for clinical studies. I was taking is 1-2 times a day.

  • Akaliko

    Are Gout’s attack a result of calcium deposits too?

  • Kozmic Karma Koala

    You’re a real pearl Doc. LOVE YA ! ~:)

  • J. Ahmad

    Thank you so much! How can we get food instead of supplements you mentioned? I mean we can get apple vinegar, but what foods can we take instead of the other two materials (CHANCA PIEDRA & MAGNISIUM CITRATE).. I am asking here about heart valve calcification. Thanks in advance

  • Dianna Dodge

    Research I have found suggest that steam distilled water actually leaches out calcium and scaling, so can help reduce build up of all inorganic minerals causing calcifications. Your thoughts?

  • Ruth Kimaathi

    I am trying apple cider and synergestic magnesium . However not sure if the magnesium is the right one

  • Jiri Vales

    What about titanium dioxide in this Magnesium Citrate supplement?

  • Robbie Rockin

    hey man I like yur style ,, im a giving man as well ,, i have huge calcific buildup on my left humural head 11 mm from previous Bankart op. i now have 2 tendon tears on my supra and infraspanatus im 53 and sober smoke free man ,,hard worker ,, i just subbed ,, apple cider here i come ,, thankyou for giving cheers from Vancouver bc ….

  • David Coomber

    Amazing how the products he is advertising spend a long time on screen

  • Viviana de Jesús

    Hey Doc. Mandell…Have you tried Coconut Cider Vinegar. It’s my go to for cooking and creating wonderful seasonings. I haven’t tried drinking shots of it b/c its so expensive. But, you have any info on this one?

  • Lourdes Gayas

    Very informative,I enjoyed listening while learning,thank you God bless.


    Thank you for taking the time to make this video. My mother suffers from calcium deposits ALL OVER HER BODY. She can hardly walk. I will do my best to convince her to take the apple cider vinegar and Chanca Piedra. She’s been retired for ALMOST 15 years and in bed the ENTIRE TIME. I really would love to see her up and about. Please, pray for us. THANK YOU AGAIN!

    • Lexi Mohamed

      TANNIE WILL I’m going to ask the Lord to help your mom I take 1 tsp ACv and I tsp calongy out morning and before bed it’s a miracle try it u suppose to help her in 3 wks time

  • Sue Jesu

    Thanks for the information Our Lord Jesus be with you

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