Proper Sleeping Positions for Neck Pain, Back Pain, Pinched Nerves and Sciatica / Dr. Mandell

Incorrect Sleeping will irritate the nerves of the spine leading to pain and inflammation of the muscles of the spine. This can lead to pain and numbness into the arms from the neck or pain into the buttocks and legs coming from the lower back. Never sleep on your stomach because this stresses the lower back, causes the neck to be turned 45 degrees to one side, and puts stress on the organs from weight bearing of the chest. There is nothing like a good nights sleep, so do it right! Dr. Mandell



  • avril quadros

    Hi Doc, I love your videos. Ive learnt a lot from them. Where can I get a cervical Pillow?

  • Ricky Supriyadi

    it’s so complicated being human

  • Paul Wright

    I sleep on my stomach and with my arm above my head, usually my head resting on my shoulder, which now is giving me a lot of shoulder pain coupled with spending long hours at a computer so I’m now trying to see if I can force myself to sleep in a more natural position. I am curious if sleeping on our back with our knees elevated, why aren’t mattresses created with these features in mind. Surely there’s money to be made there?

  • diane d

    Doc, I love you. Seriously your advice has been a tremendous amount of help. Thank you for taking the time to make these videos.

  • madhvi raj

    so great of you to make videos .. ? can I get your email I. d

  • NJay Maldito

    Love it when you end your videos with “Make it a great day.!” Reminds us that it is up to ourselves to make our days great!

  • khaled nwilati

    Thank you so much sir. I used to struggle getting up from the bed.

    is there any way to treat a stiff neck? 2 herniated disc from the past. looks like im having alot of pain in the neck area from time to time. it’s extremely painful and forces anyone to quit the gym

  • Jill Talk

    This was from 5 years ago and he hasn’t aged a single bit between 2012-2017!! Whoa!

  • S. Candido

    I’m Muslim, in Islam it says that you should not sleep on your stomach. I always wondered why that advice was in the religion, Im understanding if now. It compresses the organs for one. And it causes the organs to lay in a suspended position, as oppose to on your back, the organs are resting in place

  • Orion Jones

    I like this posture treatment “doso shocking guide” (Google it)! I`ve slouched most of my adult life, and was finally determined to fix my posture after a friend commented I was slouching at the gym. Making use of this material, my muscles are now being targeted for correcting my posture. After using it the very first day, I can already tell the difference in my posture.

  • paras dayma

    hello Sir..I am facing problem of a pain in right side of neck to right shoulder…n also in middle area of back while facing down. can I use this remedy? I m 28 years old n it has been a month. it’s not constant but happens once or twice a week

  • Litzia Galvan

    When my Scoliosis developed to S shape, I forced myself to sleep on my back instead of my stomach. It is still a struggle to get enough rest but I believe I will find a proper solution for my situation. Thanks for the advice. I just avoid pillows underneath my head. Anything else I can use for neck support?

  • Peter Cullen

    I actually dread going to sleep because no matter what position I’m in it hurts my neck!

  • Dave Kang

    Thanks for the advice!

  • Dreezy LastKings

    this pain is just too much I’m a grown up 20 year old and I’m crying I’m gonna cut my neck it hurts like hell ????

  • sarath chandra

    tanq very much doctor

  • Norma Mir

    Thank you for posting?

  • NJ FunFriendly

    Dr. Please tell me where did you get that pillow, I need that a few

  • Clem Blackman

    Thankyou for your video can you please tell me where I can get a cervical pillow?

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