Proper Breathing Exercise to Strengthen Lungs to Keep Healthy – Dr Mandell

Belly breathing is a fundamental exercise to strengthen the lungs. Belly breathing refers to breathing that uses the diaphragm, allowing maximum intake of oxygen into the body for use in the heart and lungs.



  • Kannyka long

    I love all your videos it’s like Miracles, how to stop shot of breath ? It’s just happen to me 2 day ago , just aliitle bit . Thank you very much

  • gaurav sharma

    Looks like someone else face on someone else body.

  • UmniLou JumniLou

    He he do a workout on how to make your neck longer

  • mark rahi

    How long should I do this for if I’m obese

  • Arpit Shukla

    Thank you Doc

  • QuicklySwiftly

    Did this got light headed as hell, passed out and slammed my head on my desk. Thanks for the concussion doc.


    Thx a lot dr.

  • Nelle Moon

    Im asthmatic , its my first time watching this video… im really having a hard time breathing and i feel weak if i do this exercise will it really help me?

  • A Snake

    hi and good day. oxygen is life.

  • ali Jabbar

    I have hh in difrhgm how can I do exrsis

    • ali Jabbar

      Nicole Walden could you keep in touch my 07704558236 watsup or viper ☺

    • Nicole Walden

      ali Jabbar
      That is a fantastic question. (soz, but i have multiple medical conditions, & can’t remember everything), but i too, have a hh, same place, i was only thinking of my emphysema. Then i read ur comment. ?

  • Felicia Ulmer

    why do I get dizzy

  • Rajratna macwan


  • nguyen truong

    Thank you so much, sir. It’s a great exercise to practice.

  • ZHiKA

    Day 2 smoke-free. I’m so happy and glad. i can feel how my lungs are recovering as i breath and smell.

    • Diago Le Ben

      +ZHiKA (ZHiKA) i promise to 100%

    • Diago Le Ben

      +ZHiKA (ZHiKA) … has been gone and since that experiment i never took a cigarette again. Of course sometimes there is the feeling “Uh one after-cig would be good now” but everytime im going outside only for breathing these need goes away.

      If you really want to stop smoking, without other addictive and expensive alternatives, and taking a second step into a healthy and happy future, u just do what i wrote!
      Our brain is like a complex computer, it takes 30 to 90 days in average to create new habbits (depends on which habit and how deep the habit is located) and if you are consequent and willing u can reach successes in a very short period of time. Our unconsciousness is manipulating us for things we think we “need” but actually dont. So why we dont turn the tables and manipulate our unconsciousness in the same way it does! Like the method i told u.

      HAVE FUN IN PROGRAMMING YOUR MIND and btw: you can do that with everything you want – because the principle always stays the same!!!

    • Diago Le Ben

      +ZHiKA (ZHiKA) …should be 1. for free, 2. always available and 3. healthy. The winner was of course whats surrounding us every time, air.

      So i tried as an experiment to change the method for chocolate-addiction, where u try to create new habbits and addictions for myself concerning my addiction of smoking nicotine. At first it was a bit weird. Every time i got the feeling of “needing” a cigarette I told myself loudly with closed eyes “I want to breathe fresh air, I want to breath fresh air, I want to breathe fresh air, I want to breathe fresh air, I want to breathe fresh air.” Going out or opening the window, closing my eyes, taking a deep breath and imagining how the lungs fill with fresh clear air. At first i felt nothing and i had to control myself not to buy a pack of cigs but after a few days i started to get the need of breathing instead of smoking. And after a few weeks I was really addicted to air, like it felt extremely satisfying to take a breath. My wish to smoke

    • Diago Le Ben

      +ZHiKA (ZHiKA) … and we have an unconsciousness. Addictions are nothing more than self created habits. Our mind tells us at first that we like something because of its taste or its effect like nicotine. So our brain tells us “Myam, that tastes good!” But we are far away from being addicted. Because after several repeatings of consuming this thing, this liked good is transferred into a need. So wants become needs and needs are not part of our consciousness but of our unconsciousness. So what we have to do is overwriting this habbit by any means. Most likely stuff that doesnt make us dependent, like for example expensive alternatives. What u do is not forgetting the addiction. You are creating a new addiction that is overlapping the old one. Ideally a healthy addiction that costs you nothing!!!!
      I was thinking about carrots, nuts, toothpicks, chewing gums, SNUS, e-cig, shisha, nicotine patches….. but everything I tried and i didnt feel independent or “healed”. So my choice was…

  • ruks ruks

    Thanks Dr for a nice information.

  • Pedro Nygren

    Is it really good to hold your breath?
    I am reading up on Toism where it states that by doing so “can
    create tension and thereby negatively pattern the nervous system”.

  • Manuel Aleman

    Try this Great ppprоduccct Havee bеen ableee gain 10 lbs in threeee month!!!

  • Bruno Batista Brito

    Yоu wаnt it аll: greаtеr рerfoоormаnсe, greааteееr fаt lоss, аnd exрlоsivе grооwth. Rеаd оn to disсоooоveееr mоrе

  • Joy Herring

    Thank you just what I needed! 🙂

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