Please Take Your Turmeric This Way to Get Full Absorption & Correct Results – Dr Mandell, D.C.

Turmeric has miraculous healing abilities to keep your body pain free and healthy. Most people are not taking this herb correctly. Start making these simple changes and you will see wonders of healing for you and your loved ones!



  • Koucher Akter


  • Jeannette X

    How long do you have to take turmeric as per, your explanation for kidney issues? Thanks for another great video. Been following your channel for a few weeks now and have already learned a lot.

  • pradeep mudliar

    Dr. Mandel thanks a lot. about taking turmeric with pepper and fatty oil for absorption is very useful. I became your follower when the neck exercise you recommended miraculously cured my knot in back and neck. Just by doing it for 1-2 days. Had been struggling for months. unbelievable. Now I believe all you recommend.

  • Susan Eapen

    Turmeric is added to all our cooked vegetables, meat and fish dishes. Most of these dishes have Red chilli, green chilli or black pepper and oil. But only a small pinch is added to each dish. We wash vegetables and fish etc on water in which vinegar or turmeric is added to remove toxins. Turmeric is boiled in water and the cooled water is administered for mild food poisoning. Turmeric and cream is applied on the skin for glowing blemish free skin it is washed off with gram flour paste in water to remove vestiges of the yellow colour and oiliness
    I am from Kerala, India.

  • Sonia Vazquez

    Thanks so much! I drink it with milk, coconut oil, black pepper, ginger, and cinnamon . I was having pain in my liver and feeling much better ❤

  • Carina Lindgren

    If you have diabetes 1, the turmeric does not help you to relieve the insulin. It can help those who have diabetes 2 possibly. So before you give tips on diabetes, read on ?

  • Nancy Kempf

    Good Evening Dr Mandell,I love your channel…could you please tell me which video has recipes for turmeric,I have osteoporosis and I am on Prolia,I also have spinal stenosis of the cervical region with 6 bulging disk. I am 5 feet 2 inches tall and weight 130 lbs and I am 63 years old.I am on gabapentin 3 times a day each pill is 100 mg.I have watched many of your videos and have foumd that they have helped me with my condition.I plan on stopping the Gabapentin and see how I do shortly.I`m looking fowargd to watching your video with recipes on Turmeric…..Only My Best….Nancy

    • Judy Mugo

      motivationaldoc : Dr. I take my turmeric is; I crush ginger boil it together with half a lemon then add half a teaspoon of turmeric with do I make it better since I don’t add black pepper?

    • motivationaldoc

      For best absorption you need to take it with piperine which is black pepper, Foods with fat in it because it is fat soluble, or using heat particularly on veggies when sautéing

  • Godsgrace

    You are a great guy doc!

  • Imran Patel

    i got da root i took it in boiled milk.but how much shuld i take in teaspoons…n shuld i add oils like i got flaxseed oil n black peper.i tried it but gave me heartburn mayb i took to much.let me knw how much must i use if im using da root.please

  • Teresa Holmes


  • Socialist Hater

    I’ve made it into capsules now with pepper as i was having it in a drink and just could not stand the taste!

  • hash force

    As a Child when anyone suffered from Measles. The elderly would prepare a warm bath with Tumeric . Tumeric is also added to water & made into paste & applied to skin for beautification prior to Indian weddings. Tumeric paste is applied to the face of Religious Indian Idols. Our ancestors are obviously pointing out the importance of Tumeric. Take notice ! but also important to consult a medical professional before replacing it with prescribed medication always

  • youtt ube

    As an indian, i know this is a magic herb, called haldi (HUL as in dull ). This is used in cooking for making curry, but these days we cook at high flame and hence destroys its healing attributes. I remember, my mum use to mix 5gm turmeric in lukewarm milk when i was hurt (physically 😉 or for deworming , mix it mustard oil as anti fungal ointment, even reduce burn scars. I guess allopathy was good before pharma companies were unleashed,

    • Binta Beyond comment Musa Abubakar

      +Nicki Foxy Thanks dr . Started taking tumeric in March after my visit to India and my liver cirrhosis.Thanks.

    • David Harrell

      I fry the curry powder, garlic, onion, ginger, chili , paprika, cinnamon, clove, bay, and cardamom together in coconut oil, and *then* simmer for 15 min more in the yogurt and coconut milk and chicken etc.. I try not to burn the ingredients . It definitely works for my pain.

    • Nicki Foxy

      youtt ube Thank you for the advice on how your mum would use it to help you when you would get hurt. I’m going to try that with milk now ?

  • Slymax95

    This seems like a great channel. I make “Golden Paste” from turmeric, fresh black pepper and olive oil and keep it in the refrigerator nearly every 2 weeks. I give it to my dog every day mixed in her kibble for allergies and also take it myself twice a day. Sometimes in food and other times just mix with some hot water and drink. Great stuff. 70g turmeric, 1 cup water +, cook it, then add 3 tsp fresh ground black pepper and 1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil.

  • shaw Lingham

    Night cap drink cup of milk ,1/4 teaspoon turmeric,sugar and ginger boil it and drink it. Google it and see for yourself.

  • Luisa Green

    Good tip.  I like it in my tea with ginger a little lemon and a bit of raw honey….emmmm

  • Jonathan Strange

    A ten minute video for the point to make is take turmeric with pepper! Save your time.

  • Paulina Blackman

    I will try it with coconut oil because I cook with coconut oil and even use it on my skin.

  • julie shoemaking bulso vicente

    i like the presentation well said. i taking turmeric for my fatty liver problems.

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