Piriformis Syndrome (Self-Correcting Trigger Point Release) – Dr Mandell

This technique is to reduce pain and inflammation of the piriformis muscle. The sciatic nerve runs under the piriformis muscle and when there is constriction and spasm, pain will occur in the low back, buttocks, and leg regions.



  • Judy Rowe

    This is amazing.

  • Vishal Patel

    Thank you Dr. Mandell ! Your video is really helpful !

  • Emilena Heinitz

    Thank you, Dr. Mandell. Can you please let me know what else can I use instead of my knuckles? I have rheumatoid arthritis and it is very painful in my hand when I try to do the trigger point release. Thank you!

  • B S

    thanks for the video. when i do this it makes it feel good but later in the day it makes things a lot worse or rather a lot more agrevated in the nerve. is it my piriformis doing this or another issue? thanks.

  • RSG

    Hi doc, i been going in circle for over 2 years with this pain in my right side groin, quads, hamstring knee and calf. Last month i found out it is piriformis syndrome.

    My problem is i find it very difficult to sleep my right knee calf, glute quad and hamstring becomes tight and painful no matter what position i sleep in amd same with driving. Also has this radiating sharp pain on right leg i think sciatic nerve getting agitated.
    So i have been doing my piriformis stretching recommended by my physio but it has made it worse.

    I have consulted another physio last week and he advise to stop any activities whatsoever. Apply heat, have multi vitamins and stretch the opposite i.e. Good leg. Rest for 2-3 months!!

    I am frustrated by this pain. For the first year i could manage it but last 6 months have been living hell for me. No matter which position i sleep I can’t sleep and have to resort to muscle relaxants. Am really tensed, will i be needing surgery? My lumbar thoracic scans have been perfectly normal. Your advise would be greatly appreciated.

  • Abigail Oneill

    Cool Thank you ?

  • Moa Savali

    Can you use a theracane instead of your knuckles.

  • Sheeda78

    my piriformis muscle is crying loud right now ????

  • John Beck

    Dear Dr.. many thanks again for this great advice: it is so good to hear this from so positive a person – you have helped to dispel the mystery of this awful pain. Again my thanks, and by the way I love your US pronunciation of ‘buttocks’ – we say it very differently here in the UK. Again,,,, my thanks. John

  • Koko Lynn

    I’m a Mandel……..Can this muscle cause irritation of the lat thigh? Or lat femoral cutaneous nerve?

  • Adrienne Bundy

    how do you get your leg from being longer than other from this? right leg is longer slightly and left trap tight with knots and mid back pain

  • Len White

    Thank you great video

  • Corey Boone

    Thank you for posting this video. My leg pain has been hurting a lot. I think this video will help me

  • Kedar Rijal

    I have sciatica pain for 7years n nothing is working for my pain what can I do?

  • silverss onyoutube

    my ct scan showed i have s1 prolapse . but i also think i have this problem as a lucky bonus ? . im also finding it incredibly hard to have a shower because when that warm water hits my body my piriformis muscle contracts so hard im screaming in the shower .

  • Katy Bloom

    Thank you for understanding.

  • Brandon Tucker

    does anyone else’s piriformis syndrome cause leg weakness and buckling?

  • J W

    I have been treating my work related (sitting) lower back pain for years with chiropractic, yoga, gym time and stretches but always focusing on the lumbar. After your concise explanation I tried this method and experienced so much relief after only a few minutes that for some time I could only weep. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, I am still in disbelief.

  • Tim Lobb

    Dr Mandell, what about those cases where the sciatic nerve bisects the piriformis? When I did this technique some years ago it mode things much worse – which is partly why I believe I’m one of those more unusual cases. Are there any alternative techniques?

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