Neck Pain Release Stretch (How to Decompress Pinched Nerve) – Dr Mandell

Many doctors commonly overlook and misdiagnose this common condition worldwide. Doctors focus most of their attention to the spinal structures looking for herniated discs and pathological conditions in the spine. They commonly prescribe expensive diagnostic tests for unnecessary surgeries and procedures, raising your insurance premiums. The major nerves that come off the spine in the neck must first make its way between the anterior and medial scalenus muscles before it makes its way out to the body. Through chronic poor posture, poor ergonomics, forward head posture, rounded forward shoulders, these scalenus muscles are become shortened and contracted putting pressure on important and vital nerves. When these nerves are pinched and compressed, people will experience neck pain, mid back pain, chest pain, shoulder pain, arm pain, tingling, numbness and weakness.



  • Penelope Padmore

    Wow. Just doing this once has helped. Thanks so much for making this video.

  • Ms Fix It

    THANK YOU!!! I am 5 minutes into these stretches and my pinched nerve is beginning to release! One other time I had a pinched nerve and the physical therapists gave me the exact misdiagnosis of disc issues that you mentioned! I have an amazing masseuse Kelly Youngblood who has taught me so much about scalines since then —but I’m overseas at the moment. I immediately figured out what caused the pinched nerve, and am making the correction to my computer posture. Now with your stretch I am releasing the pinch. Nothing like wisdom and healing that will help prevent future issues! Love it, thank you again ; )

  • Marcia Cox

    My neck was tight in both sides. I did some stretching that I learned from my physical therapist, and now it got worse. My left side is is constant pain. When I tried to do this exercise, I couldn’t even pull my head 1-inch to the other side without too much pain. Should I keep trying this exercise or should I try something else? Thanks @motivationaldoc for all your videos. Very helpful to so many. ?

  • Mahjid Tarantino

    I will try it. Bless U Dr. Mandell!

  • ayesha munawwar

    thankyou so much.for the information. it really helped me with my pinched nerve.was suffering badly. will continue doing it.
    ,may Allah bless you. aameen.

  • Man Tung Kwok

    THose 12 dislike is from the doctor that plan to rip us off.

  • Raja ganesh

    I am living with this problem for 3 yrs. atleast I got a hope after watching his videos.
    thank you sir.

  • Zeenath Anwar

    thanks doc was a gr8 help and truly worked.

  • Patrick Ardahalian

    Amazing! It feels so good! Wow. How can we strengthen the ligaments so they are not inflamed?

  • David Timbiti

    Fantastic! God bless you! It worked for me!

  • accordion74

    Thank you Dr Mandell. You are awesome!. I have had a pinched nerve for over 4 weeks now. Have spent over $1200 on doctors, Physiotherapists and an Osteopath with only slight relief. Barely coping with the pain using a variety of medications. Just one session of doing this particular stretch has already taken the pressure off the nerve and the radiating pain down my arm. I can’t thank you enough. Chris – from Australia.

  • divinxoii

    God bless you Doc .

  • Yna Del Rosso

    Amazing!!! This stretch minimized my arm pain instantly! I was in pain for more than 3 weeks but I didn’t have time to visit my therapist. Thank you!!!

  • Bill Norris

    Awesome! Thank you.

  • Michael Grady

    This stretch is amazing. Thank you!

  • pitbullwinkle

    I felt alot of drainage behind my right ear let loose and go down. when I turned my right side up towards the ceiling. it’s been a bit plugged.

  • KS Khoo

    Does it include burning pain, Dr. Mandell?

    • KS Khoo

      When I do left and right neck turn, there’s clicking/snapping sound at the exact same position when I turn, I feel it’s the bone rubbing against each other causing the sound. Is this normal?

  • Gustavo Y. Ceja

    Dr. Mandell, I’m having a problem trying to make, or change my life living with sciatica, nerve damage, and foot drop. I had surgery 6 years ago and I feel I have never done anything to relieve the pain.Can you referral me to a good professional doctor? Thank you.

  • Thanks, it is quite informative

  • Danny Veras

    That seems to work for my back pain ! Thanks!

  • Adam Cichy

    Thank you so much doc!! After two years of regular chiropractic visits and no results I have finally found a solution to my neck and shoulder problem. After only 5 days of following your exercises the pain and discomfort has almost completely vanished. Thank you!!

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