Invisible Souls of the Philippines Part 1 / Documentary / Doc Alan

This documentary is one of a kind and I'm sure you will appreciate life so much more after viewing it. I've prepared for several years along with many medical missions in the Philippines/Asia helping the squattered children with love, food and postural education as I searched the best ways to present this documentary to the world. I have taken many risks in dangerous regions, but I knew deep in my heart that I was doing the right thing for humanity. My goal is to get followers behind me so we can help see a better life and future for these beautiful children. I want to thank my dear filipino friend Arneil for the love and hard work in making my dream come true. Doc Alan



  • Ronaldo Natad

    Thanks for upload this video some kind heart show generosity God Bless you sir Doc

  • Akila Perera

    how to donate these child? is there trusted organisation?

    • motivationaldoc

      Thank you and it’s very kind for asking. Although, I am not taking donations because much of the work that I have done I am getting involved with big networks. I don’t want networks to know that I’m excepting any kind of money as I don’t not want to mislead anyone. Thank you and God bless

  • Max Max

    Those noodles are salty. Almost every family have a child suffering from kidney disease because of those salty noodles. If he had done some more research he would have picked something more healthier to donate. A pack of noodles with a head of cabbage, fruit, water, milk power, rice…smh. But thanks anyway

  • motivationaldoc

    Thank you Paul for your sincerity.  My medical mission to help 39 deaf children at Zapatera Elementary School in Cebu, Philippines was a miracle.   The families and teachers of these children assumed that there was no chance that they could be helped in anyway and were also afraid of possible costs that they would not be able to afford. 

    My prayers and wishes all came true, but MOST IMPORTANT were the children’s wishes and dreams.   All of these children have been taught to use sign language because their sense of hearing has been lost to their external world since birth.   This mission is by far the Greatest Miracle that I have ever experienced!   With this new type of hearing aid technology that I researched and brought to them, I was able to see this Miracle unfold as I watched all of the “39” children hear for the first time in their lives.   No words can explain the look on their faces, the expressions, the joy, and the happiness that everyone experienced.  To have their sense of “Hearing” back is indeed a Miracle.  Deep within my Heart these children can now take on a new meaning of Life.  Please don’t ever forget the Power of Prayer. 

     A Sense Once Lost

    • vincent tay

      Doc alan,u’re someone that i deeply respect.
      im from singapore and i’ve been to philippines 4times for the past few years and when i saw ur videos,it really touches my heart deeply.

  • motivationaldoc

    A Sense Once Lost
    This documentary was done in Cebu, Philippines in Zapatera Elementary School and was a miracle in helping every deaf child restore their hearing for the first time in their life.  
    A Sense Once Lost

  • Doug&Margie Fit couple in the Philippines

    It’s a great thing your doing. I know it may only be a grain of sand on the beach but your taking your own time and putting it into helping in any little way you can. I will sub and hope for your continued success in helping the poor filipino people.

  • Jae Song

    This is heart wrenching.
    this world we live in carries all walks of life.
    hopefully, almighty god will change this in the Philippines.
    we Americans just don’t know how privileged we are , here in the states.

  • mjgnugget suarez

    Thank you Motivationaldoc..for your loving effort of helping the people
     of Philippines. your a truly living Angel and your crew.I was born there.and currently stays in the U.S. I can’t afford to travel back.

    • motivationaldoc

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.  I love and respect your country.  I love the hospitality, food and the love that people give out from there hearts.  Most important is the closeness of the families.  Much love and respect.  Doc Alan 

  • mary vold

    wow,a packs of noddles!? i think they need more than that lol

  • Sandi Linder


  • James Sowerby



    Way to go Doc!


    god bless you.

  • T

    What’s the thig that got blurred

  • paul miller

    Salamat Dr for showing the world this it touched my heart to see this that in todays world this is how things are God help the pilipines

  • john smith

    brother give a man a fish he will feed his family for a day but give that man a net he can feed his family for ever  { you work it out }

  • MegaHobo Joe

    lol at the packs of noodles lol!!!!!!!!

  • nalda Aspal

    Poverty increase because of corruption people live in dirty place bacteria so much!

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