Intercostal Neuritis Relief (Mid Back Pain, Rib & Chest Pain) – Dr Mandell

Intercostal Neuritis (Neuralgia) is inflammation of the intercostal nerves that travel from the back, around the rib cage, and to the front of the chest. This can affect breathing while trying to expand the rib cage. I will expand more on this condition in this video. Dr. Mandell



  • Lynne Yavaraski

    Is it advisable to do the hanging and stretching exercises while you’re having acute pain? If not when is the right time to begin stretching.

  • Mark Page

    I think I have this. Can swallowing cause uncomfortable feelings when you eat with this too?

  • Tim Schwoegler

    I’m sure I have this, I’m big into lifting and I noticed my upper bone structure in my spine and collarbone area feels very stiff and like I always need an adjustment and my sternum starts to pop and also my core is weak. And as my traps have gotten weaker the problem has gotten bigger. I got to the chiropractor often and it doesn’t really help. Can I just fix this problem through strengthening my core and traps?

  • Drake Wulser

    I have scoliosis. could that cause chest pains?

  • Erik Dale

    key info, subscribed

  • MaryLynn

    you are the best!
    Have had so much upper back pain

  • Kim Neill

    For YEARS I have been trying to figure out that the hell this pain was. Even my doctors didnt know what was going on. Thank you so much for sharing this! Great info!

  • Sandeep Sharma

    hello sir. i m a weightlifter. once i was doing back squat with 160 kg weight and i felt severe pain and feeling of something torn outer side of the midle back nearby floating ribs. the pain was severe and i was not able to move from bed upto 24 hours. now after more than 13 months i still not cure. i not took specific treatment or checkup but only took some multivitamin and neural injections. pls sir suggest me some thing. i m doing gym and other activities but cant lift so heavy. pain again and again came back. sometimes less sometimes more sometimes no pain. pls sir i m in rural location. dont have much facilities. pls suggest me something. and one more thing i m obese too with heavy velly size

  • John Half

    Hello Dr I need 2 no how stop my pain at the upper back pain and goes 2 chest pain and goes back two the back and hurts so much I all was take pills I need two no how stop this pain because it hurts and I all was work out and still goses the same


    I have this pain on my chast meddle. when I’m sitting on chair 10 to 15 min and when then stand and my head move upper side this time I feel the pain in my chast middle.
    so plz say solution.

  • Charleasa Johnson

    I have this pain in my ENTIRE rib cage Can this make all my ribs hurt?
    When I move different directions
    Or when I have to go to the bathroom and ribs cage is expanded my ribs hurts as well. Does it sound familiar?

  • Jerry Polete

    I shattered my L6 during an accident about 10 years ago. I went to the hospital at which time the doctors told me that I would have to go through this crazy surgery to fix it. This surgery consisted of removing the shattered bone in my spinal column which was blocking 50% of my spinal column. The doctor then told me that they would remove one of my ribs and grind it up which it would be packed into a carbon fiber cage and grown into my new bone. After I healed for the 1 year my pain was getting less and less but soon after the 1 year mark I began to have sharp pain in my intercostal area where they removed the rib. I have been to several doctors and have had many nerve blocks over the last 10 years with no pain relief at all. This pain is very frustrating and I’ve been dealing with it for 10+ years now. The doctors just want to throw pain pills at me but I want the problem fixed not keep putting bandages on it. What would you recommend to help with this? Is there a procedure out there that can map your nerves to see the exact location it’s being irritated at? I believe it’s scar tissue that has formed around the nerve where they removed the rib which is now pulling and tugging on the nerve, needless to say I haven’t felt a pain free day in 10 years. Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thank you.

  • Mark Hill

    I have this issue bad now hurts bad and hurts when I breath

  • MaryLynn

    I already have been diagnosed with very weak upper back muscles are t6 is now twisted.
    I know I need to strengthen this area but where to start?
    I need to get back to work!
    Thank you.

  • ganeshrao bavaraj

    my husband has neck nerve problem but he gets full of chest pain very badly and he also has dizziness so he take pain killer medicine so what kind of accupresuer he need. I’m Sunita l fan of ur u give me a new life from my deadly nekpain by hand accupresuer and it work u r so great. but pleas help my husband
    thank u


    This video was so helpful you answered some of my questions without even knowing you were answering them

  • John Smith

    Motivationaldoc i had this pain near my left rib cage, armpit and behind it with a burning tingling sensation. They diagnosed it as Radiculopathy. Is this common?

  • ديناميت الاسماء

    Sbeak Arabi ??

  • Maqsood Ali

    spinal cord rib cage very tight & pain only left sight this problem it’s my job work Iam job close 4 months but not solution it’s my problem please any suggestion cure my problem please help thank you ?

  • This blog was… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally I have found something which helped me.

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