Instant Relief for Neck and Mid-Back Pain, Pinched Nerve & Herniated Disc – Dr Mandell

Being aware of this simple activity that you're probably doing and not even realizing it, can make a huge difference for your pain and suffering.



  • William Read

    Good videos thanks! Keep up the good work doc!

  • Amber Westall

    of all the videos I have watched yours are straight to the point and very helpful. Thank you and I will be trying the lemon water and ex virgin olive oil. Thanks again

  • Saud Altamimi

    God bless you doctor. what I like most about you is your lack of product promotion which means you are honest and genuine. جزاك الله خير

    • Georgios Antonopoulos

      I have spent months studying relieving sciatica pain at home and discovered a fantastic website at Barneys Back Aid (check it out on google)

  • gomzythakkar77

    Great Stuff Dr Mandell !! I really appreciate it. From last 5 days, I am having pain and tingling sensation above my right shoulder blade and i think this starts right at C5-C6, where nerve starts. Should I see doctor or start exercise recommended by you ? Thank you in advance !!

    • motivationaldoc

      Hold off on exercises use ice several times a day 10-15 minutes at a time on the lower neck region. That’s exactly where it is stemming from.

  • John Grundy

    Once again, 2 minutes of absolute great advise. Thanks for helping me help others Dr.

  • May Wong

    Agreed.Take a brake if you are at the computer or sitting too long.

  • Dian Douglas

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  • glen taylor

    Jehovah bless you,thanks a million,you saved my life.


    Thank you! for all the great information.Gracias!

  • Appy Michael

    I am a school teacher towards the end of the day coming home tired I get severe neck pain sometimes its worst.Seeing And watching your videos I get healing doing the exercises of the neck and also keeping in mind my Posture. Thanks for all the videos and Guidelines.

  • James Briggs

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  • Marcia Lawson

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  • Marcia Lawson

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  • James Briggs

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  • Anish Pandey

    C4-c3-c2-c1 herniated disc, started with tingling around right side and legs, now tingling is kinda gone, but i cant bend (hurts), constant pain in the upper right back where the herniated disc is. please give some advice doc, in a lot of pain.

    tried acupuncture, didnt help. still on meds, not really helping.

    What do u think about massage? if so what kind? Doctor says it hasn’t reached the point of requiring a surgery, but I just want to get better.

  • Erin Lott

    I am a hairdresser and the pain in my neck and upper shoulders from my work is excruciating. I appreciate this and all your other videos. With regular chiropractic care, yoga, fascial release massage and your informative videos, I am able to continue working in a profession I love despite the wear & tear on my body these past 20+ years.

  • Barbu Andrada

    Appreciate your work and dedication! Your attitude helps me every day to be a better person and keep me motivate.
    Thank you!

  • Glenna Silva

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  • Sheharban Mohammed

    could you please suggest exercises to prevent fatigue for the above said jobs…

  • Justin1k R

    Doctor, I have pain right where my shoulder blade nearly touches my spine. Yes, I spend an excessive amount of time on my computer, but the pain did not come until I slipped off of some stairs and rolled backwards in a very tight ball (this happened a week or so ago). Will this go away with time most likely or is it likely a pinched nerve or bulging disk? Thanks.

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