How to Get Well and Heal Bulging & Herniated Discs (Comprehensive Review) – Dr Mandell

The biggest problems that we face in our society is over-medicating, treating the symptoms rather than treating the cause of the condition. There are a combination of strategies that must be taken (physical, emotional, mechanical, nutritional, etc.) to help the bodies natural healing process.

Rhomboid Exercise

Pec Stretch



  • Abdel Majeed

    Is,Steroid injection recomended in this cases ?. Tks

  • aqua fina

    +doctor mandrel, doc my disc fractured. and I’d lodged into my sciatic nerve and has my left leg has paralysis and now my feet hurt it’s so hard to walk I’m in severe pain all the time! meds don’t help! I take gabapentin 600×2 2x day some type of muscle relaxer 3x day 800 Motrin and Tylenol codeine 4 as needed which is always! I want and need my life back, I used to be active and now I’m lucky if I can get to the bathroom

  • Rachel Kimball

    I couldn’t find the particular video I saw, but for 4 years I’ve suffered with low back pain. DX arthritis (I’m 41y), spondyliosis, herniated disc (minor), tightened piriformis, sciatica, hamstring over-tightening, and labral tear. Chiropractor, spine Dr, hip Dr, NCS/EMG (negative-this was crazy), neurosurgeon, PT twice, and 2 epidurals with absolutely no relief. I literally didn’t sleep a full night in 3.5yrs. Not to mention I spent over $7,000 that I’ll never get back amd still have bills to pay. Refused narcotics bc of history of alcoholism (sober 8 years Yay!).
    I started taking Naproxen twice a day and watch a couple of your videos on spine and sciatica esp ones that I can do while sitting in my office chair. I’m blessed to say that my life has changed! I try to do at least a couple stretches for the piriformis and low back for sure. Because I’m not in constant pain I can get up and move around more and i feel like I’m gaining strenhth back in those areas.
    I’ve gotten lumbar support for my chair and back brace for my upper back but could use a video for neck and shoulders. Still having some tightness and pain in that area.
    Thank you for following your calling. God bless you richly.

  • Saeef Wesam

    Let’s say i did everything you’ve said how long it will take before I heal?

  • mysticsimi

    Thank you Doctor for your valuable guidance and information. I ll mind all the important tips u have shared with us.

  • Irina Petrossian

    Doctor you are a blessing, thank you so much ❤

  • naveen kumar

    Hello Dr,
    Your videos are truly amazing. Impressed with your knowledge.
    I have low back pain and starts from left side, since last 3 years. occasionally I am starting feeling that on right side as well, but it goes away if I rest more. But top of that I started having tail bone pain and which got increased more and more in last couple months. I want to take advise from you, as its increasing only and not getting better. I have tried PT, acupuncture etc, but didnt help.
    I am sure you can suggest something which will surely trigger the recovery point.
    Appreciate your help.

  • Dipu Chowdhury

    Thank YOU Sir. You are helping Sick & Sad people.


    Hello Dr. Allen. I respect you for helping patients like me, suffering from lumbar herniated disc. After watching your videos getting confidence. thanks a lot !

  • kapil tiwari

    how i can stop or slow down further process of disc degeneration

  • Deborah Hopper

    L-3 L-4 L-5 , c-1 s-1, I have major pain, lt knee pain, good info, Thanks!!!

  • phytia

    I love your videos!They are very informative and has helped with my neck problems.Thank you and keep up the good work ?✨

  • Abinash Tiwari

    i m 21 yr old male how i did physiotherapy abt 6 month but still pain persists

  • Ali Hassan

    Hi Dr I’m 35 yr old male, in May 2016 I was diagnosed with Prolapsed disc c5-c6 & C6-c7. I also had left arm pain and numbness, but since Mov 2016 I do not have pain & numbness. But in Feb 2017 I had cervical vertigo for 4/5 days used medicine & exercises. I’m fine now. But can I start with running exercise.

  • Filipe Manana

    Hello Doctor Mandell. I’ve seen multiple web sites saying that infra red light therapy helps curing bulging and herniated discs, plus several others saying that it doesn’t help because the light rays can’t go that deep and reach the discs. What’s your opinion on this?
    Thank you very much for doing all these very informative videos, many of them helped me manage and reduce neck and low back pain significantly!

  • teresa chase

    Thank you. ive came off of all meds except pain. my doc perscribes vit d. im changing my diet n taking vit c but still got more to work on in my lifestyle.

  • dale lima

    I can’t get pain pills for my slipped discs too many new regulations, so I go and buy a half gallon of whisky and a case of beer. every week thanks FDA for being stupid. I’m not a drinker but i’m not going too be in pain.

    • Marika Dye

      dale lima I an so sorry you have to do that. I know how u feel. Opiates will make you constipated and a bloody stool. Try Turmeric and Pepper and Black Seed Oil, you can find them on Amazon. You should also good what helps with inflammation. That adds to the pain. This doc is right about training your brain. I have found searching for self hypnotic therapy videos on YouTube help when u have free quiet time. That will help ur brain believe you are not in pain for the day but if it works for you please know you have to do it daily.

    • oceanminded78

      dale lima it’s trying being in pain. pain pushes us to our limit. but you have to take care of yourself do you can heal your body

  • Ashish Mondal

    thanks a lot sir

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