How to Find the Origin of Your Pinched Nerve (Neck Pain, Arm Pain, Hand Pain) – Dr Mandell

Neck pain, shoulder pain, arm pain, hand pain, chest pain, and pain in the shoulder blades can all come from one source or pinched nerve. This video I will explain how to understand where the source of your problem is stemming from.



  • Vicky Donato

    I had some facet injections about two months ago at c3456 and my right elbow above my elbow joint and ulnar nerve have been painful. I have prior ulnar nerve issues in the last so I do not know if the injections worsened an already bad issue. My constant headaches have went away after the injections. Your thoughts?

  • Vishal Tripathi

    HI doc u r really my idol, sir tell me about management of Erb palsy

  • Vice city resident

    Oh my god, I found what I think is my problem, I’ve been looking about this for ages

  • Jason Pickford

    Great video doctor, I have severe pain in my right index finger from using the mouse over many years every time I try a different way of using the mouse it causes pain up my arm to my shoulder my neck my elbow my wrist any ideas I would greatly appreciate it as I fear I may never solve why this pain is here.

  • Alma Garcia

    Hello Dr. Mandell, I have pain, numbness and tingling all the way from my right hand all the way to my shoulder and it is causing pain on right side of head. Which type of doctor should I go to have a diagnosis?

  • Kris Blotzer

    Hi Dr. Mandell, I have a question for ya with a brief story.I was in a serious accident in 2003 and I practically died. In the accident I shattered my spinal cord at C3-C5. I’ve always had numbness in my fingers since. Every so often since then, I get this serious pain between my shoulder blades, kinda touching the left blade, like a knife stabbing.Very painful. It shoots pain and heat down the back of my left arm into my fingers where it really tingles. I went to Dr. the other day for x-rays to see if it might have something to do with the spine, but it looked good. I say it’s a pinched nerve. Can this be going on for 14 years from a pinched nerve? I’ve been watching your videos doing stretches. My question is, can you direct me to the right videos to maybe get some kinda relief please? I’d really appreciate it.
    Thank You

  • he butt

    what can b done besides surgery

  • j weiss

    Hi, thanks for the info. Where are you based out of?

  • Saeedah Nizamani

    I have all these symptoms, what’s the treatment for this doc? Hope you respond !thanks

  • nismo armada

    how many days will it take to recover?

  • Boyd Fleming

    You described my problem to a tee. So how can I get relief or help

  • mary latha

    Thank you Dr. Alan for a wonderful exercise.

  • parminder singh Multani

    hey doc while doing neck exercise my pain is getting worse

  • portia matining

    What is the replacement theraphy for carpal tunnel?

  • DrMilan Kumar

    Hi Dr Allan,, Im a dentist n hav been suffering with radiating pain frm my neck down till my little finger region,,I hav been taking physio sessions on n off n it did help bt still I feel aching pain in my arms after a heavy day’s work,, any suggestions or help will b really grt.. thanks..

  • Ryan Davidson

    Are you related to piere McGuire ?

  • gaurav gurung

    Doctor its my most humbly request plz can u make a video on about the spinal accessory nerve damage and its treatment?
    Please doc…..

  • Digdem

    Hi doc. I feel a pinched nerve in my left jaw moving both downwards to neck area and upwards to my temple and left eye. I cannot figure out where the nerve is pinched. Please, can you help me to figure this out? Kind regards

  • Venkat Mallampati

    thanks good impression

  • nismo armada

    what can cause these?

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