How To Find and Treat a Pinched Nerve (Simple Neurology) – Dr Mandell

The nervous system is the most complex system in the body. It controls and regulates all bodily functions. Pain can be very misleading and quite often misdiagnosed by many doctors and clinicians. In this video I will review very important topics in regards to finding and treating a pinched nerve.

Over the Door Traction



  • Janice Dix

    YOU are the BEST!!! No one else on YouTube is giving “self-help” videos. They will explain the problem, but not how to solve the problem yourself. Some people can’t afford chiropractors, me for one. You are truly a blessing! Thank you!❤

  • Barking Spider

    A pinched nerve is the most underrated pain you can have. The pain is so bad it can shut down a leg or arm. #hotwire

  • Dhinendra Edu

    Dr Mandell,

    Thanks for the video, an eye opener. I’m currently recovering from the Pinched Nerve, have been given pain killer and asked to Ibuprofen( Which I guess is inflammatory) I heard in your video to use Ice for nerve pain. I have now been with this and in pain for over a 3 weeks now, Can i still apply Ice to cool the nerve? I’m under going Physio to get better which is helping me.

    The main question is Ice or Heating?


  • Carina Cabrera

    U mentioned electric muscle stimulation would help but I actually get muscle contractions on my inner organs with that, just not sure why I’m different. Example, if the electric pads are placed on my arms the contractions or electricity end up on my heart so it’s actually making it feel like I’m having a heart attack. Or when placed on my legs the contractions on my lungs, stomach. Awful feeling. I found out I did have low muscle tone and that both my dad and my 16 year old sister go through the same experience using the electric muscle stimulation. I’ve talked to other friends who’ve used it and they don’t go through the same experience it just stimulates their muscles on the arms if placed there.

    What would cause this? Anybody know.
    My body also goes easily into shock when taking x-rays and I’m low tolerance for any medication or alcohol. Not sure if any of this info would help.

  • jiten nath

    As per MRI report of Assam, Guwahati, ( Impression : Present MRI reveals = Large central & left ventrolateral protrusion of C5-C6 disc with significant thecal sac compression & left foraminal encroachment impinging the left emerging nerve root. Central protrusion of C4-C5 disc is also noted with thecal appear sac impingement. Multilevel cervical disc desiccation & osteophyte changes as described in the text. The CVJ is normal. ( Sir, Assam, Guwahati doctor said me for operation be quick and no chance to fitness in medicine course. So Sir I request you kindly re solutions me for fitness immediate.

  • nischaya tomar

    Hallo Dr Mandel..can ponched nerve cause sensation below left blade? If yes then with nerve cause this electricity kind of sensation. Hope for good.?

  • lisa wilson

    since I gained some weight I begin to have a pinch in the portion of my back then my left arm started feeling like the nerve is not good then I start feeling it around my breast in the middle and it makes my heart go fast

  • Charlie Rage

    I was wondering if chiropractic care can help with anxiety issues?

  • sibario van wyk

    i have had this pain that comes and goes in my upper back on the left side, i thought it was my heart and lungs but turns out it was not. the pain comes and goes but these days it doesnt go away. I have been to a physio, she thought it might be a nerve, and the message and heat treatment helped but the pain is back and i get numbness in my arm, chest pan, my tummy aches, and head aches.

  • Gurdish Kaur

    If pain is in shoulder blade then which nerve?

  • Jearl Price

    I’ve noticed significant muscle weakness in my right shoulder, but no pain for about the past 3 weeks. I also feel numbness in my left palm. Thoughts?

  • Aditya Raj Benn

    I have got disc buldge l4-l5 and it’s pinching my nerve which is causing pain in front side of things and numbness in foot small finger side.Its already 6 months since I have disc buldge what should I should do?

  • 222light Atoms

    With my pinched nerve affecting my shoulder blade, I had to lay on back totally straight arms down, one pillow, don’t turn neck to left or right, sleep on back which sucks because I
    like to sleep on side. Don’t let head look down. This was all done in the healing process.
    It took time but worked for me.

  • Brian M

    God bless you doctor!

  • Michael Gargiulo

    Dr I believe you may have mentioned what I I have. I’m a natural bodybuilder and while I train hard I try to train smart. But I’ve been dealing with a pinched nerve from a car accident many years ago and what’s happening is basically when doing unilaterally bicep curls I’m losing strength and mobility in my left bicep and it feels like my left neck/shoulder is going number and eras of pain aswell. it’s really amazing but the power and strength and coordination in my right is nothing like my left! any suggestions or recommendations to fix this by my own efforts?

  • amir grg

    Disliker must be losser

  • Carmen

    One hour after chiropractic neck adjustment. Starting in feet and hands – my entire body is now numbness and tingling. No muscle or strength issues. Vision now has white flashes. MRI of brain and upper body look normal. Blood work for every disease and health issue under the sun came back normal except thyroid is on the low side but still normal.

  • T Sabo

    Thank you dr mandell.

  • Binod Gurung

    I have problem of neck pain,it since to 5 years,I used TB medicen two times but still not well,there is small peel in the right side neck near to shoulder,what is this and what is best cure for it?????

  • Nertila Fidani

    I have numbness, stiffness, pain on all my left side pretty much.Left arm, left shoulder blade, left side of my neck, left side of my face sometimes, and left side of my head too. My doctor is saying is a pinched nerve, but I can’t find no relief. I have tried TMJ specialist,physical therapist,chiropractor, and several visits to my doctor’s. Any advice?? Please help.

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