How to Cure Tinnitus Linked to Eustachian Tube Dysfunction (My Personal Experience) – Dr Mandell

Millions of people develop congestion throughout their lives from bacteria, viruses (common cold or flu), pollen, or allergies. This commonly affects the eustachian tubes that connect from the back of our nasal cavity to the middle ear. When these eustachian tubes become congested they get inflammed, producing an imbalance of pressure that directly affects our middle and inner ear causing tinnitus and/or vertigo symptoms

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  • Brandon Ireland

    @motivationaldoc is coffee something i should eliminate from my diet with this problem? is caffeine and the acid from coffee bad for the eustachian tubes? Thanks

    • Brandon Ireland

      how long did you have this for and once you started taking action, how long until you noticed change?

    • motivationaldoc

      No you don’t have to go to the extreme. All greens are good. Apple cider vinegar, water and lemon are very good

    • Brandon Ireland

      motivationaldoc should I heavily try to avoid acidic foods and things? It says online that even green beans are. I think coffee will be very easy to avoid for me but there are so many acidic foods. I’m eating much more clean and avoiding anything fried or greasy and only drinking water, plus I take apple cider vinegar. I guess my question is, should I be going to the extreme and eliminate these things from my diet completely or will I be able to knock this out doing what I’m doing with all your other recommendations? I’m sorry for all the questions! I don’t want to be a nag

    • motivationaldoc

      Anything acidic is not good for the body

  • Lagha Kashanian

    Thank you Dr my Dughter has this problem some Dr did the surgery on her she still has tinitus and she is very upset do you think you can help her?

  • William Williams

    you just don’t have a clue

  • Tyler Van biezen

    It works but my ear canal is bent when born so its hard to keep my ears open any solutions?

  • Ginger Langer

    My low buzz tinnitus started after a severe ear infection where I was given huge doses of antibiotics. I hope this works Doc!

  • Corz Illa

    man this is so strange i have been getting like liquid sounds in my ear i woke up a few weeks ago with a blocked ear and went to the docs she said it was infected so antibiotics for two weeks! the ringing is driving me up the wall, im hearing up and down audible sounds and started freaking out ij going deaf. since I did this excerise to day the pressure has gotten a little better but it feels all liquidy inside arrr

  • kpzcbttp

    Thank you, great video.

  • TheDancingTv

    I have blocked or clogged Eustachian tube from having a cold on a plane. And that was a month ago. A week ago I started getting ringing in my ears and that’s when I noticed my ears are still clogged. and the doctor gave me medication but it’s not really working and I’m on day 5 of medication. I have horrible ringing in my ears and my ears are super sensitive to sound. And I’m very stressed because I have dance practice soon and I’m scared because my ears are going to hurt. What should I do?

  • Robert Harshman

    62 , musician , got T but learned to live with it. It took a major turn for the worse starting with a sudden hearing loss in left ear , sound came back after 15 hours but distorted with god awful T and hypercusis. Took a month to improve with alternating good day and bad days. Then it happened again after 3 months. I found your channel and started clearing my eustachian tubes with your techniques of spray , steam and opening eustachian tubes techniques and zinc. Huge difference after 2 days. T is cut by 50- 75% , hypercusis is gone, I went to audiologist after the first time and he said nothing on how to get better.. Thanks Dr. Mandell..

    • Fa Pongus

      congrats on your improvement! you’re a musician, but did you get t and h from an acoustic trauma? you still seeing good results from this? what type of hyperacusis did you have, what type of discomfort was it, what sounds caused you issues? and what frequency was your tinnitus?

  • Leticia Gomez

    Thank you Dr. For all you do for us.

  • james collins

    I had an maximiller surgeory upper jaw pushed up and back after three months later my one ear is muffed and It pulsating beat in that ear.what should i do?

  • jackie cleveland

    Thank you for all the good information you are sharing with those of us who suffer with tinnitus. It’s so refreshing to hear hopeful encouragement! I am just starting to use you methods, still have the hissy/ring but I do feel the eustachian tubes opening.

  • Lito G

    I’ve had eustachian tube dysfunction for 7 months, nothing has worked. It’s pissing me off. I need help

  • jannie saensing

    For me it’s going to be a year of this suffer
    I will try everything you said today
    So so glad that I have found this vid
    And knowing that I’m not alone
    It is so hard everyday
    Feeling like I’m disable but not 100%
    Sad depressed and so on
    I hope and wish myself and everyone who is suffering with this condition will be free from all ur condition you are all suffering from
    Bless you all

  • Saifullah Khan

    I’ll try it.

  • Judith Johnson

    You are a Godsent. ?

  • Taifuun

    How long did you have tinnitus for?

  • Dudebromanguy

    where can i buy a steamer?

  • priyanka Upadhyay

    Hello doctor..I m suffering from hearing problem in my right year from about 8 month’s…few days ago i visited ENT doctor he said there is no any congestion in my ear and did audiometry test he said i m having moderate sensorineural hearing loss and gave some steroids pils also said i have to take these medicines long duration…i m very frustrated whenever i move my head up and down i notice sensation in my right ear…i tried this exercise pinching my nose and blown pressure but i Donn feel any pop sound in right one..plz help me doctor what to do…??

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