How To Correct Pelvic Imbalance and Uneven Hips at Home – Dr Mandell

Pelvic imbalance is the most common condition in the lower back region. Poor posture, overweight, lifting incorrectly, poor daily habits, and weak core cause the muscles to become imbalanced and weak. This is what causes chronic back pain, disc herniations, disc bulging, degenerative joint conditions (osteoarthritis), inflammation, sciatica, mid back pain, neck problems, along with hip and knee complications. When pelvic imbalance occurs other areas within the body start to compensate.



  • Michael DeStefano

    Are shoe lifts effective to correct uneven hips?

  • john lewd

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  • Bill Brooks

    Hi Doctor I wore a walking boot for a broken toe for one month now I have major sciatica and numbness in my calf and outer left foot. They say it’s my L4 L5 disc but could this be my problem? If I do these exercises will I resolve the problem? The boot kept me off balance. Thanks!

  • Ben Joseph

    more power to you for your great work for sufferers everywhere…a bit technical…but most are here for the how to demos…thanks lots!

  • Ramiro Ramirez

    thank you your videos have helped me a ton

  • Rebecca F

    Thank you so much for your willingness to share your exercises. I feel empowered to improve myself!

  • Unruly Khan

    my right hip is higher than the left side and the pain is in my left knee…

    hey I just want to know that if this video is helpful

  • Bonsai fav.

    Thanks , I felt such difference after the first time I did this stretches. Is it ok to do them after having a disc fusion ? I had 3 back surgeries, last one being the S1-L5 fusion. I’ve had fiscal therapy in the past, but I’m just afraid of hurting my self or doing more damage to my lower back.

  • dr zaheer bohari

    thank you
    really I am sure it will help a lot to all IT neck post op patients, post THR and TKR patient who has difficulty in gait.

  • Leah 2604

    So happy to see all your videos on SI joint fixes ? I’ve got one fema longer than the other created one leg longer thus a hip higher and therefore two points of scoliosis in my spine. I can’t for the life of me get my “high hip” to click and release myself when it’s locked up. Can do the other. Am now 51 and was a gymnast as a child and haven’t had a lot of issues with it up till now. I do get a release at the chiropractor, but can’t afford more than a once a month trip ?. So great to see your videos, hope they can help my situation? I do yoga and walking most days, think walking actually annoys it sometimes though.

  • og mota

    Did this every other day and man !!! Do I feel great I thought I was deformed lol with one leg being shorter but thanks for the video. My legs are equal now

  • Wan H

    Hi there.. If my leg is not at the same length which is, the left one is longer than the right.. does this imbalance pelvic cause it? or not.. thanks in advance 🙂

  • ashley hutton

    Thanks so much man. 18 year old and diagnosed with a ddd disc. Just realised this could be the route of my problem so thanks so much.

  • Bernice Walsh

    Thank you so much. I will do it every day. Great exercise.


    Does it matter if I have an anterior or posterior pelvic tilt? or do these exercises work for either/or?

  • Younima


  • Sita Mohammed

    Thank u so much God bless it really help

  • Mister X

    I thought that because the glutes are the weakest muscles in the body that stretching an already weak lengthened muscle would make it even more weak…?

  • shounak bhattacharya

    could you please make a video on pelvic floor dysfunction and chronic pelvic pain??

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