How Long Does It Take For A Pinched Nerve to Heal – Dr Mandell

Poor posture is the number one cause for spinal degeneration and pinched nerves. Accidents, sports injuries, poor ergonomics, obesity, and faulty posture, commonly cause nerves to be inflamed and irritated leading to pain and dysfunction in the body.



  • juanita mitchell

    What is your feed back concerning stem cell therapy to repair a pinched nerve?

  • Rahul singh

    Hello sir there is a pain in my right arm starting from shoulder to my thumb. Initially there was no sensitive in my nevous only and i am nit able to pick the weight even of 5 kg. So can u say what is my problem and which of your video is helpful to me to get over this problem?

  • Hugh Jarsol

    Suicide is my saviour

  • lillian Rastetter

    The best part is don’t just pray but do something. ????. Thanks for the information.

  • nischaya tomar

    Great work Sir…i want to ask one question i have sensation below my left blade near spinal cord its like electricity flowing below…what it is sir? Please help me i had pain in my left neck too.

  • nismo armada

    any home remedies for it ?

  • romona harris

    I love your teaching its definitely helping me.. Please don’t STOP

  • Jay lion

    thanks doctor all your videos helps I wish I was close too you and u be my doctor

  • Gwen Johnson

    Have had pinched nerve for past 2-3 weeks and even with chiro wasn’t improving – but just did some of your exercises for neck traction and results amazing, still some numbness in upper arm muscle (feels more muscular now than tingling) – but I have my right arm back yeah!! will keep up the exercises – thank you sooo much, was in tears this morning from the constant pain/no sleep and my whole outlook has changed – Thank you so much for your great advice. G

  • Luis Valenzuela

    Thanks brother very informative I pinched my sciatica nerve my lower back pain is gone but I still have stiffness in my calf muscle and I limp when I walk I’m afraid I’m going to be crippled for life and I’m only 21 years old

  • Flip The Skript

    I have absolutely extremely severe nerve pain. It runs through my back, neck, jaw, shoulders, arms, hands, legs and feet. I look stupid when I’m constantly moving my left foot, neck and hands every second of the day. People think I have turrets syndrome cause of all my movements I do none stop.

  • Verses01

    Phenomenal Video! Just don’t pray, act today! I believe that is the very same thing that God tells us about most areas of our lives!!

  • SillyMark

    I don’t know if its pinch nerve,I was cracking my neck,but I got this real bad pain in a few seconds instead of crack,can you help me,I can’t look down and left It hurts really bad on my left side.

  • youraj gurung

    hey there , i got 2nd time epidural injection for herniated disk with regular exercise with professional physio therapist bt it doesnt worked at all .The pain is still killing me so plz can u advice what treatment should i’ve to approach. my doctor adviced me only 3 limitation injection , after that surgery so i’ve heard neither surgery gets success same as injection so.plzzz i need to spend lots of time with my poor spine … help me out .

    • Jagdeep sandhu

      youraj gurung do consult a few doctors before going for surgery. I met at least 8 surgeons/neurosurgeons and everyone recommended surgery..i tried medicines, physiotherapy, etc. and finally when pain was too much for me to handle, i chose surgery..
      so meet a few doctors and then decide.

    • youraj gurung

      thank u freind once again , this world is so selfish then i got u full of kindness . i was expecting al lot from physio theraphy now i would step through surgery……

    • Jagdeep sandhu

      youraj gurung it worked. i am living pain free. i used to go to gym 6 days a week. now i am going to gym again after 2 years. i lift light now but its better than no lifting at all…and i don’t regret having surgery if you want to know that.
      my grip strength has returned and so has muscle size in affected arm..

    • youraj gurung

      Jagdeep sandhu thank u for ur kindness . so u mean even medical surgery doesnt worked at all.

    • Jagdeep sandhu

      youraj gurung i had epidural injections and then surgery for my neck. was on medication for 3 months but nothing worked. Surgery relieved nerve pain in 3 days and all pain disappeared eventually. I have titanium implant in neck now. Been 2 years but neck still gets stiff sometimes. but its never as bad as the nerve pain i had. if you go for surgery, choose a good doctor.

  • jacobrd3

    I think I’ve got a pinched nerve in the forearm. It only hurt when doing bicep curls. Do you think I can still workout, if I just stop training biceps?

  • Rosetta Byler

    I donated blood at a local drive 6 weeks ago and developed nerve pain, numbness, tingling, weakness, and aching that started in my hand and has spread into my arm and up to my shoulder. I’m scheduled to have an EMG and NCS in a few weeks but in the meantime I’m noticing worse symptoms with my most recent one my arm and hand feeling cold to touch. My primary Dr hasn’t been very helpful as honestly I don’t think she has ever dealt with a case such as mine. I’m doing occupational therapy. 2 days weekly and this seems to help reduce the symptoms. I don’t know how it can be possible to have a pinched nerve just from donating. I know my case is very rare and unfortunate but at the same time I’ve learned SO much about nerves and how they work. Thanks for your video. Was helpful.

  • shah jahan

    mate i did some decline push ups and my shoulder is pinched . what can i do to make it better again . i feel some tightness for last 10 days and sometimes i can feel tightness near my neck. thanks

  • Maynard Enverga

    Hi dr. Mandell, i was diagnosed for having a central discs protrusion of c3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. Aside from my spine doctor can a pt or chiro help me manage my condition. Im experiencing pain on my upper left shoulder and arm. Appreciate your response. Tnx. In advance dr.

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