Help Correct Rounded Shoulders (Poor Posture) While Sleeping in this Position – Dr Mandell

Most of us spend many hours a day looking down with forward head posture and rounded shoulders from texting on our phones, sitting at a computer, or even driving long distances. This causes shortening of the pectoralis/chest muscles causing internal rotation/pronation of the shoulders. This prolong position weakens the foundation of the neck region, leading to herniated discs, degenerative arthritis, and pinched nerves. In this video I will show you a simple way you can help counteract those deficiencies while sleeping.



  • Froot bat

    Captain Picard?!

  • Jeff Mullins

    But what if you have sleep apnea and it’s worse when sleeping on the back?

  • Deanie Baby

    Thx professor Xavier

  • teresa chase

    You. are always so helpful with a delightful personality, not many even take out time but you always at times write back. Im getting ready to move in with my daughter, but got beds but carpet been in bedrooms for yrs and im unable to yank out lol but been sleeping on couch cause my dog breaks out when i sleep in there, Im so ready for bed:) but you have a great blessed day sir

  • Ollie Brady

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  • Susanne Schafflik

    I am going to try this. thank you!

  • Sian Megginson

    What happens when you sleep on your side?

  • Orion Jones

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  • fai moh

    Hi very beneficial video.. thanks .. my question is about how much of softness that the bed should be for better sleeping. ?! Thank you

  • Amelia Christian

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  • Rahul Sehwag

    While stretching my chest pain is coming and at normal time there is no feeling what should I do please reply

  • Tamsin Mavric

    Love the advice!Will try this.

  • hospitalcleaner

    MAKE IT A GREAT DAY… I’m doctor Nelson Mandela

  • Salar Farrukh

    I did that
    Now need to watch a video to fix back pain

  • satish vasamsetti

    luvu thnks fr sharing valuable information ♥♥♥ … blessing to live 100years… ♡♡♡

  • Perla Vicki

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  • Ninii Tread

    I sleep with my arms in that position.. cant stand pillows under my head..hate it.. I sometime use a folded towel throw or pillow case though.. Thank for this good❣..


    I dont have any pains I’m 21 and have head forward posture,Rolled shoulders and maybe a hunch back. I foam roll but it’s hard to get a daily routine doing it

  • John Toma

    When I did this my left arm started to hurt, mainly my shoilders

  • ktmuchmusic

    My left shoulder is so bad that whenever I attempted to sleep with that technique my whole left arm begins to go numb within minutes. Any tips? Pls help I wanna fix my posture!

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