Great Exercise for Neck Pain, Pinched Nerve, Dowagers Hump, Poor Posture / Dr Mandell

Poor posture over time will cause deformation of the spine leading to many pain related conditions. We're constantly looking down on the computer, texting, writing, and reading. The accumulation of stresses are causing silent degeneration which leads to pain and many disabilities. I will share a great simple exercise to help strengthen the weak muscles (rhomboids) that are located between the shoulder blades, to help strengthen and correct your poor posture.



  • Majeedah Afolabi-Balogun

    Hi….i have a pinching nerve and cervical x-ray shows i have straightening of the cervical lordosis as well as anterior and posterior osteophtyes on C3-C6 with reduction in C6/C7. my neurologist has placed me on cervical orthosis in combination with amitripytrine. wondering how long i should use the collar….

    • Majeedah Afolabi-Balogun

      Ok then thanx for yr response

    • motivationaldoc

      Don’t like collars for long periods it weakens muscles. Couldn’t recommend because your neurologist examined you.

    • Majeedah Afolabi-Balogun

      motivationaldoc Thanx for the response. however the issue on the neck collar was not addressed. how long would you recommend I carry a neck collar in this situation

    • motivationaldoc

      Amitriptyline is a type of drug called a tricyclic antidepressant. Although these are used for anxiety and depression, lower doses are also widely used to block the long-term (chronic) pain of some rheumatic conditions. Some other antidepressants can also be used for chronic pain.

  • bala ghantasala

    Very useful solutions sir.thank you so much.please keep posting such tips and explanations.really helpful

  • Marguerite Saint Leger

    Thank you Dr Mandel for your advices I am suffering from back pain and going to physical Therapy for 14 years. Today I learned something new

  • Mississippi Hippie

    Thanks man your videos help me

  • Brahmadeo Prasad

    I love you sir, great tips…

  • Catherine Hetherington

    what great advice – thanks Alan, I could feel it from the very first try. Thanks for sharing your expertise, you will make a huge difference for a lot of people. 🙂

  • Animesh Haldar

    Hi sir….. I am a patient of Tmj disorder. So should I practice this exercise on my bed for my neck pain (my doctor also said I have forward head posture) and how many times in a day should I practice it?

  • Nic Helle

    A million thanks! I’ve been having neck pain for a couple weeks with nothing helping and I felt relief within a few minutes of doing this.

  • Tomo Gara

    Thanks for this exercise and explanation Doc! I have a little question… I got that ‘hump’ (just without the fat) on my lower Neck and at the same time, I got a flat upper back – is there a risk for me to make the upper back even more flat by doing this exercise? I know the 7th Cervical is the most visible one, but in my case it really looks like a kyphosis in the lower Neck.
    Would you say I need to be careful with a flat upper back? Can it become even more flat?

    Best Regards

  • Ram Kumar

    Very good video

  • Sal khan

    I wish I could come over to your practice.
    I have a life and death situation.
    bad neck pain radiating down my right arm and i have terrible right leg pain too.
    could my neck be causing the whole problem ?

  • Hans Paula Visser

    Dr. Mandell thank you for all this self help information. I’ve been following your advice on exercises to do and have found it to have helped me greatly. Previously I’ve had shoulder surgery which didn’t solve the problem at all. Desperately I searched for a solution online when I found you. The exercise with the folded towel behind the head does wonders for me I’ve been doing this for a few months, now only occasionally I can feel the discomfort of radiation from the right shoulder into the fingers which was permanent before. I imagine with time this may heal as well if I keep exercising. Thank you so much….!

  • manualLaborer

    doctor, I appreciate the time taken out of your racquetball game (clearly indicated by your attire) to fix my neck. hope you won.

  • justin tackett

    i’d pay good money to have him fix my nerve issues. 3 doctors, 2 therapists, 6 months trying to fix it. MRI okay. No systemic issues found( did EMG,blood work and mri of brain). HELP ME!

  • Argena Studime

    great great…this exercise will become my friend forever. l just did it and I can feel the stretch under my shoulders..where I have constant pain…

  • Rosana Housemaker


  • Hashmat Shahi

    You are the best DR. Mandell I have been a wrestler my whole life and I had a pinched nerve nothing help but your great advises. Thank you!!

  • Zarnab Jehan

    hello dr i have vision floating problem by ma le dembarqument from three month please tell me excersizes

  • David Houk

    Dr Mandell can foward head posture cause anxiety? I’ve been having major anxiety lately and tingling in my neck, face, head lately and the worse my anxiety gets the worse the tingly, burning sensations get and I’ve noticed my head is foward real bad especially during anxiety.

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