Giving Love to the Squattered Region in Cebu, Philippines

I explore the Life on how the families survive in the squattered areas in Cebu, Philippines. Love is what opens the doors to the future. Love gives them hope, that one day they will have a healthier and more productive life. In these squattered areas that's what I have done, to bring love and happiness. Their positive attitude sets them apart from most people around the world. The togetherness, helping one another, is what makes these beautiful people special. There is no electricity and no toilets, but their WILL to be happy is all that matters. May God Bless all the beautiful children and bring them health and happiness to their future. Doc Alan



  • motivationaldoc

    Hi Mike, yes I do agree with you that giving food does not solve the issues there.  Although, giving love and education can go a long way.  With the many thousands of children that I had contact with, I did have the opportunity to help educate the children about spinal prevention / posture / and ergonomics.  I spend a lot of time educating these children in the elementary schools about building self esteem and self confidence.  It’s unfortunate that many of these children do not have parents that are responsible letting them off to school.  Many of there parent are on the streets doing the wrong things.  I realize that leaving these children with something they can endure for a lifetime can hopefully mold many of these kids into successful adults. 

  • Artur Glover

    maximum respect to you brother

  • monsy monsy

    Great job. God bless you.

  • motivationaldoc

    Hi Matt, thanks for your kind comment.  I don’t respond to all my emails because of the quantity that I get sent.  There are many beautiful and kind people in the Philippines.  They are loyal and respectful.  I love staying the Philippines because of the simple life there.  I have spent many years in the worst squattered areas helping these children.  I am doing work in the school system as well helping to educate these children about good posture.  I just came back recently helping all of the 39 deaf children in Zapatera Elementary.  Yes, I am a spine doc.  Take a look at this video as it was a miracle.  Hope you enjoy. Doc Alan   A Sense Once Lost

  • motivationaldoc

    Hi John, thank you for your kind hearted words.  What many people need to understand is about “Time and Love”.   Taking that time to give to someone else.  There are many ignorant people who enjoy criticizing those who help the needy, poor, starving, sick, etc.  What’s amazing is those people never take the time out of their life to help another human being.  We can’t hold up the world nor help every starving human being, but we can only do our best from our hearts with the right intention.  I do get many emails sent to me and most are very positive, but we will always hear the negative slip between the lines about why, why, why?  It’s not about why, it’s about doing our best as human beings and taking the time to change a life.  God Bless, and we’ll be in touch.  Doc Alan

    • Uffen

      “It’s not about why, it’s about doing our best as human beings and taking the time to change a life.”
      Change a life??? By buying them some pieces of bread and some candy which are all gone one hour later??? Yeah, that’s life changing!!! How many times did you go back there to spread more of that kind of love, “changing” lives?
      Be prepared next time you go, bring bags of rice, give them showels so they can start digging a sewer, buy a toilet or ten and build a shed for toilets they can share! Provide running water somewhere! Buy tooth brushes and tooth paste instead of candy! That may be life changing! But you buy candy and some bread.. all gone after a few minutes… That’s great work! My compliments, Doc Alan. I will not easily forget your video.

    • motivationaldoc

      Hi Joefel, I wanted to say thanks for the recognition.  I do love the Philippines and most of all the love from the people.  I will be back.   


      good job sir…thank you for visiting in the philippines..and thank you for your act of kindess..we appreciate that sir..thank you.god will abide you always

  • george myer

    I couldn’t finish watching this. As many have said, this reeks of blatant self-promotion. The Filipino people are just like everyone else, they are not stupid, they will see it for what it is. Quite sickening. I’ve been married to a filipina for 26 years, and travelling there and staying in the provinces for about 30 years. I’ve been to some of the squatter areas in cebu. Anyone who goes to the Philippines or has relatives there will be aware of the poverty and will do what they can to help, in their own way and usually not seeking recognition for it. Mr “Doc”, if you are actually doing something worthwhile there then great but you seriously need to reconsider how you are going about it. My wife on seeing this video said many of those people probably feel quite insulted but accept the handouts regardless.

  • bruce owens

    they need tools. hammers saws wrenches ratchets sockets screw drivers nails pick axes shovels wire cutters.  an arc welder would be very useful or a wood lathe with tools to make rice bowls.

  • Tim Williams

    100% awesome job bud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • motivationaldoc

    Hi Kenneth, you’re a very bright man and you can see through the cracks.  I happen to agree 100% of what you said.  Thank you for taking the time.  Much Love.  Doc Alan

  • Bernard Soh

    good job doc, keep it up .

  • motivationaldoc

    Hello my friends. Thank you for the time you’ve put forward watching many of the videos I have posted. I do hope all of us understand that life isn’t about the quantity we give to others but the quality of love we share. I will be hopefully God willing helping 39 deaf children between kindergarten and sixth grade hear for the first time in their life. I been working on this for a long time and the dream should happen next week in Cebu. Thank you China for working with me on these hearing aid devices which I am purchasing from my own heart. God bless. Doc Alan

  • Regine Cheol

    god heart.. So kind

  • motivationaldoc

    Sweet Perry…Very good observation.  You’re very intelligent. 

  • crzdbiker

    Thank you for helping us.

  • motivationaldoc

    Hey Billgator I don’t respond to many negative comments but I will comment here, if you only knew what I did there you would be able to be more accurate in your decision making.  I am about to head back to help the disabled, especially the hearing impaired/deaf children to bring them hearing aids and hopefully will see the miracle of hearing in these kids who have been deaf their whole life.  I hope you will reconsider your comments when you see that documentary in the near future.  Doc Alan

  • leah ley

    very inspirational

  • Mariya Hosokawa

    Nice of u sir

  • Sandi Linder


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