Feed This To Your Brain and Say Goodbye to Chronic Pain – Dr. Alan Mandell, D.C.

The brain changes in response to changes in your body. Both positive and negative elements can impact the nervous system. Negative elements include injury, disease and stressful situations. Positive elements include senses, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, memories and movement. Becoming aware of the process of neuroplasticity and becoming aware of how thoughts, emotions and beliefs can impact pain, allows one an opportunity to intervene and change one’s relationship with pain.



  • Sondra Harris

    Needed this message tonight. Thank you!

  • Cheryl McQ

    I will tell you this hit home for me. This is exactally what I did to heal myself. I became great ful for my life after a serious 5 car accident with a tow truck. I ended up with pretty bad residual injuries….but I lived! I drive by the site if accident daily…I just thank God for allowing me to live! Lawyers and Drs said I would never get better. I changed my mind, my thoughts, my diet..my life. I now take no meds and I can walk and function with 99% pain reduction using tumeric, ginger, coconut oil and doing keto.
    This is a great talk…and I’m truly living proof it works. I am in continual gratitude and greatfulness every single day!
    Bless you for this talk!!

    • regina hehir

      L Heise
      Alpha lipoic acid is what I seen on line while back alongside biophetiamine

    • regina hehir

      Cheryl McQ
      Can u advice what’s best thing to take for chronic nerve pain that’s debilitating

    • L Heise

      I have chronic nerve pain, and I joined a support group.  It is called neuropathytreatmentgroup.com  I get emails regularly, and they have wonderful recommendations. Alpha Lipoic Acid and Acetyl-l-carnitine. Besides Vitamin B12.  Their  pills are pricey so I am starting with Nutritional Yeast, as it is a great source of B12.  it tastes like cheese.  I cant eat anything tart like tomatoes or wine, or I will feel the sting the next day.

    • regina hehir

      Any recipie

    • Jennifer Alanis

      Cheryl McQ ?????????????????????⚡️

  • Michael Christian

    I think you have been trained to believe the lie of opioid pain medication phobia. I wish you only the best but taking anyone’s pain as something you believe you are in control , is like treating a toothache with a smile , or sending them flowers lol not funny !! Get over treating pain patients as addiction ” addiction ” is a totally different ballgame .

    • motivationaldoc

      There are many methods in retraining the brain to cope with chronic pain. Altered focus, dissociation, sensory splitting, forms of meditation, biofeedback, positive imagery, counting, are just a few. There is no one for all, many people will have to find what works best for them. There are limitations which depends on many factors. We can never leave out the mind-body connection.

    • Alicia D.

      motivationaldoc #SPIRITUAL Beings are made up of MENTAL, PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, & PHYSICAL Atoms… #BlessYou

  • J Greenwood

    When my head hurts, I drop a hammer on my toe and I forget all about my headache. Good video! ♡ them!

  • Sharon h

    My theory, we feel pain when we don’t think we are loved. It’s just a theory though.

  • moonlightontheriver

    its horrible at night..so exhausted .. the fibro pain says, “you think youre gonna sleep tonight, you are SO wrong ‘…ill have to try mag malate, maybe that will help.

    i pulled a muscle while doing a light stretch..can anyone suggest how to heal this please..thanks

    • regina hehir

      Alicia D.
      Can u help

    • Alicia D.

      moonlightontheriver first go easy on yourself. I have fibromyalgia, neuropathy, & rheumatoid arthritis. I have been walking for a bit over a year from being in a wheel chair for 10 months & a walker 3 years after prior to this year. Yes, this is my journey. I used to get morphine as well as compound injections, hydrocodone 10’s (8 daily) amongst other drugs. Thankful that’s over, never want to revisit. The doctor is on point with controlling the pain within the brain. IT COMES DOWN TO THE STIMULI IN THE BRAIN! The Mind is very POWERFUL. If The serotonin in the brain is imbalanced the physical body will be unbalanced. BECOME YOUR OWN PROFESSIONAL CARE GIVER IN LEARNING WHAT WORKS FOR #SELF! If you need help our assistance, NEVER be ashamed to ask for it~ YOU deserve GOOD HEALTH

    • Brianna V.B.

      hi moonlightonthe river, good seeing you are still around. . .sorry you are having a tough time with fibro and pulled muscle, hope you feel better soon.

    • moonlightontheriver

      thanks brianna..i have to get on the mag malate powder this week.

  • lovely rana

    Docter you are great man love you and your all advice and video

  • Daniel Halley

    Neuropathy 24/7! Legs and feet burn, especially at night. I suspect bp meds!

  • jimmie200

    It’s the spiritual being, you, that learns; not a piece of mush called a brain. The brain is just a relay system from the being, you, to the body.

  • cathiiannii

    This guy has never felt agony!! You will beg for relief from pain killers! This is crap!

    • wanagi horse

      Cathiiannii- I couldn’t agree more!! The other people on this comment post are for old people that have natural old age pain. Not serious long term, drive you crazy, kind of pain that never stops.

    • carmen orsini

      I suffer from tension headache with sinus pain. I try to resist and forget about the pain but it continues to get worse. The more i wait the more the pain killers will take time to relief my pain!!! Wish this was true

    • Annie Philip

      How do you manipulate your brain to concentrate and stay in. And how do you over come telepathic drama that destroyed my life. And the laser program those people did it to me. Now they are doing it to my kids. So they don’t come up in their life. So if you can help me with it that would be great to move on with my life. Kids will be happy too

    • GluttonousDragon

      cathiiannii everyone has had pain don’t be silly you are not special

  • Lourdes Gayas

    Thank you doc for the infornation,God bless.

  • Lis Engel

    What is keto?

    • Therese C

      Lis Engel Look up Dr. Berg. I have less pain, and more energy. I’ve lost 20 lbs in 3 months which helps too! Apple cider vinegar helps inflammation.

    • Khairun Nisa' Muhamad Yusuf

      Lis Engel,it’s a type of diet plan..
      take only protein based food and no carbohidrates.
      some ppl use it to loose weight.
      It really helps if u have IBS.

  • Julia T

    (Italy) Nothing more proper could have arrived to me this morning, lovely doc. I came recently across your Channel, and subscribed to it at once. I thank you for every precious info of yours, from the deep of my heart. Send you a big BIG HUG !

  • Let my feet do the talking This time

    Awesome doctor. Awesome human being you are sir May love bless you

  • regina hehir

    I done all this the pain
    Is so intense I simply can’t forget it it’s limited my life work wise shopping for groceries can’t do
    It I’ve gone in saying yes I can do this and pain seares thru me

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  • Darlene Totilo

    We must learn and make it a habit of renewing the mind daily
    Our words and what we tell ourselves is what we become
    Reprogram the mind and the brain reacts and so does the body?

  • Jen Ross

    Amazing video that the universe wanted me to see tonight. Thank you!

  • Mirjana V

    This is so true. I know it because I have pain every day for radiculopathy.

  • Love Life

    Yup….., everything is mind over matter. I was in coma and hospitalized for two months. Told by Drs that I will never talk/walk/drive. But I’m a mother and I couldn’t give up. Today I’m an active mom who talks/walks/drives and proved all those Drs wrong. Work hard/smart , believe in urself and have faith and everything will work out the way it should.???

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