Excellent Stretch for Pain Under Skull (Suboccipital Pain, Tension Headache) Dr Mandell

Occipital neuralgia is a condition in which the nerves that run from the top of the spinal cord up through the scalp, called the occipital nerves, are inflamed or injured. You might feel pain in the back of your head or the base of your skull. This is a very effective stretch to release the primary contracted and shortened muscles so you may get relief.



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    Those stretches feel so good. I am always tight and sore in my occipital area. I wonder if that causes my upper back pain.

  • Pratibha Lakhia

    wish i could see the back of the head while you stretch. thanks

  • Dr.Rakesh Sharma

    Thank you allen.. I am a dental practitioner.. Most of the time i have to keep my head bent on different angles.. So cervical and suboccipital pain had become a major problem.. I had met many physiotherapists but didnt get any relief.. Then one day, saw this video.. Just in 15 minutes got rid of the pain.. Now have seen almost all your videos.. Thank you so much.. You are doing great job


    Hi. Doc. following your for 7 months finally free from occipital neurgia headache.
    in this stretch really really work for me.
    paying attention to posture. taking tumeric.yoga 4 times week. magic.
    Love your work.
    many thanks.

  • Julie Miller

    Can this create lightheadedness and slight nausea from the tightness? I have a herniated disc in my neck with tight traps and I have felt like this tightness is causing my head to feel sore to touch all over and then i get lightheaded and the pressure increases when I lay backwards in the pool. I’ve been to my GP, Eye Dr, Spine Dr, and Surgeon, none of whom think it is related to my neck. But to me, it feels all connected. Thanks!

  • Sheri Zigmond

    Thank you very much for another amazing helpful video. You are not only a doctor, you are also a great teacher. The world needs more doctors like you. Blessings. πŸ™‚

  • shibli hlahleh

    you are great doctor … thank you very much… since I was starting to use your exercises I feel much better now. I stopped using medicines to relax stretched muscles… you change my life … again thank you doctor

  • mouhamad chalak

    Is there any relation between these muscles, ear and dizziness? When i strech as you are doing in this video i feel a comfortable pain on the right side if you know what i mean

  • Susan Wright

    Wow, that stretch helped me almost immediately !! Thank You so much.

  • Michael Thompson

    MDoc, I’ve had severe skull pain for a few years and had to take a medical LOA because of it. I think your video reveals the root cause of my pain – skull pain, paraspinal muscles , pain in my elbows and wrists. I spent at least a year or more in physical therapy but it did not do anything for me except let me get better at doing the stretching exercises. Could there be a reason why that muscle does not want to release. The pain at the base of my skull is so severe that I can only sit for limited periods of time, or stand for limited periods of time either. Do you have any suggestions besides the stretch? Herbs Etc vitamins?

    • Kashaujabro McKay

      John Petter me too..same thing!

    • Michael Thompson

      Angeline McKay Rintoul I’m sorry to hear that. I’m getting my first nucca adjustment next week. I hope it helps. I’ve also got arm pain and pain in my paraspinal muscles. Seems like I’ve been to hundreds of doctors and tried almost everything by now.

    • Zac P

      Michael Thompson I have similar issues. It’s been ongoing for years. Seen dozens of doctors and still looking for the cure. Did you ever find a cure?

    • Peace&Love

      You may try accupuncture, or accupresser. I have a chiropractor who does this in Oregon .

  • Kelly B Artistry

    Thankyou thankyou thankyou after over a year of chronic tension headaches and shoulder tightness so bad I couldnt relax my shoulders. I have just done this exercise and felt a complete release. Almost like someone flicked a switch. Thankyou!

  • Sharine Croes

    What’s the best way to sleep and sit… when you are suffering of this chronic pain and tension?

  • choquera

    It is an excellent stretch! It took away an intense pain and discomfort I have been having for the last 3 days in only 3-5 minutes of doing it! I have been in bed sick for over a week and the combination of this, plus the worry and intense coughing caused this pain in the base of skull, occipital area and neck. IT IS GONE! thank you for sharing doc!

  • April M

    I never leave comments on videos, but this was amazing. Immediate relief from headache, eye, neck, and shoulder pain I have been struggling with for months. I have been working on my posture, but it is hard to focus on good posture when I am having nearly constant pain, tension, feeling like my shoulders are stuck to my ears, etc. I will be using this stretch from now on! Your videos are wonderful; I love the anatomy lessons and your very clear and genuine demeanor.

  • daniel bereketeab

    First of all I would like to say thank you for sharing your idea. My question is I felt in snow last two months and I had whiplash so I feel pain in my neck and left hand numbness so what do you give advice thanks

  • Christy Winkleman

    Wow! I’ve had a major headache and neckache for over a week now. While not totally relieved this did help! Instantly got some relief! Thank you so much!

  • paola Vera

    Thank you Dc, your info is really important thank you for shearing all your knowledge, i’am working on the feel help me a lot , I would like to know where you are located, ????from miami thanks

  • matenorth sall

    I have tightness on the nech for years. How much time to recover after i do all these things and keep good posture?

  • Eastman Editing

    Whoa. I have had pretty intense pain in my right base of skull for years due to my bad posture. I give daily pressure massages to it and it’s always super sore no matter the time of day. I just did this stretch, and it’s no longer even sore when I press on it! Amazing. Subscribed. Thanks so much πŸ™‚

  • Minecraft Adventures

    I only wish that I lived closer. That way I could get someone who knows this stuff to figure out my tension headache cause. I have found a lot of information I can use within your videos! I thank you for always taking natural approaches to alleviate health problems! That is the way I always try to go. I didnt take the prescriptions the doctor gave me..muscle relaxers, nerve meds, and zoloft..More chemicals? Nah that’s ok πŸ™‚ Not only do you provide awesome videos to help us all, you help children in other countries! You my friend are on heck of a person! Much love and respect to you! Thanks so much for giving me ways to get better and reassuring me that I knew the right stuff all along πŸ™‚ Love, Norma Savage in MA

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