Coconut Oil Is Under ATTACK by the American Heart Assoc. (Know The Facts) – Dr Alan Mandell, D.C.

Is it about money, propaganda, or lies? Don't panic! Know the Facts.



  • White Rabbitz

    Doctor many of us know that anything natural that may help cure and or help your health in any way is under attack and the reason why. It’s sickening that money means more than health to these types of companies. Thanks for the video, I don’t mean to get you involved into my opinion, I wrote it so others can understand the truth. Keep up the great work!

  • Willow Moon

    funny how coconut oil mixed with baking powder cured my mothers pre cancerous leg….funny how it makes my hair feel fantastic, funny how it makes my skin really soft..funny how when i eat it, i feel great…funny that…

  • Chun Li

    Wow, how stupid do they think we are…The Government are Corrupt, best to do the opposite of what they say.

  • Elaine FLynn

    Also it is not in the pharmas interest to keep us healthy , there is no money in that !!!! They use scare tactics to keep people eating badly and then they will be on medication for life. It is very difficult to change mind sets. We must take control of our own health,

    • Jackson Miles

      Exactly again ,damn scary .

    • Glen M

      Not only that, but if doctor’s records indicate a particular diagnosis, but do not prescribe the officially sanctioned AMA remedy, they can be called on the carpet, as well. And that’s becoming an increasing problem as doctors records are now being maintained online, available for inspection by the AMA.

      In fact, Dr Barry Marshall, who discovered that many cases of ulcers were caused by the H. Pylori bacteria and who prescribed an antibiotic to successfully kill it was reprimanded and sanctioned by the AMA, with the threat of revoking his license to practice, because the AMA did not recognize the bacterial cause and had not approved an antibiotic for its remedy, and accused him of defrauding his patients into buying unnecessary medication (which, when you think about the rampant medication prescriptions in 2017, is one helluva laugh). It took years to convince the AMA they were wrong, but today, ulcers are evaluated for bacterial infection and antibiotics the standard cure when it’s the cause. But it takes clubbing the heads of the AMA with baseball bats and throwing them out windows on the tenth story of a building before they come to their senses and change their minds.

    • Ali Sina

      L. Hatcher, I totally agree with you. If doctors cure their patients with natural medicine, they can lose their lenience and humiliated publicly, Watch the story on Dr. Simoncini who claims cancer is caused by candida and the cure is sodium bicarbonate. He cannot cure 100% of his patients but his rate of success is much higher than chemotherapy and radiation. He cannot practice medicine and was tried for fraud when one of his patients died. They made of this good man a criminal and he is no longer allowed to practice medicine. Sodium bicarbonate costs $1 while a cancer patient can be milked for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    • LetTheStory Begins

      100% Agree!!

  • Janice Dix

    Doctor M. Thank you! A lot of people don’t know that the (FDA) “Fraud Deception Association” is out to kill you! I have been taking coconut oil for a over a year now. I have stopped my statins, beta blockers, and blood pressure medicine. As soon as I got off them my angina, brain fog, and fatigue quit! I am feeling so much better now. Thank you for this video. Regardless of what the “American Heart Attack Association” says….. I’m on the right track. I went in for a checkup my blood pressure, cholesterol, an EKG were normal.
    I finally came clean, and told them that’s because I’m not on their drugs anymore. I fired my cardiologists. I watch mostly all of your videos, although I don’t always comment. But I want you to know this 70yr young… greatly appreciate’s you, and everything you are doing for all of us. God bless you!?

    • Janice Dix

      Ben Joseph ~ I had to get myself healthy enough before I could quit the drugs. Number one is… don’t eat anything that says heart healthy, it’s not natural food, and your body knows the difference. No polyunsaturated oils, margarine, or any processed foods. Eat real food, your body knows how to handle it, absolutely no GMO’s or fast foods. Start eating healthy, taking good supplements that take the place of these medications. Then start your weaning. Coconut oil is great to take, and cook with, it doesn’t turn into a transfat, it can take the heat better. Extra virgin olive oil is good if you’re not going to heat it too much, or just use it in a salad. Please do your research. Remember this is my testimony, not yours. I don’t know your health problems. God bless you, and I pray you have good health, and a long life.

    • Ben Joseph

      +Janice Dix

      Thanks. very useful info!

    • Brenda Skouras

      Thank so much Janice for the info.

    • Janice Dix

      Brenda Skouras~ I take a heaping tablespoon in the morning in my coffee, and a heaping tablespoon before bed. I also cook with it. it lowered my bad cholesterol (LDL), stopped my dogs seizures, and is helping with my friends Parkinson’s disease. It’s very good brain food. Helps with Alzheimers, and dementia . I use it as my skin moisturizer. It’s antibacterial. It also repels mosquitoes, and helps to prevent sunburn. I brush my teeth with it, and my dogs. LOL here’s a good toothpaste recipe. 3 tablespoons of coconut oil, one tablespoon of baking soda, one tablespoon of salt. 2 drops of peppermint oil (optional). But spit it in the trash can, it will clog your drains . All in all I practically use it for everything. Conventional doctors don’t want you to know this stuff. That’s why I’m so thankful for Doctor M….. I just use the cheaper brand for my body, but make sure you use extra virgin coconut oil when you take it internally. Good health to You❤

    • Brenda Skouras

      Janice, how do you administer/take the Coconut and how many times a day? thnx

  • David Henry

    If it was’nt for xtra virgin organic coconut oil,i wouldn’t have a memory with the anti epileptic meds i’m on.Thank God for coconuts!!

    • Don Olinger

      David Henry – The absolute best thing that has been found to stop seizures almost instantly is lobelia inflata. It’s the queen of herbs. It’s got a bad reputation as a killer. According to most herbalists it’s killed hundreds worldwide. In reality all it ever killed was a lab rat. I would expect the rat to die all things considered. They gave the rat 1,000 times the dose a 150# man would need. 1,000 X 150 = 150,000, keep that in mind. Assuming a lab rat weighs one quarter pound, you must multiply 150,000 X 4. The rat was injected with 600,000 times the dose it needed. Herbal tinctures are administered orally they aren’t injected, I think some can be but its not normal. Acid tincture of lobelia (apple cider vinegar & lobelia) is what you want. Dr. Schulze gives lobelia to newborn babies, be careful though. I know a man allergic to it. It’s very powerful.

  • lpi1

    Been using coconut oil for yrs now and my blood work is great!

  • Susan H

    If we follow the American Heart Association’s advice we will have heart problems. I love coconut oil and even put it in my coffee. ☺️ I am reading the comments and I love how you are all smart enough not to fall for the American Heart Association’s new recommendations on avoiding coconut oils. ☺️

  • Sir Basty

    I realised i had to turn to nature after my best friend drastically shrank his prostate cancer in weeks by drinking tea from soursop leaves, juicing fruits and giving up sugar. I was on 4 different medications to lower my blood pressure and after 20 years on it i decided to change my diet. Started with 1 table spoon of virgin cold-pressed coconut oil in the morning and before i go to bed, stopped eating sugar and bread, started juicing fruits , parsley and coriander and added flaxseed to my breakfast. I also stopped taking all my medications for blood pressure for a month to see what happens. The results were amazing. My blood pressure is consistently below 120/80 for the past two weeks, my regular sore throat is gone, my dry skin is gone, my skin looks so beautiful for my age, the weight on my stomach is falling off rapidly, my mind is sharper and i am full of energy.
    I am so amazed at the results and i am looking forward to taking my next blood test to compare with the previous . Big Pharma has just been killing us slowly with medication when nature has all the answers. For all those who have no hope, please give nature a try, you will be surprised.

  • In God I Trust

    The government wants to push the garbage GMO vegetable and canola oils. Coconut oil is great as part of a ketogenic diet.

  • liezel cantones

    We Filipinos been using this All our life in almost everything.
    And our Oldies that using coconut are very healthy.

  • Massiel R

    If we are healthy they don’t make money ?

  • karen karcher

    The AHA…..the same organization that won’t endorse a plant based diet that will REVERSE heart disease.

    • Highlander

      ama is a blog at best

      there currently is no cure for heart disease or diabetes, none, you will not find one single solitary person cured of heart disease or diabetes on any diet , wont happen

      heart diseases known as CHD is not curable, once you damage the heart it is damaged, you can fix CAD wich is artery disease a precursor to heart disease, this is not heart disease, any diet high in anti inflammatories will do this, my diet a keto diet has cleared a cartoid artery in my neck that was forming, IE got rid of CAD

      diabetes, once the pancreas is dead it is dead, you can manage type 2 with any diet you regulate blood sugar on, some vegan diets are bad about this , starch and high glycemic foods are not good for diabetes, you will not however cure it, there currently is none

    • karen karcher

      Highlander well just 2 days ago the AMA announced that plant based diets can reverse or prevent diabetes, heart disease and obesity .

    • Highlander

      really? explain what this nothing is?

  • Fuddy Duddy

    You can’t make money off of a healthy person.?

  • Terri Boyd

    Obviously vegetable, corn, soy oil companies are losing money with the coconut oil business booming. They probably donated money to the AHA to disavow coconut oil. Next they will go after olive oil.?

    • Sharon Ramrattan Jagassar

      Terri Boyd i totally believe you

    • Terri Boyd

      Diggy d I seriously doubt if the soy, canola, vegetable oil industry is or will be pushing olive oil. It’s a threat as well, maybe a different kind, because you can’t cook with it at high temperatures. That’s probably the only reason why coconut oil is the number one enemy. People are eating more olive oil as a garnish on meats, dressing on salads and vegetables. Soy and canola oils are in mayo and every salad dressing you can imagine. Companies are now making dressings with an olive oil and even an avocado oil base. They will eventually see them as a threat if the manufacturers figure out a way to lower the price. People simply need to start buying it, but soy canola based dressings have the market right now. I’m on a Keto diet so consume a lot of olive oil on salads and I cook with coconut oil. The healthy oils will win out in the end as long as people stay educated and make healthy choices.

    • I think therefore I err

      They’re bunch of evil greedy bastard$ !

    • bonanzatime

      Terri Boyd Very good points, I wouldn’t have thought of that.

    • Shanta Dubey

      Diggy d July sound honest

  • WildflowerChristian

    Hello Dr. Mandell… I hope you are doing very well. Thank you for your broadcasts. Of course coconut oil would be under attack by the system that wants to keep people sick and dependent on the health care industry. Thank you for your good information. God bless you! Heidi Lynn…

    • It Can't Rain Forever

      Larry Maloney are you a troll? Lol

    • Terry Gascay

      Larry. NO power over me, it’s just that aha, as Dr M said has alot of influence. Too many people believe these orgs are helpful & healthy, when they likely have ulterior motive$$$. I challenge & research ANYTHING put out by ama, aha, cdc, etc as jaded

    • Larry Maloney

      Terry, tell us about the power “orgs” have over you. Are you doing bad things against your will?

  • Keerthana Rajeev

    Thankyou Dr… Me from the land of coconut trees, Kerala , India agree with you 100%.. Our old generation was completely dependent on coconut oil and they seemed very healthy . Switching to other oils caused problems for our new generation I guess.. I always use coconut oil and not going to change it.. ?

  • Don Olinger

    When The American Cancer Society calls me soliciting money, I tell them they want money for pharmaceutical research which is obvious. I tell them pharmaceutical research doesn’t want to find cures, there’s no money in that. When I tell them I know about the cures for every incurable disease they get mad. When I ask if they’d like the source and the information they hang up.

    Stop funding pharmaceutical research, it’s useless and a total waste of money. Pharmaceutical companies should be driven out of business, pharmacies should be left alone and provided with real cures which are almost exclusively food and herb based.

    • Gail Flesjer

      Don Olinger j

    • Don Olinger

      +Larry Maloney – I’m sorry about what I just wrote in the previous comment. I was slightly upset. Almost 38 years ago I subscribed to my first alternative medicine newsletter. At any given time I usually had two newsletters coming in every month. I did other research as well. I bought quite a few books and magazines about nutritional, herbal and other forms of healing. I’ve watched a lot of programs on various forms of TV. Seriously though, considering the shape I’m in, you probably know a lot more than I do. I’ve ingested too many toxins from nearly all possible sources. Sometimes my mind and body just refuse to function properly. I’m quite the mess, I can hardly walk anymore. Enough of the whining and complaining. I think it’s funny so I’ll laugh at my misfortune not other people’s. I refuse to cry about it, so even though it’s not really funny, I will laugh. If I had lots of money I could fix my problems quickly and start healing others. I’m in bad need of detoxification. Our bodies are so full of bad things that we all need a detox program. Flood your body with good nutrition as Dr. S. says and you won’t be sorry. I miss being in great shape both mentally and physically. If I could still use my mind like I used to I would just hit a big lottery jackpot. People can’t believe what intuition can actually be like, it’s power and accuracy can be beyond belief. I have had winning lottery numbers before and no way to place a bet. Sorry about the wah wah wah and the blah blah blah. Somebody shoot before I start rambling again. God bless everyone.

    • Don Olinger

      +Larry Maloney – I bet I know more about true healing than you do. Educate yourself, check out Dr. Schulze. Seriously do yourself a favor. Heed the wisdom of Dr. Schulze. God bless you.

  • Bandamarcial Domingosdemoraes

    American health association is a joke! Coconut oil is one of the best oils ever! Look how the america population is fat and morbely obease! That’s not coconut oil you know! That’s Mc Donald’s oil ! Open your eyes!

  • Marion Franson

    I’m a Native Hawaiian and was raised on Coconuts and it’s Oils. I’m 63 yrs and still consume it. Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. The benefits are amazing. Skin, hair, nails, teeth and overall my health.

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