Cervical Spondylosis (Arthritis of the Neck) / Neck Pain & Pinched Nerve / Dr Mandell

Spondylosis refers to degenerative changes in the spine such as bone spurs and degenerating intervertebral discs. Spondylosis changes in the spine are frequently referred to as osteoarthritis. This is an asymptomatic slow process that is hidden for many years.



  • Q. Hafeez Aziz

    nice Dr Mandell Thank you

  • Michael Juma

    Does swimming get to help as a therapy on the spondolyosis


    I’ve just found out I have bone spurs on my c3 and c4 discs up in the neck, and I AM PANICKED!! I sing a lot , could that have caused it? When I do sing it’s so painful I have to stop,I need help and answers!? I don’t want surgery is there a natural way to reverse this? I’ve got 4 kids and I don’t stop running around and I’m stressed out! I have constant neck pain down the right side of my neck like a dragging down and burning sensation, I get a lot of phlegm, can’t clear my throats and just have constant pain in my throat and neck.. I keep waking up with a dead hand, or arm, sometimes leg.. is this related, should I be worried?? I really hope you respond Dr Adrian..
    Kind regards, Melissa.

  • Nabajyoti Lahkar

    I am having severe dizziness, back pain, neck clicking and neck pain. I have stiff neck too… and I dont pop my neck, but sometimes it pops automatically and I feel little bit dizziness, my forehead sweats and my leg and palm goes cold… can u tell me what condition I am suffering… please Doctor give me a reply…

    • Nabajyoti Lahkar

      motivationaldoc One of my friend who has just completed MBBS has recommended me to visit a neurologist. I am from India, don’t have idea where I can find a chiropractor…
      Do u find anything related to spinal cord disorder from the symptoms?

    • motivationaldoc

      Can be a few things. Might want to consider seeing a Chiropractor

  • KD KD

    I really like all video of DR Mandell . I much appreciate that you have shared all this on you tube .Now I came to know the real reason of neck pain which i have from past 2 years . I will share your video to my friends and family and advice them to spread these on their social networks. I live in India , I have spent thousand of bucks on medicine , diagnose test and doctor fees. But I did not know the real reason of my neck pain and right shoulder pain . You explain it all very nicely….! Thanks a lot .


    ive just been diagnosed with artritis in my neck and have to wear morphine patches for the pain pls give me as much info as possible as this im finding very worrying because my job is a hairdresser and i need to be on the ball as i have to make my girls look good as i said pls give as much info and advice id be very gratefull kisses from the uk p.s the nhs in england is crap its taken me 7 weeks to get this diganoisis xxxx

  • Aminah A

    Thanks doc good info

  • Jasey Kat

    4 years of carrying m60s and 50 Cal receivers in the Marines on my neck and shoulders on 10, 15, and 26 mile forced marches. The VA tried to charge me for the examination, I fought and won, then denied my claim because I didn’t report it to medical while I was in. I have bone spurs on my neck and back from “trauma”. You’re about the only help I get doc! many thanks!

  • Emmet Roche

    im from ireland love watching these vids really helpful thanks 🙂

  • Nadir Shabbir

    Thank You doctor.. God Bless you !

  • Maxa Hiko

    Can you get this at 22?

  • Wendyann Glasgow

    i am a postal worker from the west indies…carrying a heavy bag of mail for the past 10 yrs i had a tingling pain in my left arm the m r i result is disc desiccation and the pain is getting worst

  • Mr3kites

    Just an add on ,my symptoms, mainly my head feels like it’s detached from my skull, can not move without severe pain, also some neck pain. No tests have been done just a observation from my doctor. Good luck to all sufferers. TY.

  • Rriv2014

    thanks so much great information reference for those who have had spinal injuries it was all very accurate.

  • Marija Pesevska

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  • Mr3kites

    From listening to this video in my case I am suspecting an R.S.I Repetitive Strain Injury type condition. As for over 20 years have flown stunt kites looking up down left and right and being under strain, also looking down a lot on this I Pad. I shall now limit my flying and time on my I Pad. Thanks a lot for the very precise info, cheers.

  • Jay Travels

    Hi! Thank you for this information. I’m currently researching because I’m planning on going and doing skydiving next summer. Is it possible for me to do skydiving even I have C. Spondylosis?

  • veeral reddy Reddy

    Im only 23 and diagnosed with this problem a month ago…. life sucks

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