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Simple Solutions for Back Pain

no more back pain

There are a lot of causes why both men and women experience chronic back pain. In fact, almost all Americans experience back pains at one time or another.  Most back pains are associated with lifting items incorrectly, though some causes can be surprising. At times, even the simplest wrong move can hurt your back.  The pain that you’ll experience can travel beyond the point of injury. And there are back pains that can last days or even years. So you must take immediate action to address the […]

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Purpose of SoreBackBlog

SoreBackBlog is here to help you understand the pain and discomfort you experience with your back. I’m Graham M and let’s find this journey helpful to manage your problem. What I would like to see is for you to share your experiences and generate sensible discussion about what has worked for you and what hasn’t. A problem shared is a problem halved. By sharing your experiences with others, it helps you better understand what you are suffering. I have suffered severe back pain, and continue with some […]

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