Can Degenerative Discs Heal Normal Again? (Neck Pain, Back Pain, Pinched Nerve) – Dr Mandell

Degenerative Disc Disease is silent until the later phases. This leads to chronic pain, disc herniation, and pinched nerves. Poor posture is the number one condition that leads to this chronic problem.



  • roxannelucky

    Exercising in water has made all the difference for me. I use many of your moves, Dr. Mandell, I just do them in water. Many thanks!

  • The Human Mechanic

    Discs do regenerate and they are Alive….

  • Maxim C.

    Hi doc! Thank you for the information.

    I would like though to disagree with you on impossibility of regeneration (of any tissue in our body really, not only discs, and those deposits of calcium on vertebras etc.): maybe, indeed, there is no much of blood vessels bringing nutritions to discs, but *still* they *get* nourished *somehow*, they are living tissue and they would have been dead things if they didn’t get nutrition, and there is nothing dead in our body, as far as I know. If we were to take the stress off a disc (fix spinal structure) it would inevitably regenerate.

    I don’t know (yet) wether you do or don’t discuss dietary importance on this channel, but that aspect is quite important for our body’s health.

    Great videos, thanks!

    • motivationaldoc

      Let’s be clear on what we are communicating about. In reference to tissues in the body healing and making changes, it is possible for all. In reference to thinning and degeneration of the disc structure, it is not possible to reverse in height and continuity.

    • nathan anderson

      What about with stem cell injections? have you heard anything about this?

    • Tom Bee

      Yes, I agree with Nathan. Dr. Mandell was wrong today. Degenerated disc can be regenerated again by using ‘Stem Cell Therapy’. All the best 🙂

  • 02Nawal

    Ok so how do you treat it? Most doctors don’t know what causes it so tell us and quit the bullshit talk

    • John Milner

      Stop texting and using your iPad in bed if your doing so. Start doing neck tractions with a towel (see on youtube) and do the neck rear hang over a bed or bench with a rolled up sponge or towel to regain the neck curve.

  • Life Force

    I am suffering from ddd (degenerative disc disorder) due to years of spending time behind the wheel and not exercising .
    Now. exercising regularly and SLOWLY starting to notice improvement.
    I’ll never be as good again, but at least I’ll slow down the breaking down.
    Stretching helps (but can be very painful – no pain no gain)
    hanging upside down to decompress – is great.

  • Angie M

    You are wrong, discs DO regenerate.

  • Koreiko House

    Hello Doctor. I have a question. There are many spine xrays of young and old people on the internet with one degenerative disc, while the other discs look pretty healthy. Why one disc gets that wear and tear and the others remain healthy? So, maybe there is still a possibility to have the discs healthy for life?

    • motivationaldoc

      That depends upon many factors. Most degenerative disc’s usually there are multiple ones

    • Koreiko House

      Could you please name a couple of factors. This stuff is really interesting, I mean, if the discs degenerate as we age, then people should have all of their discs in the spine degenerated by 70 years, but it is not always true. I am confused!

    • Subhashini j

      Continue s ly pain …how to cure

    • Leon Jenko

      Discs degenerate because of improper posture sleeping on your stomach sitting in front of a computer for hours with no breaks and so on… It starts on one disc and the that disc gets thin and that causes more pressure on others and they start to degenerate as well… Thinning of the disc causes bones to grow in diameter so they can keep the balance of the spine but it can pinch nerves. And the pain can also come as a result of muscles being clenched 24/7 because that way they can offer support to your spine. Also you need to understand that this is not a disease as the name says but its your bad habits. Discs can also heal with proper nutrition and this is backed up with new researchers :).

    • Sacred Geometry

      Leon Jenko
      Do you have any suggestion’s on how to repair them ? I have fibri & cfs spine burns like I have Lupus. Bone broth maybe.
      Cal/mag ?
      Im doing a lot of stretching and isometrics thanks to this wonderful Dr.

  • Heidi Verna Thorbjørnsen

    I was offered a triple fusion with my cervical Laminoplasty operation two years ago – the discs were bulging and flat- my recent ex rays two years later- to my drs surprise – my discs are now plump , healthy and in alignment – and I am about to turn 55 years old-so it to s not because I am a youngster anymore. I will say- many of these drugs we can take for our condition – can dry up many things in our body- during these past two years- I took very little medicine because my stomach did not fair well with the prescriptions- also I believe in prayer.

  • John Milner

    DDD starts as early as 16 yrs of age. I don’t think they regenerate cause I have not had full motion L to R neck movement now for 2 yrs. I’ve gone to physio, massage and now trying chiro. I’m doing the hang the neck over a bench with a round soft support under my neck, I’m also doing neck tractions laying down with a homemade device and am also turning my neck L and R to max and holding for 20 sec. I also tilt and hold my neck on both sides for 20 sec each. The hang over neck and traction are both done for 5 min each. I drink 8 or more glasses of water/day. I have Mild to Mod narrowing at C3-C4, C4-C5, C5-C6, C6-C7 and mild to mod changes likely C7-T1 but not ideally visualized.

  • showkath ali

    hi sir, i am suffering for slip disc(c5-c6), for 4 months some changes my right hand muscle lose so plz, help how to recovery my muscle,

  • B M

    Every single disease has a cure. It’s just that fact that we haven’t found them yet.

  • Shubham Bhatt

    this video demotivated me to an extremely high level, m just 19 and having DDD…Secondly my MMA carrer is getting destroyed…So according to this video i won’t be able to fight inside cage again ?…..DDD is Curse ? its so painful..its been 2years and m on painkillers and anti-inflammatory ?…but hope never dies …


      17 with disc disease. Cannibis helps. Also recommend cyropracter

    • Tammara Buckey

      Check out Dr Berman, he does videos about arthritis aka degeneration. I have it too and am reversing it with diet and exercise and no meds despite what my doctor may prescribe. I do take some supplements though and they help provide additional nutrients and minerals.

    • Ezz El diin

      16 years old with DDD

    • lee lunk


    • Shizane

      Tammara Buckey like omega 369 and magnesium?

  • sam1k

    Demotivational Doc!

  • Alex Chavez

    Hello. I wanted to ask for ur opinion if Dr Ho’s decompression back pain relief belt will work in any way? ( you can also search it online or YouTube .thank u.

  • Shane Robertson

    So im fucked..

  • Liz Lee

    I just had surgery for my c5, c6, with fusion. I have had bladder retention for years and I was having to catheterize myself every 4 hours to prevent kidney damage. Guess what I am on day 9 of no catheterizing!! Turns out that the spinal cord being compressed on the nerves caused my retention. I don’t have full sensation back but I’m okay with that because at least I can empty my bladder normally. Surgery was the best thing I ever did! Now I have a better quality of life!

  • Daren Mazzone

    Discs can regenerate. I used to think that they couldn’t until I took updated xrays on my wellness chiro patients. Most didn’t but a few did double in size. They were all 65 yrs old or older. When looking further into this what the deciding factor was that these patients actually exercised regularly, ate a clean diet and were grateful people. We are design for self healing and self regulation. Unfortunately for most people our life choices limits the healing potential. Hopefully this can help motivate the many. Good luck!

  • WhisperingRay

    This video offers nothing. I chose to believe that my discs can regenerate.

  • Barbara Mowrey

    If discs could heal, we wouldn’t need medical care. Be a vegan, take magnesium , no calcium, vit C, E , all organic, if not organic, rinse, soak, in white vinegar water…1 cup per sink of water…flaxseeds, chia seeds, nascent iodine, Celtic sea salt, fruit…no dairy…I’ve got it from a trauma and now I’m fighting to get it back. Go slow on everything. See (YouTube) Markus Rothkranz and Kristina raw vegan. It takes money to do all this and insurance doesn’t cover healthy living…only unhealthy symptoms. I’m not a doctor, just have experience and a lot, lot of research. Do walk the right way…look it up on YouTube…all here.

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