Best 3 Shoulder Rehab Exercises for Frozen Shoulder & Bursitis for Home / Dr. Mandell

Frozen Shoulder and Bursitis can be helped if proper exercises and done early. The most common thing that people do with shoulder pain is nothing. They take many different kinds of pain killers and anti-inflammatories, but they are only covering up the underlying cause of their condition. Joints are designed to have movement, as movement helps increase Function. I do hope that these 3 exercises that I've shared with you make a big difference in your health. Dr. Mandell



  • motivationaldoc

    I wouldn’t panic, you should be concentrating more on your postural positioning as well as building core.  Your shoulders are probably pronating where they are rounding forward.  If that’s the case you should be focusing also on building the retractor muscles / rhomboids.  You might want to look into seeing a competent Chiropractor and./or massage therapist who is experienced in Neuro-muscular work.

    • ASSASS1N1234

      motivationaldoc hey iv had shoulder inflammation for over a year. It affects my training and i get pain when carrying bags. How would i get rid of it?

    • motivationaldoc

      It can be some scar tissue buildup underneath the scapula called the subscapularis muscle. Find a good muscle/massage therapist to open it up and stretch it. That might be helpful.

  • Ekramul Wahab

    Tqsm i will try to do dis exercise …

  • Ann C

    What if both shoulders are messed up, then what?

  • Gary H

    Hi motivationaldoc , I injured my deltoid late last year. I decided to immobilize my shoulder with a sling to help it heal quickly. Worst thing I could have done!! My shoulder froze within 2 weeks. Its been 4 months now with frozen shoulder. As a dedicated athlete, my whole life style has been effected. Going to give these exercises a go to free it up.

  • Ray Lamparelli

    My pain is not in the shoulder but about 3 or 4 inches down from the shoulder in the arm. Would these be good for that as well? Thanks.

  • Samb Maharjan

    how to recover Synovial fluid in shoulder joints to reduce friction between the cartilage and other tissues in joints to lubricate and cushion them during movement. plz help.. my shouder jont has no synovial fluid,, i consult Physiotherapist.. they said there is no treatment.. it will recover slowlly.. but i m facing this problem due to arm wrestling.. 2 yrs… ago,,

  • Suzannah Troy

    Thank you. My neck and shoulders are killing me but my left shoulder I’ve never had such painful bursitis in my life so thank you. I just put on a shirt tight shirt and stick ice packs in the shoulders both but the left I can’t tell you how much it hurts

  • Farooq Bilal

    dr.can i take any painkiller?

  • motivationaldoc

    It may not be a true bursitis.  Using moist heat alternating Ice can be helpful for the shoulder.  If your capable of putting the shoulder through Range of Motion then do the exercises.

    • Mikesbunny1423

      I have been diagnosed with a frozen shoulder with bursitis and impingement in left and bursitis with impingement in right, nothing is helping get rid of the bursitis and I can’t put pressure on one am to do the pendulums so how do I do them for both?

    • Ueranger

      +Mikesbunny1423 If you need an alternative to pendulums please check out our website I encourage you to watch the video “UE Ranger vs. Pendulums” on our video channel page.  

  • Jeffrey Lim

    Dr. Mandell exercises work but you have to be patience doing it . It took me nearly 3 week to take affect. I did it 2x a day for 15 minutes each time. After 3 week my frozen shoulder feel great no more pain. Thank you Dr.

  • george johnson

    doc, how do chiropractors and physical therapists treat people differently?

  • Leon Degrelle

    Your exercises actually works! Thank you. I do them 20 min a day.

  • Alpha30 Star

    sir I have a problem… while doing steer stepping downwards i hear a popping sound at specific point on shoulder and every time I do that it comes with a small pain… this sound I hear every time I rotate my hand… sir I m not able to do any exercise. no push-ups no lifting anything… please give me suggestions.. please sir

    • Alpha30 Star

      nopecant do push ups, liftings and all

    • Ketan Hulawale

      Alpha30 Star hey, how are you doing now? any better?

    • Alpha30 Star

      motivationaldoc yes sir m having my MRI reports it says supraspinatus tendinosis
      moderate subacromial-subdeltoid bursitis
      minimal glenohumeral joint effusion

      I took this MRI few months back when pain was too much on my shoulders… even I was unable to lift my hand that time(it started because I slept with some improper position) , but now everything is normal… the only problem is that popping sounds and m not able to do any exercises… sir please help me.. m a gymmer I haven’t been to gym for more than a year… it will be worst nightmare for me … can u help me sir

    • motivationaldoc

      Should get evaluated / x-ray or MRI

  • Javed Alam

    thanks sir for giving me good or effective videos

  • Candace Running

    If I have pain or discomfort, should I continue?

  • citymouse40

    I have a rotator cuff injury that has gotten worse and the doctor mentioned frozen shoulder, is it okay to do these stretches even if it’s painful?

    Do you have any videos on leg muscle injuries or bursitis in the hip? My leg feels frozen, they said it was likely a torn muscle that would get better on it’s own, I never had any bruising or anything, I just noticed one day that I couldn’t sit down on the floor indian style, my leg will not go down and it hurts if I try I am going to physical therapy next week..but I want to get ahead of the game and avoid surgery!

    I feel like I’m turning into Pinocchio 🙂 These are all injuries do to exercise and moving very heavy things.

  • Ram Kumar

    Really good video

  • app369

    great video easily one of the best and most helpful ones for my experience

  • Romelia Polly

    Check guide from Unflexal blog.

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