Are You Really Wanting to Crack Your Own Neck and Back? – Dr. Alan Mandell/Chiropractor

If you are wanting to learn how to crack your own neck or back, then this video is definitely for you.

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  • BrilliantCreations by CherylMcQ

    Point taken…but you had me with the cracking. I have to say it made me chuckle!!

  • Hans Wurst

    I`ve been doing this for a long time now. Is there anything i can do that prevents the feeling of wanting to crack my neck?
    Greetings from Germany!

  • Rickberg1966

    really enjoy you videos , your such a cool and knowledgeable guy , have a great weekend and be safe

  • Whydo Yuouwanttoknow

    I have gone to chiropractors and they have kept me able to walk at least twice. problem is paying the bill afterwards. still owe 500. so started doing deep stretch yoga, noticed that my bones were popping at the same places the chiro did and getting almost the same pain relief, not quite as good, but hey free. so now I do deep stretches all the time, my bones pop and I feel much better. still got to pay that bill off though.

    • Ben Daulton

      Whydo Yuouwanttoknow Bingo, like you were born needing a chiropractor.
      I have noticed that my muscles will tighten randomly like a cramp and a joint will pop. I think you need cardio to really open your muscles with yoga or regular stretching. If you do yoga before running you feel so effortless.


    I’ve been cracking my neck for years. It seems that once you pop, you can’t stop. there is a build up of pressure and so have to crack it, same as most bones in my body. I don’t think I’m gonna be able to stop doing it, what do I do?

  • ZERO9725

    omg i thought he died when he snapped his neck

  • ` ʼ

    But it feels so gooddddd. And 8/10 times fixes pain immediately :/

    • RCXD Lemon

      I went to crack my back and my head fell off… Not too sure why that happened. Texting this with my head on the floor.

    • Visitor

      Hate to tell you guys. I’ve been a self adjuster for many years. While in front of my husband cracked my neck and now I see a Corrective care Chiropractor. Couldn’t not lift up my arm or have much use. Felt like a stroke patient. No pun intended. I’m on my second year of continuous care.

    • Ben Daulton

      Visitor I hate to tell you my joints will automatically pop if I am flexible enough.

    • Itachi Uzumaki

      9Nimbus no it’s just that after a few years it will affect you really bad and u can get strokes or whatever

    • Tomescu Edward Bogdan

      It fixes , but temporarily. U have to do that again and again till ur going to have serious permanent/chronic problems

  • Melody4YAH Music

    When you fake cracked your head in the beginning I was like oh #$&% he broke something ?

  • Jeff Kezar

    It was on a Monday night, about 11:00pm, two years ago, that my neck felt sort of stiff as I layered in bed. I had “popped” my neck a few times in the past and this felt like it was going to be another one of those times. I was laying on my back and I reached up with both hands and proceeded to “pop” my neck…… and boy did it pop. It felt great and I thought mission accomplished and went to sleep!

    A couple nights later about the same time, I got up to go get a glass of water from the kitchen. As I was walking my right arm began to feel like it had gone to “sleep” as it began to have that tingling sensation….. thought that’s weird, I hadn’t even gone to sleep yet, so I couldn’t have laid on weird, etc.? As I proceeded to get my water, my right leg started to do the same and I thought, what is going on? I sort of shook my leg and arm as if to wake them up, or say, ok that’s enough. By the time I got back to my bedroom my eye seemed effected as well. I told my wife “the weirdest thing just happened, actually still is happening.” She said, “honey I think you are having a stroke”…… I confidently replied back to her….. “bullshit, I’m not having a stroke, are you kidding me! Me, have a stroke, never!”

    It ended up in an ambulance and was rushed to the hospital that night… wife was correct, I had had a stroke alright! In fact as it turned out, I had three strokes that night. , the cause was from a tear or as they called it, an arterial dissection of one of the arteries in my neck. I had done it to myself when I “popped” my neck! The tear clotted, but after those couple days it had broken off in three separate pieces causing three separate strokes!

    I spent three days in ICU recovering. I am now, two years later fully recovered and thankfully without any remaining effects from the stroke! I had a few days to really consider what I almost lost…….and it scared me! Bottom line, I for one, will never, ever, pop my neck again! What this man is saying in this video could not be more true! Don’t pop your neck!

    • Jeff Kezar

      Nuno Pereira Great point…..a valuable contribution evidenced by the following you have garnered. Gotta love stupid ignorant people who don’t have one piece of evidence supporting their learned conclusion…….”Total BS” ……….. to be fair, I didn’t really give any evidence for what I wrote either…….I simply shared an experience that happened to me. I do actually have the proof were it to come to that……. in your case that is an impossibility, so in the end the “Total BS” conclusion comes full circle……lol.

    • Jeff Kezar

      Hendry yyy I am sorry, but what I wrote is 100% true.

    • Daniel

      i litterly been doing it for a half year and i fell the pain going around my body when im trying to reach or a item or looking down with my neck makes me fell a huge pain on my back.

  • Starving Wolf

    I’ve been cracking my own neck since I was 13. I am now 29, and I suffer a whole host of neurological problems, and I’ve had several “mini-strokes”. I don’t care what you feel about chiropractics or Dr. Mandell, if you’re reading this comment and you crack your neck, please stop. I understand it’s addictive, it feels good, it provides momentary relief, but trust me, it’s not worth it. You really are, no joke, risking you life. Hell, I wouldn’t let a trained chrio crack my neck either, not anymore. I stick with stretching and physio and I’ve already started seeing improvement. Be kind to yourself.

  • Katherine Cannon

    Is this whole video a speech. I feel like my dad sat me down and lectured me. Thought you were really going to help me.

    • Helen Rogers

      Katherine Cannon

      His words of wisdom is a magnitude of “help”. It is up to you to use the information.
      What is it that people can’t understand? If your neck bothers you over and over, yet self cracking does not bring long term relief, then what good is it doing? More likely to be harmful than good. I am sure that for most, it simply becomes a habit. Simply a habit and serves no useful purpose. I wonder if one could actually see the anatomy and understand the physiology that lies beneath the skin, would they continue to self manipulate?

    • Helen Rogers



    • Ounce Sounds

      I know right all I wanted to know Is how to crack my neck not his professtional advice lol

    • Clorox Bleach

      all of you are stupid ?

  • blastman8888

    I used to crack my neck lot by twisting it and one day I felt a strange pain in my neck with in minutes I started coughing had some shortness of breath. I figured it was from the spray painting I was doing without a mask a few weeks went by I had trouble breathing when laying on one side in bed. I went to the doctor they did an xray they said my right diaphragm was elevated into my lung. They sent me to do another test called a sniff test where they do an xray while you inhale deeply watch your diaphragm move like a video xray. My right side was not moving I was diagnosed with unilateral phrenic Nerve palsy which meant my right lung is not inflating i’m using mostly one lung. I had to start using a Cpap machine to sleep because my O2 level would drop to low at night. Lot of times phrenic Nerve palsy is result of an operations where a surgeon nicks the Phrenic Nerve but in my case I never had any surgery exception of my knee. Cancer was ruled out and after an MRI they said they think it was from cracking my neck by twisting it. Next time you crack your neck think about the damage you could be doing at this point I found a doctor in NJ who has had success in grafting the nerve to restore the phrenic Nerve I still need to do more testing. I had to give up skiing, and scuba diving because of this I’m out of breath easily

  • DaBrute

    “DIY crack” lmao

  • Douglas Northpole

    I release gas from my butthole.

  • Suzanne Atkinson

    Thanks for the education. I’m an ER physician and while rare, neck dissections do occur. What I find funny is that this is a solid piece of non biased education and you have people in the comments saying THIS is snake oil. This is spot on.

  • Sammy Williams

    I’m sixteen, I’ve been cracking my neck for a few years now, and after watching this video and reading these comments, I’m honestly afraid for my health. How do I stop?

    • Beauty Professional 4 Life

      Sammy Williams, I’m a “cracker” lol myself, but it probably is best to just stretch. I find my body will naturally pop in some places. As long as you aren’t stretching so deep where you feel pain (different from tightness), hold that stretch 30 seconds and slowly release.

    • William Ham

      Sammy, these people want you to pay ? for what you’ve been doing yourself and also want to stop you from influencing others. You know yourself that if it was harmful or not helping you feel better, much better, then you’d figured it out by now. They definitely want you to stop! Stop and come pay them to twist you neck and back for you. What a joke!!

    • level90

      William Ham i kinda thought same thing $$$. But now i am confused. Need more information about poping.

    • Charlie Day

      Just take a warm shower and stretch dont tweak your neck in any way, your body will heal itself from previous damage so if you stop now you can still be safe

    • Edrian Cristobal

      I crack my neck without touching it for 3 yrs now

  • Jack Jacky

    *cracks neck right after this video*

  • Tom Sestito

    My son did this 3 days ago, he is still sleeping it was that good!!

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