9 Signs of Magnesium Deficiency & Quick Fixes – Dr Mandell

Magnesium is the most important major mineral that is needed by your body.  In order to function correctly and efficiently, your body needs many nutrients.  However, if it is deficient in magnesium, there are over 350 biochemical reactions that either will not occur at all or will occur very inefficiently.



  • Zesty Zirlonia

    Yes, I started taking Magnesium Citrate along with Zinc for Menopause Symptoms. I have to say, it works absolutely bloody brilliantly. I get the odd flushing but I’m good!

  • Steven Cartwright

    Can magnesium be taken through the skin (externally), as in bath salts?

    • Steven Cartwright

      Lori Green thanks for the info, really interesting because I’ve got to have a fasting blood test soon! so going to be eating sardines like there’s no tomorrow lol 🙂

    • James Duffy

      Steven Cartwright Yes I think so up can buy to put in the bath, have a nice soak for up to half an hour.

    • Steven Cartwright

      Lots To Learn Thank you for that information, I will try some of the creams.
      sodium bicarbonate is allso good for getting stains off teeth aswell lol. The mg fb sounds great unfortunately I don’t go on fb anymore. But I have a good chemist near me.
      Thanks again 🙂

    • Lots To Learn

      Iluv Merengue : Simply because soaking in Mg Sulphate is detoxing, whereas we use Mg Chloride “oil” to rub into our skin, the body’s largest organ, in order to increase our Mg levels. Many people prefer not to absorb that which they’ve just detoxed from. Both forms are good, just preferably not simultaneously. Only about 5 forms of Mg are not beneficial. Citric acid depletes ceruloplasmin.
      If you like, you could join the Magnesium Advisory Group on Facebook. It has over 100,000 members.

    • Lori Green

      Steven Cartwright, Epsom salts is one of the ABSOLUTE BEST ways to get magnesium. It is absorbed directly into the bloodstream through your skin!! Magnesium is a great way to lower cortisol, destress and relax. It also helps dislodge aluminum and other toxins from your cells..2 molecules of magnesium to dislodge 1 partical of aluminum. Just make sure that you use a chelating type of herb/plant….kelp for example, in your diet to help pass it out of the body…otherwise, your intestines will just reabsorb the toxins/aluminum. 🙂

  • zafar Butt

    blessings to you
    luv from Pakistan

  • Paul Carroll

    thank you for all the effort and advice you put in your videos you help so many people that are in distress.

  • Ram Anand

    First in a long time very sensible , accurate and life saving advise. Thank you Doctor.

  • Sallie Lim

    Thks for sharing, Dr Mandell. Always looking forward to your new videos. God bless u n ve a great day

    • Aminta Ane

      Sallie Lim i subs great video – my mum about 65 always take magnesium as soon as she stops for less say 1 week she starts having cramps anxiety etc all signs of magnesium deficiency is this normal ? is it because of her age? thanks your reply.

  • Ahmed Ironmaiden

    I wish you had a very brief write up about the symptoms and solutions for magnesium deficiency. Some people are just lazy to watch a nineteen minute video. I’ll put in the effort to translate that into Arabic, and broadcast it to my whatsapp contacts. Very informative and eye opening. Keep it up, doc

    • Mimimom123

      speed it up in settings. I watch this one on 2x speed. If you use cc it really helps and if you hear something interesting ..pause and read. ..js 🙂

  • Kimberly Flaherty

    Thanks for such an informative video!

  • Joanne DeHerrera

    My husband has high blood pressure, but he craves bananas like women on their monthly crave chocolate.


      He probably has low potassium….tell him to eat an avocado instead of bananas….they have almost 3 x as much potassium as a banana. We need 4700 mg of potassium per day. 98 percent of americans are LOW potassium.
      3 avocados per day will do the trick but watch other carbs in that case. Each avocado has 12 gms of carbs..

  • TekReviews

    I’ve seen studies that show it’s good for after concussions as in car accident under a Dr supervision to help with ringing in the ears. Wish I knew that sooner but it has seemed to help lower the ringing volume in my ears.

  • Kimberly Flaherty

    I love the product called “Calm” ……it’s a magnesium supplement that my daughter turned me on to when I was suffering terrible cramps. I would usually have them at night…..in my calves, feet/toes and the worst ones were under my ribs. I NEVER get them anymore as long as I take Calm. Another great thing I noticed is that it keeps me regular!

  • Hileni Ndapewa Tjivikua

    Thank you doc. I have been using magn in years. I love it. Really calm me down.sleep well and help me bowel movement is top

  • Mahalie Stackpole

    If black beans give you gas just cook them with ample cumin. It counteracts it. I sneak beans into my boyfriends food, he has no idea…but if we eat beans at a restaurant or somewhere without cumin he bloats really badly. It works!

  • Martin Pickering

    Spot-on. I went on a 21 day diet and had those symptoms. Now fixed!
    Now, what about boron deficiency?

  • Ron P.

    Thank you doctor!

  • space monkey

    I have low blood pressure but it doesn’t disturb me. Can i take magnesium? Thanks a lot for your information.

  • Fernando Vina

    peanut are not nuts but legumes

  • tracey tanner

    Hi Doc, what about magnesium oxide supplements? What’s your view? Excellent information on your video.

  • Petra Kozelj

    Hi doc, i have low blood presure usualy 100/65 and my heart rate is often high 85 or more….dor three years i feel like i have adrenal fatigue, i get ibs, anxiety,sleeping problems, and tingling in my heands and foot, sometimes i get cramps in my legs. Two years ago when they measure my minerales in lab it was normal….but i hurt this measurments can be fault becouse they look for minerale in blood vesel not in cels.I bought magnesium cloride in spray and i use time too time…but like i hurt it lowers blood presure……what do you think is mg good for me? Thnx

  • Krishan Jamal

    very useful, thank you for the information.

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