4 Powerful Stretch Exercises for Low Back Pain, Piriformis, Sciatica – Dr Mandell

Sciatica is a major epidemic worldwide. The sciatic nerve is the largest and fattest nerve in the body. This nerve originates from several nerves the comes from the lumbar region. It exits out into the buttocks and down both legs. These medically proven exercises have been used with great success on thousands of patients.



  • Maria Mariyam

    v.helpful exercises but i have knee pain as well so plz share exercise for knees pain thanks

  • Wanda Richard

    can you please show how I would stretch my lower back after L 5 S1 fusion. Its been two years and half years and, I still feel pain and my left foot leg , toes and calf will spasm on its own.

  • Doug Phillips

    I’ve been having some lower back pain. It almost feels like it’s in my stomach. it affects me when standing. when I bend over I can feel the muscle stretching. it helps when I sit. I’ve gained some weight so I think it has something to do with that. I’m dieting now. any thoughts? Thank you so much for all you do Doc!

  • John Sobizzr

    Hello Doc and all. 3 years ago I started seeing a local chiro because of sciatic pain. After a few 2 X weekly appointments, the pain went away. I then have every 2 weeks appointments for 2 and a half years , all he did was cracked my neck and back for ” alignments” . I then realise, I don’t feel any anymore improvements from his manipulations of my spine, I go there, pay 60 bucks ,get out with the same dullness in my skeletal system. I stopped seeing the chiro and started from most of you tubes self help videos which seems to be better. I plan to see a different chiro for second opinion. Am I alone in this approach? Every chiro has different ways. Thanks Doc and all.

  • OmShantiShanti496

    so basically folks, a good fundamental yoga class at home or at a studio with instructor is what he’s trying to tell you here. a guided class is better to start with for knowledge

  • Rani Reddy

    Dr MandellThank u for your valuable vedio I hv disc degenerated Also SI joint dysfunctional 
    Plz help with your advice n treatment how to do excersise for both issues I have. Cure it Plz send me vedio on it. This will be great help. Plz share ur email ID too Regards

  • Darshan sakle

    Doctor can big hips cause low back pain

  • Ria Mail

    how about people with new hips ?

  • Catherine Lee

    Thanks Doc! I experience instance relief after trying the above methods. I had very mild sciatica and it was triggered during my yoga practice two days ago. This is why i tried out your methods and IT WORKS!!! Thanks.. God Bless Doc…

  • Yebbi2345

    Dr. Mandell, thank you very much for your videos!! I tried your exercises two years ago and liked the results. I have been doing it on a continuous basis since then. Have been sharing your videos with my friends too.
    It’s hard to find the right info when there are tons on the web. Really glad to have been here! God Bless!

  • Andrea Warrior

    Thank you doc the pain has passed away

  • Michael D.

    I just found Dr. Mandell’s vids a few hours ago , and I am glad I did. I’m 46 years old, but a few hours ago I felt like I might’ve been 99! I hurt all over. I subscribed, then started watching vids and following exactly what the doc says, and I have to say that right now I don’t any pain whatsoever!!!!! It’s 2:15 AM EST, I should be in bed, but I feel so good that the last thing I want to do is sleep. Thanks again Dr. Mandell!

  • oh ohoh

    Dr. M, you are the man. Yes sir !!

  • Roselani Goulette

    I love you Doctor Mandell! God has truly blessed you with His wisdom.

  • Pratik chhajed

    Plz suggest technique to reduce varicose veins

  • Riccardo Rossi

    Carissimo dr. Alan Mandell scrivo per dimostrare la mia grande gratitudine per la diffusione dei suoi preziosi video, che promuovono la buona salute pubblica.
    I also propose your videos to some of my friends that study the English language; yours is not the British accent, but surely, it is a very good American English.
    So why not improve one’s health, while improving the English language knowledge at the same time ?

  • kearneyghost

    Significant relief upon completing the 1st series of the 4 exercises. Thank you!!

  • M H

    Awesome… thank you for sharing 🙂

  • Maddog Blewitt

    Dang, thank you i just did the 4 exercises i had immediate relief! Have to do this daily. I had so much pain i was hesitant to even try. I’m 53 i thought I was doomed.

  • Ears 2Hear

    I can’t do the one at 3:25 minutes. I get serious cramping in my muscles if I try moves like that.

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