20 Second Miracle Technique for Instant Drainage of Eustachian Tubes (Tinnitis, Congestion, Hearing)

Blockage of the Eustachian tubes are the number one problem for hearing problems, tinnitus (ringing in ears), and congestion. This technique is very safe and effective to allow the body to drain the eustachian tubes naturally without drugs or dangerous procedures.



  • jahangirkhan pathan

    hello sir , i was in a flight for 8-10 hours 4 days back with cold persisting for last week.
    on landing , my ear clogged and have the same situation for 4 days, went to doctor , gave me amoxicillin , decongestant and naal spray and peracetamol with diagnosis of severe otitis media… last night i used but helped very less, helped me relieving pain but ear condition is same …..he said to come after 5 days an d will do tympenometry …
    so wat can u suggest me for such situation ?please help

    • jahangirkhan pathan

      thank you very much:)

    • motivationaldoc

      Hi Doc, I’ve had a similar situation many years ago with myselfwith my turbinates. Unfortunately, most ENT’s are just going to do their basic testing and that’s about all they’ll be able to give you with the exception of anti-histamines painkillers as well as nasal spray’s. Many times just chewing a piece of sugarless gum can really help open up the eustachian tube and help equalize pressure. It’s always an adjunct to steam using a facial steamer which will help open up the sinus and using menthol/eucalyptus type of vapor can help significantly. I have recently been exploring auricular low laser therapy which has been very helpful pertaining to tinnitus. It’s a big open field that nobody knows much about. Although we have to depend upon our remedies to help these conditions. Your English is excellent. Let’s keep in touch. By the way I was just in South Korea about six months ago.?

    • jahangirkhan pathan

      Thanks for suggestion . But i have a good news , a day ago i got my ear like before, they opened up like a bomb blasted in my ear.. thanks to allah.?????

    • 문진선

      I’m an orthopaedic surgeon in South Korea. You’d better see another ENT doctor. In my case, I received septoplasty and partial inferior turbinectomy due to chronic rhinitis with septal deviation. After that surgery, nasal stuffing is not serious before, irrigation with normal saline is helpful for rhinitis, I mean, normalize and clean of nasal cavity.

      To doctor
      thanks to your uploaded video. I’ve experienced ear fullness with decreased hearing for about 5 months. I saw an ENT doctor just one time ’cause that I’m too busy to see an ENT doctor. He prescribed antihistamine and steroid, but those drugs didn’t work for me at all. Tonight I felt new-onset otalgia(Right side) combined with previous ear fullness. After watching your video, I tried myself for release my ear tube but it didn’t work. so I was disappointed. Fortunately, your technique was helpful to drain of my ear tube with lateral decubitus position(in right side, then right side is upward position). your technique is more efficious than Valsalva maneuver. With your recommended technique in lateral decubitus position, I felt ear popping three times with improved hearing. I can easily hear my automatic watch working sound. thanks too much. english is difficult for me. T^T;;;;

    • motivationaldoc

      Follow his instructions as he evaluated you. Can’t recommend without evaluation although you may want to look at my videos on eustachian tube dysfunction

  • Nancy Robinson

    Just discovered you. I have been suffering with ringing fur two years. I am going to try your methods. No one cares about us tinnitus sufferers. Thanks ❤

  • Grace Asquith

    Dr. Mandell,
    I have been suffering from virtigo since I was a child, and now tinitus. I just tried that technique and it felt good. I will continue this wonderful technique.
    Thank you so much!

  • Daryll Mauk

    Thanks Doc! I just had hip replacement, and the last thing I need is vertigo or dizziness. I just tried it once and will continue to do so

  • Cindy Throgmorton

    Something does feel different in the ears, thanks for this, will do it through the day! Thanks Doc!

  • Anjelo Whebb

    cool stuff

  • Aman Jain

    This technique is awesome to cure tinnitis it is very helpful

  • Reedactalycious

    ive been having a problem for 2 years now hope this works ill come back after a week of applying this exercise and let you know how its worked

  • Caleb Robinson

    feel better now dame

  • Luis Jorge Maldonado García

    I’m doing exactly what he says and nothing is happening. Can someone please help me?

    • J bear

      Luis Jorge Maldonado García not every method will work to give someone (short period of relief). I say that because there is NO cure for tinnitus. No cure or treatment has ever been scientifically proven.

  • Sathyaprabhu M G

    my first like on YouTube channel ever! idealistic doc, thanks for sharing your knowledge god bless …

  • Being Glaun

    These are old Scuba divers methods of opening up the eustachian to relieve pressure from a dive. Yawning helps too. I learned it 70 years ago.

  • Phillip Meyer jr

    Aawww man thank u doc this really worked sir

  • andre bidniz

    when i talk i can hear my self but not like i used to my voice sounds further away than usual it doesnt sound close as used to anybody knows whats wrong

  • steven hopkins

    Hearing came back after about two seconds!! Great tip

  • Nicks kitchen

    It didn’t work for me

  • Jas. Strong-Oak

    Oh wow. Eww. I could feel it gush into the back of my throat. Thanks for your help even if I have a terrible taste in my mouth.

  • Amber Lucas

    I have had ear issues since December 2016. This is the best advice I’ve received and feel a LOT better now. Thank you for sharing this!!

  • Jenn K

    Thanks for this, I’m trying everything. On a scuba trip and I get a weird cloudy sensation deep in my ears. I’ve done 20 dives in the last week and a half and I want to get my ears cleared up on the inside. No pain or anything just an annoying sensation. I have no problems equalizing on my dives and no pain. I can’t describe it as anything but cloudy ear and if I hang upside down, it goes away.

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